Modify Health Review - Taste, Menu & Prices for Strict Diets

Do you find it hard to control IBS and other gut-related conditions? Or, maybe you are sensitive to gluten, battling heart disease or type 2 diabetes?

Whatever the case may be, ModifyHealth might be just the thing you are looking for. This food company delivers fully prepared, gluten-free, and low FODMAP compliant meals to your doorstep.  

Basically, they help you get better through food and support various food patterns that specifically target particular health conditions.

So, let's take a little health journey and check out this ModifyHealth review; you might find out that this delivery service is the best thing that ever happened to you. 

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How ModifyHealth Works

The registration process is pretty straightforward. Head to their website to enter your name, payment info and delivery address to set up your account. The next step involves choosing one of two meal plans. The only thing that's left is to enjoy delicious and fully-cooked recipes as they arrive at your doorstep.

ModifyHealth Meal Plans

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See ModifyHealth Plans and Pricing

ModifyHealth Low-Fodmap Program

Let's start with some basic things and explain what FODMAP stands for. This term applies to short-chain carbs found in many ingredients, like apples or garlic. Unfortunately, some people find it hard to digest these foods, causing them to experience gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and constipation, triggering a condition known as IBS. 

That's why ModifyHealth has developed a particular type of diet, a low-FODMAP diet ideal for IBS, SIBO, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and other stomach disorders.

Low FODMAP ingredients will help you eliminate and minimize digestive symptoms. However, don't worry, you still get to eat things you love. This meal-delivery service offers clients a two-week elimination period and a six-week reintroduction protocol. Under the guidance of a skilled dietitian, you will be able to identify your biggest triggers. 

On top of that, this food company is the only one that has received a Monash University certification, which reassures their patients that all the recipes meet specific guidelines.

Want to know more? Check out our guide for best low FODMAP meal delivery services.

ModifyHealth Mediterranean Program

True to its name, the Mediterranean diet focuses on culinary traditions and eating habits of countries located in the Mediterranean Sea, like Spain, Italy, and Greece. This diet is mainly plant-based, with plenty of veggies, fish, olive oil, whole grains, nuts, beans, fruits, and other healthy items. 

ModifyHealth claims that the Mediterranean diet has many benefits, including improved overall wellness, reduced risk of chronic conditions, better gut health, improved cognitive functions, cholesterol, and blood pressure. 

Their recipes and programs are designed to help individuals combat diabetes, fatty liver disease, celiac disease, and all people who want to improve their overall health. Additionally, the Mediterranean diet can be a great option if you want to lose some weight. 

This food company will offer you a diverse menu of pescatarian and vegetarian meals stocked with veggies, whole grains, nuts, and beans. While these recipes are gluten-free, they aren't low in FODMAP.

ModifyHealth Pricing

They are quite reasonable when it comes to price range, especially when we compare it with other Mediterranean and Low FODMAP meal services. For a low FODMAP meal, you will be charged approximately $7.90, while the Mediterranean starts at $12.50. On top of that, you can choose bundles, which are even more cost-effective.

Low-FODMAP Meals

If you only want to choose to modify health meals, you can pick a minimum of six low FODMAP breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. In this case, you will be charged $7.90 for breakfast, while lunch and dinner will cost you $11.75. Shipping is free.

Low-FODMAP Program (with Expert Support)

This food company helps individuals find out the FODMAPSs causing digestive issues. It can also support people suffering from celiac disease, SIBO, IBD, IBS. The modify health menu consists of two options, 14 (lunch and dinner) and 21 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). 

You have an opportunity to use educational materials and rely on GI dietitian support. The price for this service ranges from $165 to $219.80 per week, while shipping is free.

Mediterranean Meals

In terms of Mediterranean recipes, you have to select a minimum of six meals per week. Individual meals cost $12.50, and shipping is free.

Mediterranean Get Well Program (with Expert Support)

Many modify health reviews showed that the Mediterranean Get Well Program is quite popular among the general public since it's focused on improving overall wellbeing. This meal plan supports conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart and liver diseases, and weight loss. 

You can pick ten or more dishes per delivery. If you want to book dietarian support, it will cost you $99 and includes three consultations; educational material is included. This step is optional. The price for one meal is $11.75, plus free shipping.

Meal plan

Low-FODMAP Meals
Low-FODMAP Program
Mediterranean Meals
Mediterranean Get Well Program

Price per meal


Pros and Cons of ModifyHealth Meal Delivery

Instead of wasting time and testing for pros and cons, we have decided to go through a couple of details and tell you things we liked and disliked.

What We Like

Low-FODMAP Certified: they feature a Monash University certificate that proves their meals are low FODMAP compliant and designed to improve overall wellness. 

Easy Preparation: customers receive ready-made meals, so no preparation is involved. You only have to heat your dishes in an oven or a microwave.

Provides Optional Dietitian Support: with both meal plans, optional consultation with a dietitian is available; however, they are charged additionally.

With Food Allergy/Dislike Filters: you can go through the list of ingredients and filter out potential allergens, which can be beneficial for people combating a particular type of allergy.

Fresh: you will receive a fresh and delicious meal that tastes great. All recipes are designed by trained chefs and ready to eat as soon as they reach your doorstep.

Wide Recipe Selection: there is an option for everyone, and you can easily find recipes that will satisfy your taste buds.

Organic: they use organic ingredients as much as possible, and all their meals are gluten-free. However, not all recipes are organic.

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-sodium, Heart-healthy, and Diabetic-friendly: Modify Health recipes that include previously mentioned features target specific health conditions.

What We Don't Like

Portion Size May Be Small: for some, portion size might be small, especially if you are used to consuming a large amount of food.

May Be Bland for Some: considering this food company designs meals that help patients with gut disorders, their food may taste bland for ordinary people.

ModifyHealth Packaging

They have made some pretty remarkable changes in terms of packaging. Instead of ice packs, ModifyHealth uses ClimaCell liners made from plant-based components. Each meal is vacuumed sealed, while plastic containers are free of BPA, ensuring the freshness of ingredients for up to ten days. Everything arrives fresh, never frozen.
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ModifyHealth Shipping and Delivery Areas

They deliver nationwide, anywhere in the continental United States, and shipping is always free. If you aren't at home, the package will be left on your doorstep unless you have special instructions for FedEx or UPS.

ModifyHealth Customer Service

Their customer service is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can contact them via email and phone at 888-766-3439. The phone call is free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they offer gift cards?

Yes, you can order a gift card and give it to someone looking to change their life habits. The minimum amount is $50; however, you can increase the value of a gift card up to $250.

How long do ModifyHealth meals last?

Due to vacuumed sealed trays, their meals can stay fresh up to ten days after delivery. Just make sure to keep it in the fridge. If you wish to extend the shelf life to eight weeks, you can keep your food in the freezer.

How to cancel or skip a delivery?

You must place all requests and changes by Sunday, 11:59 PM ET before the upcoming week's delivery. If you make some requests after this deadline will be applied to the following week's delivery. Overall, it's easy to make changes, skip, or cancel your order.


ModifyHealth is a meal delivery service that helps you achieve wellbeing through delicious and tasty food. You get to experience gluten-free, organic, low FODMAP, and Mediterranean recipes, with optional support from professional dietitians. 

As much as their food seems restrictive, their meals are quite delicious. However, if you love to eat or need highly nutritious dishes, you might require additional supplementation. Overall, compared to other low FODMAP services, this one offers a great value for that money, and might be more suitable for people with gut-disorders. 

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