Omaha Steaks vs. Kansas City Steak Company Comparison - Who Offers Better Meat?

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Omaha Steaks

Established in 1917, Omaha Steaks Meat Delivery Service has a long tradition of handling meat! At first, it was a family butchery until business started to grow, and one store wasn’t enough! Today, the company has retail stores, online purchasing options, and delivers for many hotels and restaurants nationwide!

  • Delivery Area: All States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Shipping Cost: $17.99 – $125.00
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Kansas City Steak Company

Another meat delivery company started as a family business in 1932 is Kansas City Steaks! What they call a perfect steak is a thick, juicy, and flavorful one! Years of practice and a team of experienced butchers lead to big success today, which is superior All-American steaks shipped nationwide! Company sources from the stockyards in Kansas only highest standard cattle! 

  • Delivery Area: 50 States 
  • Shipping Cost: $14.95

Meat Selection

Omaha Steaks

Kansas City Steak Company

Plan & Pricing

Omaha Steaks

  • Steaks $34.99 - $99.99

    $34.99 (6oz Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons) to $99.00 (6oz Bison Filet Mignons)

  • Meats $29.99 - $120.00

    $29.99 (Tri-Tip Roast; serving 4) to $120.00 (Bone-In Frenched Prime Rib Roast; serving 4)

Kansas City Steak Company

  • Steaks $69.95 - $199.95

    $69.95 (8 Top Sirloin Steak, 5oz each) to $199.95 (4 American Style Kobe Kansas City Strip Steak, 10oz each)

  • Beef $64.95 - $299.95

    $64.95 (16 Cheddar Bacon Steakburgers, 4.5oz each) to $299.95 (2 USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin for Chateaubriand, 2lb each)

  • Other Meats $39.95 - $119.95

    $39.95 (3 Ham Steaks, 8oz each) to $119.95 (Grass-fed Rack of Lamb, 1.75lb)


Omaha Steaks

Kansas City Steak Company

Popular Meals

Omaha Steaks

  • Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat
  • Pub-Style Cod
  • Boneless Pork Chops

Kansas City Steak Company

  • USDA Prime Filet Mignon
  • Traditional Rub Prime Rib Roast
  • Classic Steak Burgers
Steaming food tray with lid

Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks give an amazing number of options on their Menus speaking of meat, meals, and sides & desserts. The only distinction in this comparison is a wine card. Omaha Steaks wine can be sent as a Gift Wine Card or Gift Basket – White, Red or a Sparkling one! Omaha Steaks meals are categorized in Slow Cooker, One-step Meals, Single Serve Meals, etc. Another advantage of Omaha Steaks is dietary meals – low sodium, gluten-free, and paleo! Kansas City Steaks Menus feature steaks, variety of different meat cuts, seafood, meal combos, appetizers, sides & extras, and desserts!

Sourcing Practices

If you are looking for the ultimate steak experience, keep on reading! Art of butchery has been in Omaha Steak family for over a century now, and each steak is handpicked, aged, and trimmed with great care! The aging technique is crucial in making a perfect steak – dry or wet aging from four to six weeks is inevitable! Flavor and juiciness of beef cuts are directly connected to marbling, which keeps the meat moist! All of these meat qualities come from good sourcing practices, which both Omaha and Kansas City Steaks keep on improving for years!

Meat Quality

Kansas City Steaks meat-quality shouldn’t be questioned considering their long-running relationship with trusted partners! The first thing about being in the meal delivery business is to raise, feed, and manage cattle in the right way! USDA Prime designation refers to the specific quality grade of beef – something Kansas City Steaks most definitely deserves! Omaha Steaks cuts are world-class, tender, and flavorful! Their meat is grain-fed, and USDA approved, as well!

If you are searching for an organic or grass-fed meat delivery company, we got you covered.

Recipe Variety

Omaha Steaks offers eight food & wine Menus, plus meal kits, desserts, and wines! Cooking can take from under 15 minutes of your time to over 2 hours – depending on what recipe you choose. Kansas City meal combo recipes include meat, bacon, potatoes, and different vegetables. Along with each meal, recipe come cooking instructions, nutrition & ingredients information.

Steaming food tray with lid

The Packaging

To keep all flavors, juices, and tenderness, Omaha Steaks vacuums meat cuts at the peak of their freshness! After that, steaks are placed into a reusable cooler with dry ice inside. Reusable Cooler is eco-friendly and can be used over and over until it is recycled! Additional fees apply to special delivery options such as Express, Rush, and Saturday Rush!

Kansas City Steak Company Packaging

Kansas City Steaks packaging includes styrofoam cooler with dry ice. Products are sealed in Cryovac packaging and flash-frozen afterward. Besides food, there is a Kansas City Steaks Book with cooking tips & recipes! Dry ice may evaporate in the cooler, but as long as meat feels cold to the touch, everything is fine! Enter your order’s number and check its shipping status!

Customer Support & Service

Omaha Steaks

  • Switching plans – Add more steaks on your order if you changed plans – it’s accessible and free-of-charge!
  • Cancellation – Cancel your order before the deadline; otherwise, you will be charged for the shipment!
  • Refunds – The customer will get a replacement for damaged/issued items or a full money refund! The company may acquire photos of those products.
  • Gift – Choose between a Gift Card and Gift Basket and purchase it online! Surprise a loved one with Omaha Steaks Gift Card or Gift Basket! Gifts categories are – gift by occasion, type, or recipient. Gifts include food or wine!
  • Free Trial – Omaha Steaks doesn’t feature free trial, but you can get promotion codes!
  • Customizable – With Omaha Steaks, customers can customize details about the delivery date, service, etc..

Omaha Steaks Referral Program gives $20 off new member’s first order, while old members get points that can be used for the next order!

Kansas City Steak Company

  • Switching plans – Switch to a different delivery frequency on your Auto-delivery account easy and free-of-charge!
  • Cancellation – Change your next delivery date, skip or cancel an order by phone or online.
  • Refunds – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes quality-related customer issues and shipping related concerns (in which case you should contact the company within ten days of the delivery date).
  • Gift – Gift Services include Business Gifts, Gift Boxed Steaks, Gift Cards & Certificates.
  • Free Trial – No free trials; only promo codes.
  • Customizable – All changes and customization of delivery details are possible with Kansas Steaks!

Our Verdict

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To sum up this comparison, we would like to highlight several advantages of Omaha Steaks! First of all, a variety of food & wine offer is better than with Kansas City Steaks. Delivery areas with Omaha Steaks include Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands, as well! And finally, menus for people in need of strict dietary plans are possible only with Omaha Steaks’ paleo, low-sodium, and gluten-free meals!