Our Updated Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery Service Review for 2022

How many times have you considered ordering meals through a meal delivery service? Too many to count, right? While they have been available for nearly 20 years, food companies are finally starting to get the attention they deserve.

Back in the day, Michelle Tyler and Greg Miller, the founders of Magic Kitchen, began their services by offering a home-style menu, which allowed people to feed their families without spending hours in the kitchen.

Therefore, in this article, we will go through the Magic Kitchen review to discover how magical it really is.

History of Magic Kitchen

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Back in 2005, this food company started delivering ready-made meals nationwide. As we mentioned earlier, it all began when Michelle Tyler and Greg Miller decided to take one step further and raise a bar by offering a specialized menu for people with particular dietary needs due to age or illness.

Through years they thrived and accomplished remarkable progress. Now, their company provides flexible, customer-friendly, and premium-quality meals, but more on that later.

How Magic Kitchen Works

how magic kitchen works

Types of Meals

One of the best features this meal delivery service offers is the ability to customize meal plans so that each member of your family receives dishes they enjoy. Keep in mind that all recipes are flash-frozen to preserve delicious taste and nutritional value.

While this company focuses on flexibility, customers can either order a la carte menu or a complete meals menu. Additionally, you can pick between breakfast, lunch, and breakfast options, so your day is completely covered. Since each dish is easily prepared, you can have dinner or lunch on the table in no time.

Subscription and Plans

It is essential to note that this food company prepares meals in USDA-inspected facilities and uses organic ingredients whenever it’s possible. When it comes to meal plans, you have an opportunity to choose between their traditional meal programs, where you get family-portioned dishes, and specialized recipes for people with special dietary needs.

For instance, you can choose between:

If you are paying attention to calories, this food delivery service shows the number of Weight Watchers points for each of its recipes. Therefore, you’ll know precisely what you are consuming in terms of daily caloric intake.

How to Order

Ordering food from Magic Kitchen is fast, convenient, and straightforward. First of all, you need to set up an account, select meals you want to order, and wait for your recipes to arrive. It will take you between one and three business days for food to come.

Since this service offers customized meal plans, you can mix and match the ingredients and order food according to your taste.

Meal Preparation

When your recipes arrive, it’s important to take them in, unpack them, and store them into the freezer. On the other hand, if you aren’t at home, don’t worry, meals come insulated, to preserve freshness until you put it away.

In terms of preparation, when you are ready to enjoy the food, keep in mind that each recipe features heating instructions. You don’t have to use another dish since it’s packed in the microwave and oven-friendly containers.

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Features of Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery Service

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Wide Variety of Meals

While the majority of food companies offer various plans and subscription options, Magic Kitchen goes the extra mile to indulge just about every taste or specialized diet plan out there. The first thing you will notice when you visit their website is the remarkable number of meal plans, from vegetarian and gluten-free, to dialysis friendly and renal diet, along with many others.

Therefore, individual diet plans are designed with a particular purpose, to maintain a healthy eating schedule, based on your lifestyle needs.


Not many times have we seen family plans on the scene, but to overall surprise, this meal delivery service actually has one. Considering that one of the largest groups of consumers are busy moms and dads who don’t have time to prepare meals for their family, it’s only a logical step to offer a family plan.

Considering this company offers individual items and recipes in 4, 6, 8, 12 portions, it might be a suitable solution for larger crowds. In this case, you could feed your family with a single delivery, and keep the price down, instead of making multiple orders.

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What’s more impressive about this meal delivery service is that it caters to those in need, primarily seniors. As people get older, cooking becomes more of an obligation than enjoyment. Eventually, it hardly seems worth it to cook for one or two people; therefore, seniors often lack quality nutrition they require.

On the other hand, this food company offers easy solutions and ensures elderly people have a unique senior plan. These types of recipes are specially designed to cater to seniors’ lifestyles, health requirements, and preferences.

