MealPro Review 2022 - Meal Delivery Service for Athletes & Bodybuilders

Are any meal delivery services on the U.S. market suitable for athletes and bodybuilders? How to make a menu appropriate to both athletes and families with kids?

MealPro makes it not only possible but easy and straightforward, as well! You would like to know how? We give you MealPro Review as a short handbook for understanding how their service works. If you are a professional athlete, someone working out daily, or a busy parent craving tasty pre-cooked meals for the entire family, the MealPro box is the solution for you!

What is MealPro?

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MealPro provides customers with frozen meals that are tailored by dietitians and prepared by experienced chefs! Many athletes and bodybuilders love MealPro because of organic ingredients they source and option to customize each recipe. Usually, they need extra protein to build up already well portioned meals. MealPro is ideal for single persons and families due to a la carte menu and different-size plans that come with some rewards.

How MealPro Works?

MealPro is a meal delivery service shipping healthy meals on a weekly or monthly basis. Their system works almost identical to others on the American market – you order desired food online and wait for them to prepare and deliver it.

MealPro couriers deliver to the entire continental U.S. and Canadian British Columbia. Keep on reading to find out details on subscription options, and offer on the menu!

Features of MealPro

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Ideal for Athletes

By sourcing only non-GMO vegetables and meat without hormones and added antibiotics, MealPro qualifies as ideal delivery for athletes! Food doesn’t contain any added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. One more fact for athletes – every meal is ideally weighed and balanced according to your customization!

Perfect for Bodybuilders

MealPro, unlike any other meal delivery service, doesn’t categorize meals as “high-protein” or “low calories.” Instead, each recipe on the weekly menu can be customized according to your needs. These pre-cooked meals are perfect for bodybuilders because they need scheduling and precise intake of individual ingredients. Food helps to gain muscles and get energy for their optimal performance!

Customizable Meals

The nutritional structure of each meal is on the recipe card (online). If you are on a particular meal program, or weight-loss plan, you can always demand customization of a specific recipe. Add some extra proteins, vegetables, or cutoff carb intake – it’s all possible with MealPro customer service support!


MealPro frozen meals come in unique, thermo-insulated boxes (we will explain in detail later). Upon arrival, meals that won’t be used within the next few days must be stored in the freezer! MealPro recommends transferring meals into the fridge two days before you wish to enjoy them. Food trays’ size and shape make good use of the fridge space!

Convenient to Prepare

As a matter of fact, there is no preparation at all because MealPro delivers pre-cooked food. Thanks to the microwave-safe food trays, heating is quick and leaves no dirty dishes! Don’t forget to remove the protective film from the meal before you microwave it for 3-5 minutes. Food trays are oven-safe as well, but only for 30 minutes at 300 degrees.


According to customer reviews, MealPro meals taste amazing (follow for more tasty picks)! Ingredients are freshest possible, sourced locally. Furthermore, chefs cook with lemon, lime, and herbs. To keep the meat soft and moist, it stays in the marinade for some time before cooking.

Natural, Non-GMO ingredients are flavorful for themselves. We can only try to guess how they taste with herbs and unique spice blends!


As mentioned before in this review, MealPro is an organic handler! Their natural veggies are always used within several days after purveyors deliver them to the MealPro well-equipped kitchen. To enhance their nutritional value, MealPro steam veggies in heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin B, C, and Folate.

MealPro does not use any allergy ingredients – dairy, nuts, mustard, or shellfish.

How to Subscribe in MealPro Delivery

With MealPro, after making the first order, each customer gets login instructions for the personal account. You can choose to stop after that “one-time order,” or to open subscriber membership and get recurring orders! MealPro members have benefits, such as planned deliveries and reward points, which can be exchanged for free meals.

Ordering for the first time is easy – choose between two box sizes and then select the number of meals you like to get! The absence of menus and plans makes the Site accessible and straightforward. After you choose meals, go to the checkout page and enter the address and billing information.

Types of Meals to Expect from Your Box

At the moment, MealPro does not categorize recipes on their Site to help you check for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Instead, you visit the meals-page and “hunt”!

What can you expect? Fruit Parfait Bowl is this weekly option for breakfast!

Other meals can go as lunch or dinner option – whatever you crave for on that day. Here are some typical meals from this week’s menu:

  • Roasted Tilapia
  • Skillet Meatballs
  • Sizzling Steak
  • Cuban Chicken
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MealPro Delivery

MealPro delivers to the Continental United States and Canadian British Columbia! Thermal packaging provides sustainable temperature, which prevents food from spoiling after hours on your doorstep. The company can deliver to your home or word address – it’s up to you.

Membership subscribers can set the desired delivery day by approaching the account! For US Pacific, Mountain, and British Columbia, company ships and delivers daily.

The delivery charge depends on your area. Most zip codes in the Pacific and Mountain time zones get charged ten dollars or lower. Enter your address on the checkout page and look for the exact delivery charge.

How Much Does MealPro Subscription Cost?

By ordering a meal box with 21 dishes inside, you get free shipping. Except for the shipping fee, there are no other privileges that come with the size of a box.

MealPro has one menu with different recipes and options to upgrade them – add extra protein, extra carb, chicken, turkey, or meatballs. Each one of these “extras” can cost up to three dollars on top of the regular meal price!

Meal plan

18 Meals In a Box
21 Meals In a Box

Price per meal

$5.99 - $14.99
$5.99 - $14.99
See MealPro Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How's Mealpro's packaging?

Individual meals are vacuum-sealed in microwave-safe trays that are moisture-resistant and recyclable! Trays are placed inside of a secure packaging preventing any leaking. All food stays in one insulated box with thermal liners and dry ice to keep the temperature low during transport.

Is it fresh?

Yes! Meals are pre-cooked on the day scheduled for shipping. Vegetables and meat are sourced only a few days before the preparation – freshest possible! After the team of chefs at the kitchen finishes their part of the job, food is vacuum-sealed to lock up all the good stuff (most important – vitamins), taste and freshness.

Is it also effective for weight loss?

Recipes on the menu can be customized according to your nutritional preferences! If you are on some weight-loss program, the MealPro team will customize each meal to be low in carbs, or no-carbs at all! MealPro doesn’t provide specialized dietary menus or weight-loss plans, but they are open to hear any request and make it possible.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we managed to provide you with some idea on what kind of meal delivery service is MealPro! If you are looking into the quality of ingredients as the first criteria, MealPro is your right pick! Customers who long for high-protein, low-carb, or extra vegetables on the side of each meal, can rely on MealPro auto-delivery.

Take a break from cooking for some night of the week and rely on MealPro professional team – reheat & eat!
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