In-Depth Little Spoon Review - Updated for 2022

Have you ever considered hiring a food delivery service for your young ones? We get it; no one wants to risk the health of their children, especially when it comes to the quality of the meal they consume. But what is if you could feed your baby with the best organic and healthy recipes?

Well, we might have a suitable solution for your needs, especially if you want to improve the eating habits of your babies and toddlers.

Today, we are going to share with you a Little Spoon review, discuss its best features, and possibly help you save money and time.

Now, let’s check out what they have to offer!

What Is a Little Spoon?

This is a California-based meal company that is designed to lift a massive weight off parents’ shoulders and provide them with organic blends, to support their child’s developmental and nutritional requirements.

At some point, it might be challenging to guess kids’ needs, since your little ones are too young to vocalize what they want. However, this company works with the best pediatrics and pediatricians, as well as certified dietitian nutritionists to offer well-balanced and nutritious meals.

Therefore, you never have to worry about what’s for lunch or dinner, especially if you are a working parent, or have more than one child.

How Little Spoon Meal Delivery Works

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Once you become a subscriber, you are required to fill out a questionnaire, which allows their team to get to know your children. The information you provide needs to include the name, birth date, and also dietary preferences.

Additionally, you will be asked to provide your baby’s preferences and whether he or she likes to eat finger food, pureed food, or a combo of these two. Moreover, parents will be asked to describe their kids eating style, ranging from adventurous to picky.

Once you finish the questionnaire, you get to decide how many blends you want to order, one, two, or three.

Features of Little Spoon Meal Delivery Service

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Organic and Fresh Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, they aren’t only organic, but really fresh, which might be crucial for some parents. We discussed in previous articles how organic food provides better nutritional value while being packed with vitamins and minerals.

For that reason, this baby food delivery service stresses the importance of organic fruits and veggies.

For more organic meal delivery services check our in-depth guide.


Processed food is full of artificial additives, and they are everywhere, so it’s impossible to avoid them altogether, at least when it comes to adult consumption. However, Little Spoons makes sure to offer your kids high-quality ingredients, preservative, and GMO-free meals, which are crucial for the proper development of their little bodies.


If you are subscribing for the first time, then you will be happy to know that the company provides blends for $2.06. On the other hand, when you take into account that all ingredients are organic, fresh, and healthy, then you have to agree this is a pretty good bargain.

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to buy organic and high-quality food, this cheap.

Convenient Delivery

Busy parents will definitely benefit from doorstep delivery, especially when you get to avoid going to a grocery store and waiting in long lines. Therefore, with this food delivery service, you only have to kick back and relax, while blends arrive at your doorstep.


Considering this company works with top experts in the field of child medicine, to create perfectly balanced meals, they don’t only boost your kids’ performance, but also help them develop properly. For that reason, their lends are packed with necessary vitamins and minerals, along with the fresh and organic ingredients.

Pros and Cons

Let’s focus on some advantages and disadvantages you might encounter along the way.

What Consumers Love

  • Organic and fresh food – crucial for the proper development of your baby
  • Pediatrician and nutritionist-approved – all blends are created according to their instructions
  • Carefully selected ingredients – necessary for body and brain support 
  • Customized – parents can adjust the content for the box, to accommodate baby’s dietary needs 
  • Shipps throughout the contiguous U.S.
  • Flexible subscription – you can cancel or pause anytime
  • Free shipping

What Needs to be Improved

So far, we haven’t managed to find many cons because this service tries really hard to accommodate their clients’ needs. However, they could work on a variety of blends, since some parents like for their children to have different types of ingredients and meals.

Sample Menus and Recipes

While this company doesn’t offer a classic menu, parents can choose between 26 different baby blends. On the other hand, you can divide these meals into four categories. For instance, you can order food for 4, 6, 8, and 12-month-old babies.
  • Four months – apple, mango, and pear blends, boost immunity, improve vision, and help with bowel regularity 
  • Six months – nine complex blends rich in fiber and vitamins while containing healthy veggies and fruits such as spinach, kale, avocado, beet, banana, broccoli, pea, pear, and carrot, along with turmeric, flax, spirulina, and hemp 
  • Eight month – eight rich blends packed with seeds, healthy oils, fruits, and vegetables, which stimulate brain function and strengthen the immune system 
  • 12 month – they include ingredients like beans, brown rice, corn, and various herbs to support digestion

Some of the recipes: 

  • Carrot, mango, banana, and chia 
  • Sweet potato and carrot 
  • Blueberry, chickpea, spinach, pear, and rosemary 
  • Pea, pear, and mint 
  • Mango 

Cost and Pricing

When it comes to pricing, this meal delivery service doesn’t charge individually. The price customers pay per blend depends on the number of orders. For instance, the more meals you order, the less you’ll pay.

Additionally, there are no shipping costs, which is a huge bonus

Blends per day


Price per week


Price per blend

See Little Spoon Plans and Pricing

Packaging and Delivery

This service delivers blends every Tuesday, as long as you place your orders by Saturday at 2:00p ET. Additionally, future orders will be shipped every two weeks, unless you make some changes. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska.

On the other hand, the box will come with a layer of insulation and ice packs to make sure food stays cool and fresh.
image of little spoon box

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel a subscription?

If you wish to cancel or pause your subscription plan, then you will have to contact their customer support and state your requirements. It doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to have your request processed.

However, just in case, check your account to see what changes have been made.

Can you freeze little spoon baby food?

While their food is meant to be eaten fresh, your kids should consume it within 14 days. On the other hand, the company can’t guarantee that the texture and taste of the products will remain the same once you put it into the freezer.

Does a little spoon offer discounts?

There are a lot of sites online which can offer you great deals for this meal delivery service. With coupons, you can save up to 50%, which is a significant discount. However, you should verify whether coupons are still valid before you decide to cash them in.

The majority of sites will ask you to subscribe, and then you will receive alerts via email.

Final Thoughts

Little Spoon is a wonderful way to treat your kids with healthy and fresh meals. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity for parents to supply their children with plenty of delicious and organic ingredients, without putting too much effort.

As seen in our review, each product is fresh, organic, preservative, and GMO-free. Compared to other services, you are getting an exceptional deal, since organic food is known for its steep price. Additionally, this company works with the best pediatricians and nutritionists, to ensure the proper development of your kids, including the brain and central nervous system, through their food.

We hope you will find suitable meals for your babies and keep them happy and sated.
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