Special Meal Plans For Allergies

In order to eat right, you have to put in some effort. Making meal plans can be boring and complicated. This is why we have gathered all some important information for you. Here you can find helpful suggestions for making meal plans when you suffer from allergies.


Developing Allergies and Their Causes

Allergic reactions are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If the body feels there is something that is harmful or cannot be processed correctly they will signal you. The signal can come in a variety of reactions. Some allergic reactions include red blotches on the skin, swollen lips or tongue, itchiness, even a tightening of the throat. Extreme allergic reactions can even cause death.

Some allergies are present in early stages of life and stay for an entire lifetime. In other cases, they cease to exist after puberty. There are even cases where allergies are developed in later years.

In most cases, allergies occur as a reaction of your immune system. If your immune system is not strong enough it might develop an allergy which was not there before.

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Food Allergies

These types of allergies are most common among children. The most well-known allergies are to milk, eggs, soy, wheat, nuts, fish, and shellfish. These food groups make up 90% of all food allergies.

The good news is that some of these allergies can be outgrown by puberty or after puberty. The bad news is that there is no known cure for food allergies. The best way to go about it is to change your eating habits and prevent an allergic reaction from happening beforehand. This is why a lot of people resort to coming up with a meal plan for allergies.

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Meal Plans For Food Allergies

Most people don’t have the time to make up meal plans in advance. Because of this need, a lot of meal delivery services have developed recently. Some of them offer meal plans which consider your allergies and specific dietary plans. We have collected information about a couple of these services to help you in your meal plan venture.

Meal delivery services are cheaper than one would expect. In order to prepare your meal from scratch, you need to spend time and money on groceries. This entails picking out the right food and ingredients, making sure everything is healthy. Most of the time, you will find that organic produce is much more expensive than regular produce. To cook and eat healthy requires a lot of effort and it doesn’t always pay off.

Food Allergies Sun Basket


They do the grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking, and delivery for you. This way you can save both time and money. Imagine having a day where you don’t need to stress about preparing a healthy meal. You can eat tasty dishes from the comfort of your own home without breaking a sweat.

Specifying Your Needs

Whether you are highly allergic or just have specific dietary plans they can meet your needs. Most of these services offer Paleo meal plans, gluten-free dishes, soy-free meals, diabetic-friendly meals, vegetarian and vegan options, and allergen-free entrees.

These companies have professionals on their teams. They hire physicians to help them make healthy and nutritious meal plans. Most have professional chefs to prepare these meals.

Timing-saving and Efficient

They offer top-notch services at affordable prices. You won’t need to stress about buying organic produce, reading labels, inventing recipes, or spend hours cooking. You don’t even have to clean up afterward. You can simply pick up your phone or order online. Their online sites are detailed and inform you very well. They will list the ingredients, and some of them will provide you with the recipe, the calorie count and nutritional value of each meal.

Even if you order too much, you can reheat it for another time. You won’t be wasting food and you will be eating delicious healthy meals all the time. You can keep yourself at ease without the extra stress. Find some time to do what you love and long for. These meal delivery services will do your job for you and put a smile on your face every single time.

Bistro MD

This service offers gluten-free options and has incredibly affordable prices. They also allow their customers to inform them about any soy allergies. In these cases, they can custom make menus which are soy-free. Read our review of bistro md.

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Diet To Go

Diet To Go is a company which offers substitutes for any allergens you might come upon in their meals. Their goal is to keep every customer happy and grant specific wishes. Find out everything about this service by reading this review of diet to go.


Sun Basket

This meal delivery service offers a variety of meals which are gluten-free. However, they are not recommended for people who are highly allergic. They want to keep their customers safe because they handle gluten in the same facility where they prepare gluten-free meals. More about this meal delivery service you can our sun basket review.

Ways to Prevent Allergic Reactions

This is the best way to go about allergic reactions – complete prevention. If you wish to keep yourself safe read these simple rules. When you incorporate a system into your life it will be easy to follow it. You can live a carefree and healthy life from then on.

This is a crucial point regarding your life changes. You need to remember to carefully read all of your labels. This includes not only food, but cosmetic products, and cleaning products as well.

Every company is obligated by the law to list any allergens their product might contain. The labels should inform you if the product has been in possible contact with milk, nuts, wheat etc. Even if you are buying a product you have used a thousand times – still remember to check the label. Companies can include a new ingredient in the product and you won’t be aware of it if you don’t read the label.

Do not eat allergic foods

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

People have worked for years to raise awareness about cross-contamination. This aspect of the food industry and cooking has long been overlooked and neglected. In order to keep yourself from getting an allergic reaction check with your food provider about the meal, you are ordering. Don’t be afraid to check twice. Let your waiter, your host, or the manager know about your allergies if needed. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Safety Measures In Your Own Home

Make sure that your own kitchen is not hazardous for you or anyone else. Be aware of how you prepare your meals and who is coming into contact with those meals. Make sure you store food correctly and in a manner where they will not come into contact with any allergens. Keep the items in your kitchen clearly labeled so that kids can notice on time. Don’t leave any food out in the open. Make sure everything has a lid on it.

Make a list of ingredients when you cook so as not to forget what you’ve put in your meal. In some cases, you can easily forget or track all the ingredients. You have to be responsible for yourself and for others when you are cooking. You don’t want to be the person who asks themselves: Have I put nutmeg in that stew or no? Hm, I can’t remember…

What is more, you need to be sure that cross-contamination is not happening in your own kitchen. If you want to be extra careful get two sets of cooking utensils and eating utensils. Be sure to wash your dishes in really hot water and make sure they are completely clean when put away.

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If you do start having an allergic reaction you need to be prepared. Get informed in due time so you don’t have to panic if this happens. Try writing a list of steps which are necessary to keep you safe in these situations. Carry your medication with you at all times. Do not think of leaving the house without it. If you live alone keep them at your reach at all times. What is most important, call for an ambulance as soon as you can.