Low Carb Diet Plans for Bodybuilders

When you hear ‘bodybuilding’, you probably think of hours spent at the gym and hard training, which is partially true! However, not many of you know that the first step towards the appearance of a golden-age bodybuilder is a designed meal plan, such as the Arnold Blueprint to Cut program. The least popular and most challenging part for bodybuilders is cutting diet, not the workout itself! The meal plan for cutting should be focused on a heavily adjusted intake of proteins and carbs – not too high or too low. Keep reading, and you will figure it all out!

Dipping Into Your Fuel Source

There are more than a few theories on the best way of losing body fat while exercising, and they all focus on a cutting diet plan! You have probably heard someone saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and it’s true. Dipping into your fuel sources means adjusting carbohydrates because they are your body’s preferred fuel source.

Carbohydrate Intake

A bodybuilding diet is challenging as it includes workouts and a minimum daily intake of carbohydrates! However, make sure to choose complex carbohydrate sources because, in that way, you will have a slower released source of energy. You should use at least 30% of your daily calories from carbs for overall health and muscle building.

Freshly is one of the best meal delivery services with low-carb dietary options! Freshly meals are entirely free from processed sugars or gluten, and you can choose meals that are additionally low in carbs, which is the key to a cutting diet.

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Protein Intake

Out of all macronutrients, protein is essential when it comes to building muscles! When it comes to a bodybuilding cutting diet, your body can quickly start turning to its protein sources for energy, which could result in a loss of muscle tissue. Therefore, you must keep up your protein intake and keep it balanced!

Many special dietary choices at Home Chef are designed for those on a bodybuilding cut diet plan because they are low-carb and rich in seeds, nuts, eggs, lean meat, fish and poultry. We recommend consuming cottage cheese in the evening as it supplies amino acids for your body to feed off overnight!

Sources of proteins

Dietary Fat

Many of you would think of fats as a banned macronutrient on bodybuilding cutting diet plans, and that’s where you are wrong! If you already cut carbs, you will need another energy source. Get it from healthy fats, which maintain your body’s immune function, vital organs, good cholesterol levels up and regulate your insulin levels, as well!

Home Bistro meal delivery service can be of great help with your meal plan for cutting fat by providing food rich in good fats such as nuts and seeds, tuna, salmon, and vegetable oils!

Cheat Meals

The presence of highly intense cravings is a pretty common thing at the beginning of a cutting diet plan, so it’s something worth mentioning here! After many years of cutting cycles, even active bodybuilders have found themselves ‘falling off the wagon’ and getting back on!

Suppose you are going very low with carbs’ level and have crazy cravings. In that case, you might want to allow yourself one designated ‘cheat’ meal per week where you eat in moderation to overcome a psychological obstacle.

Blueprint to Cut Nutrition

Losing body fat and not hard-earned lean mass at the same time might be tricky without a strict plan! Therefore, we give you the bodybuilding cutting diet plan, which is easy to follow and offers impressive results in eight weeks. This plan is designed to provide energy and nutrients so you can work out hard. However, total daily calories are limited, and your body will effectively burn fat!

Proper Timing

Proper timing is a crucial element for a bodybuilder cutting diet plan – you have to know what foods to eat and when! Space your meals 3-4 hours apart and eat at least 5-6 times a day to keep your metabolism running most efficiently.

Eat Enough, But Not Too Much

To get well shredded, you have to feel hungry at some point of your cut! It might happen if you go too low with carbs and hard-on workouts. Try to stick to this advice: eat the maximum amount of calories possible while still losing weight!

Two men eating a healthy meal

Take Workout Nutrition Seriously

As a significant part of workout nutrition, both carbohydrates and fats provide energy for workout performance, so you should consume them daily! It would be great to have some ballpark calorie numbers and portions while cutting – no need for counting each calorie.

What to Avoid

It’s crucial to stick to your meal plan and workout a lot! Avoid fast food, processed foods, unhealthy snacks, alcohol and trans fats. Furthermore, cut down on cooking oil because you are adding calories without even knowing it!

Avoid Sugar

During a cut, all sugary foods should be eliminated from your diet. Although Arnold blueprint to cut program allows the use of candy or some other fast-digesting carbs after a workout, it is not recommended if you are only starting to cut and have zero experience!


Excessive drinking while cutting makes your results suffer. Limit yourself to a drink or two a week and avoid caffeine as well! It is recommended not to take more than 400mg of caffeine daily from all sources.

image of four glasses of wine

Processed and Fast Food

Throughout a cutting diet, your appetite will be immense! Don’t cheat on your dietary plan with junk food if you want to see your workout results. Instead, you could eat raw vegetables as a snack – no calories and lots of fiber!

Bodybuilding Meal Delivery

If you don’t have time for cooking, or simply it’s not your thing, you can rely on some of the best meal delivery services that provide great menus for bodybuilders! As you should stay on low-carb during cutting, healthy and delicious meals are sometimes tricky to prepare at home. Check out our Diet-to-Go review and try it out because it’s not only easy but also affordable!

To get genuinely organic, high-quality ingredients can take a lot of your time, and it requires meal planning for days ahead! Some meal delivery services, such as BistroMD, offer full-week or work-week meal plans and deliver foods according to a customized plan for every bodybuilder!

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What is Sun Basket?

These guidelines for bodybuilding cutting diet are great to start with, especially your first cutting cycle! Everyone’s body is different, so it will take time to adjust a meal plan for the best results, both in losing fat and muscle definition. Remember that you are getting shredded by your choice to look exceptional, so when it gets hard, think of the goal!
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