Our Honest Medifast Food Delivery Service Review for 2022 - Is It Worth Your Money?

How many times have you skipped your meal because of all daily duties and obligations? How many times have you decided to go for a portion of junk food instead of a healthy snack because that solution is way cheaper, faster and easier? Well, we might have the right solution for these issues. Using one of the best meal delivery services, you can have an affordable and healthy meal in no time. These companies are great time savers for busy working people who do not want to make compromises on quality and nutritious meals.

For that reason, in this article, we will present Medifast review, one of the best food delivery services. Medifast is ideal for people who want to stay healthy and eat delicious food. It’s perfect for those who want to lose weight and reduce calorie intake. Let’s discover more about this fantastic service.

What is Medifast?

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Medifast is the best meal delivery service you can choose if your goal is to lose weight healthily. Originally, Medifast started as a commercial weight loss program, and creator of the program is doctor and food expert William Vitale. As such program, Medifast was selling meal replacements to physicians, but now this company is shipping meals straight to customers addresses.

These company meals include different variations of shake powders, snack and dehydrated meals that will be a healthy and natural replacement for most of your meals.

Dietitians and experts have created guidelines and educational materials that will help you educate and encourage you to how to implement snacks and replacement meals and lose weight in the best possible manner. Medifast is offering two main meal program plans. First one, “The Go!” is based on multiple small and straightforward meal replacements, and this includes advice on how to choose the ideal meal for dinner time as well.

Once you achieve your goals regarding losing weight, you can go back to your self-made diet, or you can continue with the Medifast diet. If you decide to proceed with companies special diet, you can use a longer-term weight program called “Thrive”.

How does Medifast work?

Medifast wants to help you to lose your weight in the best possible way. The secret of its successful recipe and proven diet is having several low-calorie meals frequently. There is no need for skipping meals or a sense of hunger. With steady food intake, you will feel energized, yet you will lose weight and achieve your diet goals. 

You will need to stick to this diet for about eight weeks to lose the succeed in your intentions. This meal program is based on a variety of different medical researches and studies, and it is a proven and optimal way to accomplish your goals.

Medifast and Weight Loss

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As we already have mentioned, there are plenty of studies, researches that have proved the efficiency of the Medifast Diet Plan. Many studies have shown that average weight loss due to this diet is about 12% and that is a way higher percentage than other self-selected, low- carb and low-calorie diets. Although Medifast dieters intend to regain some weight after the diet, their results remain impressive.

Furthermore, people who stick to this diet for one year or more continued losing weight, and they have lost over 26 pounds on average, which is fantastic! All these facts are showing and demonstrating to us how efficient Medifast diets are. If you want to lose your weight, Medifast is a perfect choice for you.

Medifast Meal Replacements


When it comes to snacks, Medifast offers different variations of snack bars and desserts. Snack bars contain carbs and protein. Also, they have some sugar added to improve the flavour and overall impression.

Cruncher snack Medifast is offering are incredibly high in protein isolates and low in sugar in fat. Eating Cruncher snacks, such as pretzel stick or pizza bites, will make you feel full and energized all day. Yet, it will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Desserts do not obtain too much of calories. Naturally, they do have a higher amount of sugar so you will need to be aware of the amount of dessert daily intake.


Drink options that Medifast Diet plan includes are amazing. Milkshakes, cappuccinos, milkshakes, smoothies and hot cocoa is something we all love and in which very gladly enjoy. The plan is that every drink satisfie your need for calorie intake, and each will provide about 100 calories. Drinks are rich in protein, and they have added sugar.
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Entrées will be the first meal of the day for you when you decide to go for the Medifast diet plan. Having one the few delicious varieties of pancakes or oatmeal will be perfect for the start of an awesome day. Sometimes you will have even healthier choices on the menu such as different kind of soups or mashed potatoes. All of the above mentioned is calorie-controlled, rich in protein and as much as it can be, low in sugar and fat.

Pros and Cons of Medifast Diet


  • Fortified Meals

Medifast is offering meals that are fortified to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital to your body. These meals meet the requirements of the recommended dietary allowance, and that is one of the crucial things for you to know before starting the diet.

  • Support and Coaching

This company will provide you with special education and support systems that will guide you through the diet. Also, this will help you stay focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself in the future period. Having the right guidance and professional help during the diet is of extreme importance and can be essential in succeeding in losing weight.

  • Effective for Weight Loss

The Medifast diet plan is extremely efficient when it comes to losing weight and its proven method with a variety of different researches and studies. The average weight loss per week is 2.2 pounds. If your real desire is to lose weight, we advise you to try this diet plan.

  • Easy to Prepare

You will not have to worry about food preparation at all. Using the Medifast diet plan will save you precious time. Prepackaged foods and straightforward instructions will make the diet very simple to follow. Medifast will provide you with snacks, desserts, and other food replacements to start your diet correctly.


  • It is Pricey

Let’s be honest. Medifast Diet Plan is not cheap at all. The monthly supply of food replacements will cost a lot. However, because you won’t spend time buying as many groceries and eating out as you used to before the diet, the cost of the diet is not as high as it sounds.

