PeachDish vs. Blue Apron - Which Meal Kit Is Right For You?

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PeachDish is Atlanta based company with an idea of bringing flavors of southern cuisine to your homes! PeachDish team is passionate about one crucial fact – completely transparent supplying chain of organic and super healthy ingredients! If your zip code is on their delivery list, don’t hesitate to give it a chance!

  • Shipping Cost: $0-27*
  • Average Price Per Meal: $12.50
  • Delivery Area: 48 States

*Price depends on the State and Customer status (from 0-15$ for Subscribers; 12-27$ for Guest Customers)

After many years of devoted work and thousands of delivered meal kits throughout U.S., PeachDish went out of business! In order to help their loving clients find the most suitable meal kit delivery subscription, our team came up with this comparison between PeachDish and another service similar to it by its offer.

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Blue Apron

With Blue Apron, every person, starting from their chefs to home-cook-customers, is always learning! Name of the company should encourage people to cook meals for loved ones, and enjoy it while learning new skills with each new recipe! 

  • Shipping Cost: Free*
  • Average Price Per Meal: $9.53
  • Delivery Area: Not all States (enter your zip code and check on website)

* only 2-serving meal twice a week delivery costs $7.99 per shipping

Meal Options


Blue Apron

Plan & Pricing


  • Standard $12.5

    • Servings: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 • Kit Prices: $25 to $150

Blue Apron

  • 2-Serving* $9.99 / serving

    • Meals Per Week: 2, 3 • Kit Prices: $47.95 to $59.94

  • Signature for 4 $7.49-$8.99 / serving

    • Meals Per Week: 2, 3,4 • Kit Prices: $71.92 to $119.84

*Signature / Freestyle / Vegetarian Plan



Blue Apron

Popular Meals

image of Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding by PeachDish


  • Hearty Minestrone with Beef, Kale & White Beans
  • Blackened Flank Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Sweet Garlic Dressing
  • Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding
image of Togarashi popcorn chicken with sweet chili cabbage slaw by Blue Apron

Blue Apron

  • Togarashi popcorn chicken with sweet chili cabbage slaw
  • Seared steaks with lemon-parmesan kale & roasted potatoes
  • Pizza with mozzarella, fontina, and Grana Padano cheese
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

PeachDish gives you the option to pick between classic meals of the south and world-cuisine flavors. Some of the recipes include a unique ingredient and are marked with a ribbon icon. Price of the meal is higher than Blue Apron, plus the shipping! One more thing about PeachDish is predicted time to prep meal – some of them take a few hours to cook while Blue Apron offers meals easy to prep and saves your time

If you have some dietary restrictions, probably neither of these can fit you. Even with meal customization, you don’t get enough weekly options. The main advantage of Blue Apron is WeightWatchersReimagined Menu, and also you can order the best-quality wines that fit perfectly with Blue Apron meals! 

PeachDish is specific in not having classic weekly Menus. In order to get PeachDish box, you have to make Guest or Subscriber account (make sure to read more on the website)! PeachDish can feed a group of twelve people with only one order! The minimum amount of money for individual shipping is $45. Servings: two to twelve.

If you are looking for something more affordable take a look at our cheapest meal kit delivery picks.

The Quality of the Ingredients

PeachDish gets our vote for being transparent in supplying (almost all products come from Atlanta farms within 40 miles away). Blue Apron’s policy is also organic, Non-GMO vegetables, sustainable seafood recommended by Seafood Watch, meat-free of hormones, and antibiotics. Both companies are passionate about this, so high-quality ingredients are guaranteed

We have reviewed some of the healthiest meal kit services for 2021, follow to learn more.

Nutritional Value

By choosing a specific recipe online, you get all the nutritional facts you need to know. Be aware that if you are on an extreme gluten-free diet or have severe allergies, both companies don’t recommend to order food! Both companies are very much aware of diet options and customization, so facts about calories and carbs are more than welcome!

Are you allergic to gluten? Check out our in-depth guide for best gluten-free meal kit deliveries.

Recipe Variety

Blue Apron Menus are influenced by other cuisines, but still, menus don’t respond to specific diets. Besides the vegetarian menu, for others, like gluten-free meals, you will have to look into recipe ingredients yourself and see if it fits you. On the other hand, PeachDish is very southern-flavored and has a few meals, which are seasonal and always on the Menu.

Other meals change weekly and can be customized (same as Blue Apron). Blue Apron features wine menu, chosen to fit your Blue Apron dinner! Unless you want a southern meal, we think Blue Apron Menus are more appealing!

Steaming food tray with lid

The Packaging

peachdish box package

Not much to say about packaging and recycling (whole package is biodegradable). Insulation keeps food fresh and cold. PeachDish has its recycling program and uses fabric bags for some food! Well done! But, let us remind you about shipping options and prices!

Blue Apron box with recipe pamphlets, salmon, meat and vegetables

Blue Apron packs their boxes with refrigerants and insulated thermal liners to keep ingredients intact and fresh during transit and time on your doorstep (if you’re not at home). Packaging changes depending on weather conditions and temperature. 

Customer Support & Service


  • Free Trial – Company’s policy is not to give free trial but promo coupons (from time-to-time).
  • Gifts – Gift cards can be purchased; digital/classic form.
  • Customizable – All orders are customizable. PeachDish, being aware of customer-specific diets, offers many creative ways how to customize Meal Plans.
  • Cancellation – All changes/cancellations must be done by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Switching Plans – Make a phone call or do it on the website; easy switch from seasonal to other meal.
  • Refunds – You can return items if not being satisfied, and you will receive a refund.

Blue Apron

  • Free Trial – First order means free trial- three meals for free!
  • Gifts – Buy a gift card for someone and send it by email or old way (printed)! They are non-refundable!
  • Customizable – You can customize your order in any way you wish.
  • Cancellation – Just contact customer support and cancel!
  • Switching plans – Again, it’s easy to do it on your account, or make a phone call!
  • Refunds – They will give you a full refund, but products (in original condition and packaging) must be sent to the company’s warehouse.

Our Verdict

Blue Apron icon

Even though PeachDish and Blue Apron in the process of ordering have an option for you to check and avoid specific ingredients in all future orders, it isn’t anything like complete Diet Menus some of the other meal kit services have (and are delicious)! That’s one of the main cons for us! While one is offering Sweet Menu, other is giving you wine card, so again score is pending.

Maybe we should look at the timing of preparation and shipping options/prices, as well. PeachDish delivery service isn’t so good with covering zip codes, and also if you make a Guest Account, shipping is even more expensive! Timing with Blue Apron is max 45 min, and PeachDish slow-cooking meals take 175 min until eating! Considering all the pros and cons, we say: go Blue Apron!