Paleo On The Go Review- Meal Plans For Paleo and AIP Diets

Does your health condition demand you switch to paleo and AIP diets? Will you do anything to keep your body in perfect shape and ensure proper nutrient intake? Well, look no further because Paleo on the Go (POTG) is a meal delivery service specializing in providing paleo and autoimmune protocol meals. 

It offers ready-made, frozen dishes, which you can eat right after you reheat them. The company caters exclusively to customers on a paleo diet, so it might be an ideal choice for people who are on this dietary regime for some reason. 

We have prepared an in-depth Paleo On the Go review. Let’s see what this food service has to offer!

How Paleo on the Go Works

Ordering meals from this company is more or less like a regular online food shopping experience. There is no subscription commitment, but you will be asked to leave your personal information. Each dish comes with a picture, ingredient list, nutrient content, heating instructions and the price. 

You can’t order one or two meals because there is a $99 minimum order, which is easy to reach since most Paleo on the Go meals cost $20. Let’s not forget they have a couple of very strict dietary patterns, including:

  • Paleo: imitates what people in the Paleolithic age ate. It’s free of sugars, legumes, soy, dairy, seed oils, and gluten.

  • AIP: diet designed to minimize autoimmune symptoms. Follows extremely strict protocols which exclude the use of coffee, alcohol, seeds, nuts, eggs, and nightshade veggies

  • Whole30: a 30-day elimination period that removes junk food, baked goods, sulfates, MSG, and everything mentioned above.

  • Keto: finally, keto is a low carb, high fat diet, focusing only on whole ingredients.

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Paleo on the Go Meal Plan Options

This food service offers plenty of a la carte meal options, especially if you want to control your nutrient intake. However, you can choose seasonal meals, bundles based on specific dietary references, and starter packs.  

Out of 50 options, only 20 are complete meals, which means you might be a bit limited by choice. Let’s not forget that this food company also offers desserts, which is a great option for people who have a hard time getting off the sugar. 

Their menu options include:

Full AIP Compliant Menu

This one is specially designed for people struggling with autoimmune diseases and who suffer from food sensitivities and inflammations related to them. The AIP menu removes inflammatory ingredients, allowing your body to heal. Paleo on the Go recipes are more focused on nutrient-dense foods that support healing processes within your body.

Meal Bundles

There are several food options you can explore within meal bundles. Maybe you don’t have enough time to go through their menu, or you simply don’t know what to order; bundles can be a great choice. Check out their Breakfast, sweet tooth, AIP, or reset bundle.

2022 Reset

2022 Reset includes recipes designed for body and mind reboot. There are no baked goods or deserts, only meals that will help you clean your body and ensure an optimal level of health.

AIP Bakery

POTG offers a wide variety of gluten-free baked goods. From classic desserts to homemade food, many people find AIP Bakery to be one of the best things that ever happened to them. You can eat as much as you like, without feeling guilty.

See Paleo On The Go Plans and Pricing

Paleo on the Go Nutritional Value

This service offers nutrient-dense meals, so there are no filler carbs like pasta or bread. On top of that, each POTG dish is AIP and paleo compliant. All recipes feature ingredients like coconut flour, veggies, and meat. 

Keep in mind that some meals contain more vegetables than others, but none is entirely vegetarian. You will receive generously-sized portions with plenty of fat and protein to satisfy your cravings. Lunch and dinner contain the most calories; however, their calorie volume never passes 600.

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Paleo On The Go Heating Process

There is no cooking involved. You receive ready-made meals which need to be reheated. Considering not everyone has a microwave, it’s a great thing this service offers detailed oven reheating instructions. In fact, for some items, you will have to use the oven only because empanadas and pot pies need to be backed. 

Regardless of the reheating method you choose, their instructions say you need to leave your food in the refrigerator before reheating. It took approximately 24 hours for some meals to defrost.


POTG meals are pretty expensive, and they range from $15-$20 per serving. You can find detailed information on their website. Each meal comes with the price tag attached, so you know the costs upfront. You do have to order a minimum of $99 worth of food for your order to be shipped.


