Marley Spoon vs. Hello Fresh: Our Meal Option Comparison

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Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon started cooperation with Martha Stewart to teach customers some new cooking techniques so they can cook with ease! Their meal kit service is not very much different than others (pre-measured ingredients for the chosen recipe come in a box to your doorstep), but it’s ideal for those who love Martha Stewart! So far, it’s operating in some European countries, Australia and U.S.A!

  • Shipping Cost: $8.99
  • Average Price Per Meal: $8.32
  • Delivery Area: 48 States
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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one of the earliest and most popular meal kit services in the U.S. Every week they offer 19 delicious meal recipes and an opportunity to join Wine Club! With many options to choose from, you can taste healthy, farm-sourced ingredients easily for very budget-friendly prices!

  • Shipping Cost: $7.99
  • Average Price Per Meal: $8.24
  • Delivery Area: 48 States

Meal Options

Marley Spoon

Hello Fresh

Plan & Pricing

Marley Spoon

  • 2-People plan $7.89 - $10.25

    • Servings: 2 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4 • Kit Prices: $49.99 to $103.67*

  • 4-People plan $6.39-$8.49

    • Servings: 4 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4 • Kit Price: $79.91 to $162.35*

* Shipping costs included

Hello Fresh

* Shipping costs included


Marley Spoon

Hello Fresh

Popular Meals

image of Cheese Ravioli Florentine with Creamed Spinach by Marley spoon

Marley Spoon

  • Cheese Ravioli Florentine with Creamed Spinach
  • Minute Steaks and Potatoes with Sugar Snap Peas & Chimichurri
  • Potato-Fish Cakes with Slaw and Caper Aioli
image of Chicken Milanese by Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

  • Chicken Milanese with Crispy Potatoes, Mixed Greens, and Creamy Lemon-Chive Dressing
  • Pan-Seared Steak with Roasted Butternut Squash and Green Beans Almondine
  • Rapid Stir-Fried Beef
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Both Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon feature around 20 recipes every week and on very similar meal plans. So, we will point out some specific options each of them gives! Marley Spoon’s advantage is in specific dietary menus, while Hello Fresh delivers wine monthly, so you don’t have to look for a perfect wine that goes with your dinner! Even though they don’t have dietary plans, customization is always an option and free-of-charge!

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Each week, Marley Spoon offers around 20 meal recipes categorized into five groups and presented with 2 People and 4 People Plan! Considering dietary requirements, they designed recipes to give you low-carb, gluten-free, no-dairy, and vegan options! Shipping price is always $8.99 per box!

Basic Meal Programs are various and can fulfill anyone’s wishes! Hello Fresh can serve two to four people per order! Monthly order of a Wine Plan (Red, White, or Mixed Plan) gives you six bottles in a box for a price of $89.00! Shipping price for all Meal orders is $7.99 per box, while Wine delivery is free-of-charge! 

The Quality of the Ingredients

Neither of these two compared companies is certified organic handlers, so they can’t always give you Non-GMO food. But, their suppliers are local small farms, artisanal producers, trusted family-businesses. Marley Spoon’s vegetables stay fresh for the next four days and fish for 48 hours, meaning if you’re not at home for a delivery, it will remain perfect inside of a box. 

Nutritional Value

Marley Spoon team has in-house nutritionist who makes all recipes healthy, balanced but tasty as well! Hello Fresh shares the idea! Recipe card inside of a box and e-recipes give all nutritive facts you can ask for. Each portion is balanced in calories, saturated fats, and carbohydrates (contain about 2,000-3,000kJs). 

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Recipe Variety

Marley Spoon is well-known for its innovative recipes! Usually takes 40 minutes to prepare dinner except for Under 30 Minutes Menu! By looking at Hello Fresh meals, you can see recipe level number (1, 2 or 3) which tells you how much of cooking experience and multitasking is necessary! Quick Menu meals are ready in less than 20 minutes; dinner recipes take six steps in 30 minutes. 

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The Packaging

Marley spoon box with its ingredients

Both Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh are environment-friendly delivery services! Card boxes, ice packs, pouches, paper, and plastic bags, containers, and jars – all can be recycled! Marley Spoon gives extra tips on how to recycle and reuse packaging!

What's inside Hello Fresh box?

If you are not sure how to fold box or to dispose of other materials, go on Hello Fresh website section named “recycling” and check out a short tutorial on how to do it!

Customer Support & Service

Marley Spoon

• Free Trial – Start your membership with a week of free meal kits!

• Customizable – Besides dietary plans,  Marley Spoon is open to customize any of recipes.

• Switching Plans – Switch from two to Four-People Plan if you have dinner guests!

• Cancellation – Skip/cancel an order on your account 6 or 7 days before your delivery date (depends upon your region) – all free-of-charge! 

• Gifts – Company may offer gift cards, discounts, or vouchers from time-to-time.

• Refunds – Contact the company via phone or email if you’re not satisfied with products within seven days of delivery! They will give you credit for the next purchase or give partial/full money refund (depends on circumstances)!

Hello Fresh

  • Free Trial – Hello Fresh gives a special discount to U.S. college students; other members should redeem discount and promo codes during the checkout process!
  • Customizable – Customize every meal recipe as you wish!
  • Switching plans – All account changes must be done by 12 pm EST 9 days before your next delivery date!
  • Cancellation – Customer can pause, skip a delivery, or even cancel it free of charge! 
  • Gifts – Surprise your friends with Wine or Meal kit box if they still didn’t try Hello Fresh! Customer needs to be 21 years old or older (with an ID) to sign for a wine box delivery!
  • Refunds – Company usually takes 3-5 business days to consider your complaint and to reply.

Our Verdict

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Some of the biggest reasons why Hello Fresh is between the most popular meal kit delivery services were pointed out in this comparison! Martha & Marley Spoon is on their way to becoming another one, but still Hello Fresh has more advantages than shortcomings! Today’s winner is Hello Fresh!