PeachDish Review 2022 - Farm-fresh Ingredients At Your Table

Have you tried out preparing food with authentic Southern flavours? We assume that it must be easy for those living on Georgia’s soil to make some of the most distinguished meals! But, what about customers from other cultures who want to give it a try? We may have found a practical solution – meal kit delivery service! 

PeachDish is a genuine Southern company that provides pre-measured and packed ingredients along with recipe cards for specific dishes! With the help of PeachDish, you can have a healthy meal balanced in macronutrients, prepared at home, and all of that without any effort.

If we got you interested in the cuisine of the Southern United States, read our PeachDish Review and get ready to subscribe!

After many years of devoted work and thousands of delivered meal kits throughout U.S., PeachDish went out of business! In order to help their loving clients find the most suitable meal kit delivery subscription, our team came up with this comparison between PeachDish and another service similar to it by its offer.

What is PeachDish?

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PeachDish is a meal kit delivery service founded in 2013 and based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hadi Irvani, the founder, named the company after sweet fruit of Georgia’s soil! The main characteristic of this meal kit is the southern cuisine’s flavour in recipes.

 PeachDish partners with nearby Atlanta producers and artisans to provide fresh veggies, humanely-raised meats and some rare, unique ingredients! 

Cooking time with PeachDish’s recipes varies from 15 minutes (quick-fix meals) to three hours of slow-cooking dinner. The dessert menu is rich in pies, croissants, tartlets, cookies, cupcakes – you name it!

How does PeachDish Work

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PeachDish, like any other meal kit delivery service, has a purpose of easing customer’s everyday routine by providing healthy meal kits for the entire household

After making an account and choosing products for the first delivery, chefs at PeachDish kitchens prepare ingredients – measure them according to the recipe, and then packs into an insulated box! One day before the scheduled delivery day, the courier takes your meal kit, and before you know it, food is waiting on your doorstep! Cooking is up to you, but it takes less than one hour.

Features of PeachDish

Recipe Cards Included

PeachDish recipe cards are available to customers in an online form and on the back of printed recipe cards which are packed within a meal box! The card holds instructions and culinary tips on how to prepare a dish in a few easy steps. Also, each recipe card involves a specific and detailed nutritional info for customers with dietary preferences or those allergic to some food

Nutritious meals

PeachDish’s nutrient consumption is recommended by the USDA. The average intake of calories per serving is 2,000. Dishes are perfectly balanced in macronutrients – proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Detailed information on each recipe is available on PeachDish Site and the back of the recipe card in the kit (for the specific dish). 

A suggested amount of sodium per day is 2,300 mg. Taking care of your blood pressure and heart-health, PeachDish team tailored meals to have half of the recommended dosage.

Fresh Ingredients

PeachDish is not a USDA certified meal kit service, and they’re transparent about it – about 80% of products come from Atlanta farms and ranches within 40 miles away! PeachDish has a policy to source certified products whenever possible, even though in most cases, customers get fresh ingredients that are not non-GMO.

“Ribbon Series” dishes come with a higher price because the recipe includes some unusual, unique and hard-to-find ingredients
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Tidy Packaging

PeachDish box consists of the insulated liner and ice packs to keep the food fresh and in-shape! Inside, you can find a recipe card and meals carefully packed in different bags. Being very environmentally-aware, the company uses fabric bags for specific ingredients (e.g. not meat, but potatoes yes). As the first meal kit service with recycling system, PeachDish established a high standard in this category! Not all, but most of the packaging is recyclable.

You Can Order without any Commitment

There’s no commitment with PeachDish! Although subscription is required, making an order every week is not! Customers retain rights to skip, pause or cancel subscription free of charge. As long as account change is made before the deadline, scheduled meal kit can be postponed, or cancelled without penalty. For extra help or any problems with your account settings, please contact customer service via email or phone number!

Easy Recipes

Meals at PeachDish are quite simple and stress-free to cook! Necessary culinary skills are more than enough to prepare an authentic Southern dish. Recipes from “Quick Fix” series are even more time-economic than standard ones. Some meals can knock you off your feet – it takes about three hours of slow cooking until you may try them!

How to Subscribe to PeachDish Meal Delivery

PeachDish is a meal kit service with no commitment. However, you need to have an account to make an order. The first step is to enter your email address, information on shipping and payment. The company gives a choice between a Subscriber account and a Guest account. The first one has its benefits!

Weekly meal kits are automatically being shipped to your address by specific schedule (if you have a Subscriber account). Meaning, if you don’t “skip it“ on your account before the cutoff time, the company will charge you for it, and the food arrives at your doorstep!