2022 Reset Bundle
Breakfast Meal Bundle
AIP Starter Pack
Sweet Tooth Bundle



Who Should Order in Paleo On the Go?

This food company is an excellent choice for all people looking to change their eating habits and improve health. If you are on an anti-inflammatory and paleo diet and don't have time or energy to cook, POTG will provide you with plenty of delicious resources.  

Considering the price range, their food might not fit everyone's budget, but it’s good to splurge on yourself from time to time. You could add this service to your mealtime rotation instead of relying on it entirely.

Who Should Not Order in Paleo on the Go?

You won’t find vegan or vegetarian options with this meal delivery service. Additionally, some meals might be too caloric for sedentary people. Another thing you should pay attention to is the price. If you are on a tight budget and live far away from Florida, we aren’t sure how cost-effective this service might be. Their meal prices tend to be a bit steep.

Packaging and Delivery

Food comes in insulated recyclable boxes. Everything is neatly packed and lined with dry ice, which keeps the meals from going bad. They deliver anywhere in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii. Meals are shipped through FedEx, while the shipping fee depends on how much food you order and your location.

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Customer Service

You can contact their customer service via phone, email, or online chat. Their working hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM ET. It takes them approximately 30 minutes to respond to customers’ requests.

What We Like

One of the most obvious benefits of this service is its ability to fill in the gaps. Hardly a few meal delivery services provide fully compliant paleo, Whole30, and AIP meals, making POTG highly convenient. 

Additionally, this service doesn’t lock you into a subscription or membership. You will find plenty of menu items, including delicious paleo on the go snacks and desserts.

Uses carefully selected premium ingredients

Provides affordable meal bundles, subscription options, and a rewards program

Offers grain-free desserts and baked goods

Tasty and delicious meals to keep you sated for hours to come

Ideal for people on AIP, Whole30, Keto diet

What We Don't Like

It feels like you are dining out based on their meal price, except you are not. The average cost is around $15, and to some, this might seem ridiculous to pay such money for frozen dishes. Plus, you have to pay a shipping fee for each order.


No rotating menu

No free shipping

Minimum shipping order

Want to see more? Check out our guide for best frozen meal delivery services.

Meal Samples

POTG offers plenty of a la carte options, especially if you want total control over your diet. Some of the meals include: 

  • Thai Basil Shrimp with Vegetables
  • Savory Hash Breakfast Bowl
  • German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes
  • Loaded Baked Sweet Potato
  • Grass-Fed Beef Taco Kit with Salsa Verde

Some of the popular desserts are: 

  • Strawberry Vanilla Cake
  • Carrot Cake Muffins
  • Cinnamon Apple Crisp

Frequently Asked Questions

Are add-ons available?

Considering you get to choose meals a la carte, there aren’t traditional add-ons available. However, this meal delivery service offers several additions, like breakfast treats, sauces, desserts, and baked goods.

Why is it so expensive?

In some sense, all restrictive diets are costly. With the way of preparing food and the ingredients used, we shouldn’t expect anything else. If POTG is too much for you, we reviewed a couple of other AIP meal delivery services, so you may find your match there, or you can check out arties paleo on the go.

Is it better than Pete’s Paleo?

This meal-delivery service has several key features that give it a competitive advantage over other food companies. It is fully AIP compliant, no subscription necessary, offers big portions, and has grain-free baked goods, which isn’t the case with Pete’s Paleo.

Is it difficult to cancel or change subscriptions?

No, in fact, it’s pretty easy. Since there is no commitment, you can cancel anytime. Just stop ordering, and that’s it. However, make sure you haven’t signed up for recurring orders; in that case, you will keep receiving meals.


Paleo On The Go is a really great service for active people on paleo and AIP diets who don’t have time to cook. If you need a little help in the kitchen and want to eat tasty and nutritious meals without spending hours preparing food, this food company could be a perfect choice. 

On top of that, it will satisfy all your cravings for baked goods. On the other hand, expensive recipes and the semipermanent menu make POTG more suitable as an occasional addition to your already established dietary routine. To lower the meal price, you can always use paleoonthego coupon.

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