Convenient Preparation

It takes only a couple of minutes to prepare your meal. Considering that this company retails ready-made, microwave, and oven-friendly dishes, they are quite easy to make and don’t take too much of your time.

Additionally, customers get heating instructions, so there is no way to make a mistake. You will need approximately five minutes to heat your dish.

Healthy Recipes

In terms of healthy recipes, you can find all information about each meal on the product page, along with the nutritional information, ingredients, and cooking instructions. This company provides a variety of meal plans, each designed with a particular purpose while targeting a specific health condition.

Some recipes even contain organic ingredients, while all of them are antibiotics, pesticide, and hormone-free.

Fresh Ingredients

Meals with high nutritional value require fresh ingredients which aren’t only beneficial for your health, but also contribute to the overall taste. Magic Kitchen aims to provide fresh ingredients so that customers can experience the best fruits and veggies mother nature has to offer and grass-fed meat whenever possible.

Pros and Cons

Even though this food company has been on the market for the last 15 years, it’s important to mention a couple of pros and cons, which can help you evaluate its quality.


Wide variety of special diet plans
Geared toward seniors
No commitment
Nationwide shipment
Has breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Accepts orders through phone and online


Portions might be a bit smaller
Doesn’t feature one-person plan
Shipping costs start at $18
While the packaging is recyclable, it might be challenging to find a place to recycle it

Cost and Pricing

This meal-delivery service is a bit pricier than others, while their meals start at $12, along with the shipping that costs $18. However, customers can use a discount if they choose a meal plan.

Considering that there are only a couple of services that offer specialized nutrition according to your health condition, it’s no wonder their meals cost that much. In this case, you can avoid the hustle of finding and preparing recipes that correspond to your health. Moreover, apply coupons and promo codes when checking out, to decrease the costs of your order.

Meals per day


Price per week

$82 - $90
$164 - $180
$246 - $275
See Magic Kitchen Plans and Pricing


In terms of packaging, their recipes are flash-frozen and stored in ready-to-heat containers. Additionally, the boxes are packed with dry ice to preserve the freshness of ingredients, while containers are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and durable.

Even though polystyrene foam, which is used to make containers, is a recyclable material, customers may have a hard time trying to find a place that accepts them (learn how to recycle meal delivery packaging).


When it comes to delivery, all packages are shipped from their warehouse in Kansas City, while the delivery fee is calculated based on your location and package weight. All orders are shipped through FedEx or UPS, and customers receive an email when their food arrives.

It takes approximately three days for your order to arrive; on the other hand, you can choose the time of delivery. Alternatively, you could use their delivery date calculator for an accurate estimate. This food company ships their meals on Monday and Wednesday.

How To Cancel Your Plan?

Customers can cancel their plan anytime, with no additional charges or commitment. We should mention that their representatives ensure customers’ customer satisfaction; therefore, if you are unhappy with your order, you should contact the customer support service, and you may receive replacement or credit.

However, they don’t encourage the return of any products that have left their shipping facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ideal for diabetic people?

Of course, they have a meal plan specially designed for people with diabetes. Each recipe contains one main course and two side dishes. Additionally, they are low in sodium while providing a controlled amount of carbs. For that matter, a diabetic-friendly plan is suitable for all people suffering from this vicious disease.

Is it suitable for bodybuilding?

It all depends on the type of diet you are accustomed to. Usually, bodybuilders require meals rich in protein and low in carbs. Luckily, this food company offers a low-carbohydrate meal plan, which ensures you stay on top of your daily fitness activities.

Final Thoughts

So far, the Magic Kitchen meal delivery service has displayed great potential, especially when offering food for seniors with dietary restrictions. On the other hand, this food company doesn’t only support seniors but also provides meals to a wide range of people, while focusing on their lifestyle and dietary preferences.

It basically eliminates your need to go to a grocery store. While this might not be the cheapest option on the market, we have to conclude it’s an excellent time-saver for individuals looking to experience healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals.
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