Pros and Cons of PeachDish

Every single meal kit delivery service on the market has its advantages and shortcoming! And so does PeachDish. It’s up to each customer to look into them carefully and see if this meal kit service qualifies as their perfect one! Check out our list of things we adore about PeachDish and the things we dislike.

What we love

  • Wide Option of Add-ons – PeachDish Market makes shopping for food products easier because this way, they are delivered with meal kits! Plenty of desserts are part of their big selection, as well.
  • Special Diet Options are Offered – Special food line “SuperFoods” consists of meals with low levels of calories, sodium and saturated fat. “No Added Gluten” is a dietary menu for those with gluten intolerance.
  • You Can Skip a Delivery Anytime – Skip scheduled weekly delivery whenever you feel like it. Deadline is Sunday at 11:59 PM EST

What we Dislike

  • Some Meals Do Not Change – PeachDish weekly menus are made up of the same rotating meals! This strategy guarantees different weekly menus, but in the long run it might get tedious. 
  • There is a Required Minimum Order – To get a PeachDish meal kit, you need to order food worth $45 or more. But, no worries – with ordering two meal kits for two persons with prices as they are, you are good to go!  
  • Limited Ingredients for Vegetarians and Vegans – Weekly menus meet the needs of vegetarians, but there are hardly any options. Only two or four recipes are vegetarian, and at least one of those is classified as vegan.

On the other hand you can check our specialized guide for top rated vegan meal kits on the market!

PeachDish Subscription Cost

PeachDish account and shipping fees differ depending on the choice of subscription. However, meal prices are the same for all customers – on average for two portions you will pay around $25 ($12.50 per serving). Minimum amount is $45, which means that by ordering any two dishes for two people, you can make an order without a doubt!

Not all desserts and dietary plans at PeachDish cost the same. Ribbon meals with unique ingredients always come with a higher price, as well as dishes with extra meat protein!

Number of meals


Meal Kit price


Price per serving

See PeachDish Plans and Pricing

PeachDish Packaging and Delivery

PeachDish is environment-friendly (but not so much budget-friendly) when it comes to packaging and delivery! The company was the first one to launch a personal recycling-program. Fabric bags for some ingredients are an authentic part of PeachDish packaging!

PeachDish is shipping throughout the contiguous U.S., except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. The shipping cost differs depending on the account type and location. Subscribers must pay $0-$15 per shipment while for Guest Customers’ shipping fee is $12-$27!

What Makes PeachDish Different From Other Meal Kit Deliveries?

PeachDish’s astonishing flavours of southern cuisine is what distinguishes them from any other meal kit delivery service on the U.S. market! Some recipes are made to be slow-cooked for almost three hours – imagine the outcome those flavours and scents have on all of your senses!

PeachDish generous “sweet line” is another fantastic feature in comparison to other dessert menus!

Not so many meal kit services can serve twelve adults with only one meal kit! Guess what? PeachDish can do it – you make an order and wait for the scheduled box to arrive

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular meals in PeachDish?

First meal, by customer’s and our choice, is “Blackened Flank Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Sweet Garlic Dressing” – quick fix meal with premium-quality meat takes 15 minutes for preparation!

The second choice is a classic Italian soup – “Hearty Minestrone with Beef, Kale & White Beans”, that requires 20 minutes of preparation and 40 minutes more for cooking it.

Is there a food allergen option?

“No Added Gluten” menu is free from any ingredients containing gluten, but PeachDish cannot guarantee utterly allergen-free meal kits! Therefore, PeachDish does not recommend customers with severe food allergies to order food from them! 

You can check our complete guide for best gluten-free meal kits and find the one that suits you most

How to cancel my subscription?

To make your personal PeachDish account, first, you might want to figure out which option is better for you – subscriber or guest! As a guest, some expenses are a bit higher (e.g. extra shipping fee). 

However, subscription cancellation is pretty much straightforward and applies to both accounts! With PeachDish, you can determine subscription by approaching your account online, no need to contact customer service via phone or email. Notice: you might want to cancel it before the deadline or your next week’s scheduled PeachDish box will arrive.

Final Thoughts

PeachDish got our attention for many reasons. First of all, we like their premium quality ingredients and complete transparency about purveyors. Second thing, we adore their quick recipes and fantastic series of sweets! Then, there is a number of portions per meal kit (12!) which is hard to compete in the U.S. market, at the moment. Also, we love how simple and effortless it is to order a meal kit from PeachDish. We tried to give you an honest insight into both disadvantages, and advantages of PeachDish!
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