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  • Added Sugar

In some food replacements that Medifast is providing is an amount of sugar you maybe wouldn’t like to, or you must not intake. If your health does not allow you to intake sugar, then this diet is not ideal for you.

  • Limited Food Types

Because there aren’t as many different food replacements as you would like, this diet could become boring to you. Limited variety of food and flavours could lead to a strong desire for other types of food and cheating on a diet.

  • Re-gain Weight After The Diet Plan

People are losing a lot of weight following the instructions and guidelines of the Medifast diet. Yet, studies had shown plenty of people regained a lot of lost weight when they stopped the Medifast diet. You might consider these facts and research results before you decide to go for the Medifast diet.

  • Difficult to Dine Out

If you want to be successful with losing weight, you need to be strict with following the instructions and guidelines on choosing lean proteins and specific vegetables. However, menu items that the diet instructions will not always be available. That might cause a problem with achieving the desired results.

  • Plain Taste 

The dull taste of all the food replacements Medifast is offering can often lead to cheating on a diet. Although the Medifast diet plan is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, you probably want to consider options that will bring you more satisfaction regarding taste and flavour.

  • Difficult Transition 

The transition from food to food replacements can be stressful and exhausting. You might have different kinds of issues, problems, and concerns during this transition. Before you decide that Medifast plan diet is the right thing to go for, think twice and carefully look for all the different options when it comes to losing weight

How Should Subscribe to Medifast?

People With High Cholesterol

Medifast can be great for people with cardiovascular problems. People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or with a hearth disease can have significant benefits from the Medifast diet plan.

Weight loss will help this group of people, but also people should consult doctors and medical experts before choosing this diet. The main reason why they should ask them is changing the menu in a drastic way that can lead to low blood sugar which can be dangerous. Consult your doctors, and if they approve, you are safe to lose weight using the services of Medifast.

Heart Disease Sufferers

People who are having problems with the cardiovascular system should certainly consider using the Medifast diet program. Losing weight could improve their heart health and lower their cholesterol, which is of extreme importance. However, before taking this huge step and changing the complete diet, they should consult their doctor because this change can be challenging. Sometimes, a change in eating habits can lead to low amounts of blood in sugar that could be dangerous.

People with High Blood Pressures

As we mentioned, losing weight for people with high blood pressure can be vital in improving their overall health. However, they must be careful with changing eating habits because that might trigger some other difficulties regarding health. Our advice is they should consult a doctor or a food expert before starting such a string diet.

People who want to lose weight

This diet is vital for those who want to lose weight. This diet program is scientifically proven, and all the studies have shown excellent results. If you have a sharp mind and willingness to change your eating habits, the Medifast diet plan is a perfect solution for you.

Medifast Subscription Cost

Using the services of the Medifast can undoubtedly be pricey for you. The average cost of food replacements daily is $12 which is a decent amount of money. However, you need to be aware that while you are going to eat strictly following guidelines and regulations of Medifast Diet, you won’t be required to go doing groceries or dine out. Having that on your mind, Medifast might not be that expensive as it seems.

Meal plan

Medifast Go!

Price per month

See Medifast Plans and Pricing

What Makes Medifast Different?

A variety of studies and medical researches have shown that the Medifast diet plan is more expensive but also more expensive than others in the market. So, If you have decided to dedicate to seriously losing weight, you should not have second thoughts. Medifast might be the perfect solution for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started on the Medifast diet?

If you have decided you want to lose your weight fast and effective and is a proven, healthy way, then Medifast is the right solution for you. Before you start this particular diet, first you need to choose one of the few weight loss plans that Medifast is offering. You can choose a 30-Days Kit meal program or Gluten-Free Kit. Start your diet, lose weight and bring the smile back on your face today!

Does Medifast cause cancer?

Medifast is a diet plan that could help you lose weight quickly and efficiently. Although, you have to be careful with conducting this diet because the food replacements that Medifast is offering consist of snack bars, shakes, and smoothies. This will cause rapid weight loss but also muscle loss in addition to fat loss which will slow your entire metabolism. For all the mentioned reasons strict diet such as Medifast gives the best results and its the safest when its followed under medical supervision.

Are Medifast shakes good for diabetic people?

Medifast Meals are suitable for those who are trying to control or prevent diabetes (our top meal delivery programs). Medifast is striving to provide enough, and consistent amounts of carbs and calories and they have made a unique nutritional guide for this group of people. Going for a strict and special diet such as Medifast would be the best choice if you have already consulted with your doctor on this topic.

Final Thoughts

Medifast is one of the best solutions for you if you want to lose your weight quickly and effectively. The food replacements, the guidelines and educational content that Medifast will provide you a great way to start losing your weight.

However, you have to be careful when choosing Medifast. First of all, you should consult your doctors and medical experts. The transition from whole food to food replacements can be stressful and exhausting for the entire body, so measures of caution are necessary. Also, you have to be aware that Medifast is one of the most expensive but also most efficient diet plans due to losing weight.

We suggest you line up your pros & cons regarding Medifast based on the information we gave you and decide is this the right solution! Indeed, it is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to lose weight!
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