Mighty Macros Review - Dietitian-Designed for Gain or Loss of Weight

Macros, what could those be? Does this term sound familiar? You surely have read it somewhere, especially if you are trying to change your eating habits.

If you live a busy life, it might be challenging to have a healthy diet. Understanding how macronutrients work will help you optimize your food intake and reach your nutritious goals.

While counting macros (proteins, fats, and carbs) may lead you to lose weight, enjoying this process with healthy and delicious meals is important.

In this article, we will focus on a Mighty Macros review, a food company that helps customers stay on track and assist them in accomplishing their fitness goals.

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How Mighty Macros Work

This meal delivery service works like any other. You register at their website, order meals, and wait for them to arrive. However, what sets them apart from other food companies are their dietician-designed and macro-friendly recipes, which will satisfy your daily nutritional intake.

Also, they are focused on providing fresh and 100% real ingredients suitable for weight loss and muscle growth.

Mighty Macros Performance Meal Plans


You need plenty of calories to build muscle mass. That’s why Mighty Macros meals are packed with protein, carbs, and a lot of calories, which will be your ally on this journey.


This meal plan is designed with an idea to help customers reach new goals in their workout routine. Recipes contain a lot of protein and a moderate amount of carbs.


Are you looking for ways to sculpt and define your body? Well, there is no better way than with dishes that are packed with protein and low in carbohydrates.

Weight Loss

Need something to lose weight? You finally can order dishes that contain 350 calories or less, ideal for managing weight.

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Mighty Macros Diet Meal Plan Options

Low Carb

You get to eat 19g of carbs or less per meal with this meal service. They focus on lean protein, a balanced amount of healthy fats, and primarily on non-starchy carbs.


Their paleo meals are packed with clean protein and don’t contain any legumes or grains, making them perfect if you are on a paleo diet.


Dairy products are replaced with tasty and nutritious ingredients, making their recipes dairy-free.


There is no added gluten, so no worries! You get to save a lot of time in the kitchen by ordering nutrient-dense and minimally-processed food.

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See Mighty Macros Plans and Pricing

Who Should Subscribe to Mighty Macros?

This could be a great option for anyone who wants to try some macronutrient-friendly meals, with zero planning and effort involved. People soon give up on a macro diet because it takes them too much time to calculate the macros they eat and then record everything in their apps.

Also, you can never be sure you are tracking your dishes properly. In fact, many of them make wrong assumptions and overestimate the number of calories they intake. Macro meal delivery service makes everything easy to track by putting all the macros on the packaging. You just need to scan your meal with the MyFitnessPal app.

Mighty Macros Pricing

You get to choose plenty of options when personalizing your weekly order. For instance, you can choose to receive 7, 10, 15, 18, 21, or 24 dishes.

The price will mostly depend on how many meals you order. However, the average price goes between $9.13 to $12.71 per serving. Make sure to use Mighty Macros promo code to save some money.

Meals per week


Price per meal


Price per week


Mighty Macros Packaging

Customers receive fresh meals in an insulated refrigerated box packed with ice packs that maintain optimal freshness of ingredients. Their cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, and your meals should stay cold within eight hours from delivery.

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Mighty Macros Shipping and Delivery Areas

When it comes to macros meal delivery, this food company ships food to Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Mountain States, and West Coast. They charge a $7.95 delivery fee.

Benefits of Mighty Macros Meal Delivery

Registered Dietitian-designed

Dietitians are involved in the food preparation process, which makes this service one of few that has registered nutritionists and dietitians on board.

Protein Rich

Meals are packed with proteins to increase lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, help you perform better, and encourage weight loss or gain.

Portion Controlled

A macro diet can offer you unbelievable benefits! Since their meals are macro-friendly, you can avoid counting calories and calculating everything by yourself.

Freshly Delivered

Food is delivered fresh to your doorstep, never frozen! Therefore, you get to eat healthy food and feel good about it.

Made with Good Carbs

Recipes are made with non-starchy carbs, making them a healthier option for all people looking to lose weight.

Free of Dairy, Artificial Sweeteners and Processed Ingredients

There are no additives, processed ingredients, or dairy. You can finally enjoy plenty of flavorful and healthy dishes.

Mighty Macros Alternatives

If this food company doesn’t deliver to your area or you want to try something else, we want to recommend services like Trifecta Nutrition, Factor Meals, and FlexPro Meals.

Trifecta Nutrition is a famous name in the food industry and includes a wide range of dietary options, including vegetarian and vegan. They always ship fresh ingredients, and their recipes are all available in the whole United States.

Next on our list, Factor Meals, offer a macro-balanced diet. They focus less on meal plans but more on wholesome and delicious dishes.

FlexPro Meals offers two meal boxes, a lean muscle box and a fat trimmer box, ideal for boosting your performance at the gym and helping you reach your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I heat Mighty Macros meals?

Their recipes are fully cooked; you just need to heat them up. Make sure to follow instructions on the packaging. They only need two minutes in a microwave or eight minutes in the oven. You can also place your food in a pot on the stovetop and stir for ten minutes.

Can I freeze Mighty Macros meal and eat them later?

Absolutely. Initially, meals are designed to be refrigerated, but you can freeze them. Please note that some meals freeze better than others. We found that this company doesn’t recommend freezing meals that feature raw veggies or salad.

How can I change or cancel my subscription plan?

Considering the subscription is on a week-by-week basis, you can cancel anytime. Use login data to go to your dashboard, and under subscription settings, click on the “cancel subscription” button. Make sure to do this before the weekly cutoff date.

Are Mighty Macros meals healthy?

So far, numerous studies have confirmed that a diet rich in protein leads to greater weight loss and improves metabolic rate. This led us to conclude that Mighty Macros meals are indeed healthy, and on top of everything, their food is 100% fresh and made of real ingredients.

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If you are someone who prefers healthy food and macro-balanced dishes, then we believe you will find Might Macros well worth it. There is no prepping time, looking for ingredients, or counting macronutrients.

This food company takes the guesswork out of the equation. You get recipes that align with your specific dietary goals, along with a variety of plans. It means that even people who aren’t health conscious can enjoy their rich and flavorsome food.

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