Best Diet Plan To Lower Cholesterol

As we get older our body gets less efficient at taking care of itself. We need to put in some extra work to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Some of the most common problems after middle age are diabetes, cholesterol levels, weight gain, blood pressure etc. In order to keep yourself healthy, you need some changes.

Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean to resist everything you love to eat. It simply means to portion meals and pick healthy foods. If food causes you to have health problems then food can also get you on the right path. Through food, you can regulate your cholesterol levels easily. This simple life-change can alter your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, body fat, and better your health in general.



If you don’t have time to cook for yourself but you wish to watch your weight and cholesterol levels here is a solution for you. You can easily find a lower cholesterol meal plan in no time.

Meal delivery services nowadays offer fresh and healthy meals with impeccable taste. Try them out sometimes and rest assured that you’ll be treating yourself to a healthy and delicious meal.

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First of all, you need to alter the list if foods which a part of your regular diet. You need to incorporate more items which contribute to lowering your cholesterol levels. Items which contain a lot of fats make your arteries more prone to clogging. They also increase the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

This is the fun part. You get to introduce new items to your diet and try new things. You’ll be able to rouse your taste buds while keeping your health top notch.

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Get Informed

You cannot change your diet by your own accord. There is a wide variety of foods which affect your body differently. Not every food will lower your cholesterol in the same manner. Keep in mind that you need to stay informed and discuss your options with professionals. Try seeking expert opinions from physicians and nutritionists beforehand.

New Foods in Your Diet

Here are some of the items you can easily incorporate into your everyday meal plan. These will help you with your overall health but will specifically be beneficial for people who have high cholesterol levels.

Oats and Grains

Oatmeal is a well-known breakfast option which many people resort to. If you are not already doing so try incorporating this meal into your day. Oatmeal is full of fiber and will be the best substitute for any previous breakfast ideas you might have had. Oatmeal is nutritious and helps to keep you full.

Other grains like barley, oat bran and such, can help you lower the cholesterol level in your body. They also contribute to a healthy diet which reduces the risk of getting heart diseases and digestive problems.


These little ones should be called magic beans because of their contribution to our health. Nobody’s really aware of how full of fiber beans are. They keep you energized and full while helping your digestive system. They are good for high cholesterol because they are nutritious and non-fattening.

They are a great solution for shedding some extra pounds. They offer a wide variety of tastes and can be a real treat for your palate. Take your pick from lentils to black-eyed peas, kidney beans and so on. They truly are a versatile food which you can prepare in many ways.

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This food is man’s best friend. It gives you endless options on its own and makes up a variety of other products. Soy is highly nutritious and is dubbed the most efficient enemy of cholesterol. You can easily incorporate it into your everyday meal plans. You can substitute your regular milk with soy milk, meat for tofu, and chips for soybeans.


Fish is a great substitute for regular meat. It has lower fat levels and is great for your heart and blood. It is full of omega 3 fats which are highly effective in reducing triglycerides in your bloodstream. They keep your body healthy and happy


Vegetables should maybe be the main part of your diet since they benefit your body so much. One vegetable, in particular, has proven itself to be an amazing contribution to lowering cholesterol levels. This vegetable is the eggplant. It is a low-calorie food with a lot of fiber. It has a hearty delicious taste which can be used in a lot of recipes. Try experimenting with eggplants and come up with your own new favorite dish.

While we are on the subject we mustn’t forget vegetable oil. Any oils with a vegetable base are far better than any fat. They make everything taste better and they are much healthier than regular fat or grease. Consider switching to sunflower or canola instead of your standard oil. Still, the best one is olive oil but it also costs more.


Fruit like vegetables are great for your overall health. Yet with fruit, you need to be more careful because some of it has a high level of fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar. Regardless of it being naturally found in fruit, you can damage your diet if you do not consume it moderately.

Some of the fruit you can eat without fret are apples, strawberries, grapes, and, of course, all citruses.


Nuts are a great option for any meal – meat, salad, dessert – they can simply be thrown into any dish and they’ll just make it better. Between almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, Brazilian nuts, hazelnuts you won’t know which one to pick.

Nuts are great for dieting and for blood pressure. They are also great for your heart. Just a handful of any nuts can keep you energized for hours – that’s how nutritious they are!

Be Mindful

The biggest enemies of your health are of course fats. Once you get these in line you are good to go. Here is some useful information about fats.

Saturated Fats

Namely, you have to be careful about saturated fats. They might be disguised as a healthy option though they might raise your cholesterol levels. Typically, saturated fats can be found in red meat, dairy products, eggs, cocoa butter etc. They increase your cholesterol levels and affect your blood levels. Some of them can help reduce triglycerides. To make a distinction and keep yourself in the loop consult your physician or nutrition.

Trans Fats

Trans fats are the worst thing you can consume. They have no contribution to your health and can only keep you sick and unhappy. They are a product of horrid chemical reactions. This is something your body will never need or benefit from. To omit trans fats from your diet will be the best thing you could do. Make sure it is your priority.

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Though this must sound like a drag, try reading every label carefully. Many times it happens that you carelessly select items and put them in your cart whenever you go shopping. This is something you need to change.

Though it seems tiresome and unnecessary this will completely change your perspective on food. Even items which are marked gluten-free can be full of sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. Read labels on granola bars and you’ll get the real picture. Do not miss reading any ingredients when you go grocery shopping.


Don’t think twice about investing in healthy life changes. When it comes to your well-being you need to always come first. Don’t think of the amount you are going to spend on healthy food, think of how much money you’ll be saving on medical bills. Not to mention, you will be increasing the quality of your life. New diet plans cannot compare to other life changes because you will feel better in a matter of days.

Eat things which make you happy, make meals with friends, attend cooking classes, or invent new recipes to keep yourself motivated. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself look for a meal delivery service with fresh produce and healthy recipes.

Increase your fruit, vegetable, and nut intake and you’ll be as good as new. Your cholesterol levels will immediately drop and you’ll feel like a new person.