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Which features distinguish paleo-friendly menus from a genuine paleo meal delivery service? And how many of those on the U.S. market are indeed paleo? Pete Servold from Pete’s Paleo meal service guarantees that none of those is authentic keto and paleo-friendly, as their company is! 

People in need of specialised medical care and appropriate nutrition plan struggle to find meal delivery service that is flavorful, organic, and suits their requirements. Every Pete’s Paleo meal has no dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, or nuts (the company has a rigorous policy). Check out our Pete’s Paleo Review and figure it out by yourself!

What is Pete's Paleo?

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Pete Servold, the founder, is a classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu. His great passion for food and knowledge on the importance of using seasonal ingredients has contributed to the creation of strictly paleo menus. Pete’s Paleo meal delivery service is focused on real food ingredients that are locally sourced, organic, and non-GMO.

Seasonal veggies and fruits provide healthy and nutritious recipes, altogether with spice blends and sauces. Pete’s Paleo never crafts the same weekly seasonal menus due to many ways and techniques of preparation. All meals are completely free from allergens (nut, dairy, egg, gluten, and soy).

How Pete's Paleo Meal Delivery Works

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Pete’s Paleo works like any other meal delivery service! After making an account, customers should choose the most suitable meal plan and select the size of it. 

Pete’s Paleo delivers via FedEx, so it usually takes one or two days for the meal box to arrive at your doorstep! Deadlines on your account are essential because chefs prepare dishes on that week of the delivery date. 

Inside Pete’s Paleo box are trays with food. Food trays are BPA free meaning you can microwave them with a film on. However, it’s recommended to warm food in a pan!

Features of Pete’s Paleo


In the process of keeping customers satisfied, the primary step is offering high-quality organic ingredients. Pete’s Paleo company cares about the well-being of animals and plants, which makes them friends before business partners with local ranchers, farmers and artisans!

Vegetables are organically grown, while the meat is 100% natural, grass-fed, and sustainably raised.


All of Pete’s Paleo meals are free from glutendairy and soy! Within each portion, there is a perfect balance of macronutrients – 5 ounces of protein and 7 ounces of cooked sides or accoutrements (in most cases, vegetables). Keeping in mind the crucial fact that ingredients are organically grown, and also Pete’s knowledge and passion for seasonal food – it’s crystal clear how healthy Pete’s Paleo meals must be!

Convenient Preparation

After subscribing to Pete’s Paleo, the next step is to get rid of your apron and cutting board! As a matter of fact, there is no food preparation at all. Meals are precooked at Pete’s Paleo well-equipped kitchen by award-winning chefs! The best way to reheat dinner is in a pan for 5-6 minutes, or microwave it for 1-2 minutes (read the instructions for each product).

Meals Are Never Frozen

Pete’s Paleo ships fresh dinner meals (not frozen!) which can stay in the refrigerator for two weeks. Otherwise, please keep them in the freezer for no longer than six months. Food is carefully placed in a biodegradable insulated box with frozen gel packs or dry ice, which can be reused for some times! After the courier delivers the box, put the food immediately in the freezer or fridge due to its perishable nature.

Great for Bodybuilding

Pete’s Paleo dietary plans are all about eating schedules. Bodybuilders aim to gain muscles and to get energy for optimal performance! Pete’s Paleo meals are appropriate for bodybuilders because of organic ingredients and meat, which is free from hormones and steroids. However, bodybuilders might consider skipping the “lite menu” due to small portions.


“Eat What You Love” menu is specialized for keto lovers. Eating keto meals allows your body to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. It helps you lose excess body fat even though keto meals are rich in fat. To get Pete’s keto dishes, choose a minimum of five from the “Eat What You Love” menu and you get free shipping! Keto meals are an exception from the “no-frozen-meals” policy – they are always delivered frozen, not fresh!

Vegetarian Option Offered

A vegetarian menu is modified the regular menu. Instead of one protein (usually meat type) and two vegetable sides, a vegetarian meal consists of three different vegetable sides. At the moment, Pete’s Paleo does not substitute protein from meat with plant-based protein!

Wide and Tasty Menu Variety

We are going to give you a short review of all the available menus!

“New You” Bundle consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole month, and more than reasonable price! Pete’s Paleo Meals is a menu which has a second one, small-portions menu, and that’s Pete’s Paleo Lite menu. “Eat What You Love” is a menu formed from frozen lunches which are convenient for keto lovers!

In addition to these basic menus, Pete launched Bone Broth, Pete’s Paleo Bacon, and 21-Day Sugar Detox.

Sample Meals and Menu Options of Pete's Paleo

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Every year, Pete’s Paleo team of chefs crafts four seasonal menus – winter, spring, summer and fall menu, but always with some mild changes to keep the level of excitement high! With the help of brand new, homemade spice blends and different culinary techniques, it’s impossible to get the same dish twice!

Weekly “New You” Bundle brings breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and a cookbook along to help you understand the entire preparation process. Ready-to-eat recipes and the keto “Eat What You Love” meals are both perfect for those days when you have just enough energy to reheat them and enjoy healthy food.

Who Should Subscribe to Pete's Paleo?

People Who Practice the Caveman Diet

Pete’ Paleo is a 100% strict paleo meal delivery service! Paleo diet is also known as the Caveman diet or stone-age diet. Maybe the most appropriate name is hunter-gatherer diet because it explains which ingredients are included – everything man could hunt and gather (fish, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds). 

People on paleo restricted nutrition plan should make an account and choose one of these fantastic weekly menus! For those with children, a Lite menu with small portions is most fitting.

Busy People

Busy people should most definitely subscribe to Pete’s Paleo because it takes only several minutes to warm up the meal before it’s ready to eat! Furthermore, Pete came up with a way to provide dishes for the entire day. With the “New You” bundle, customers can get breakfast, lunch and dinner for more than reasonable price!

Read more to find out why it’s a perfect meal plan for families too.

Gluten & Dairy Sensitive People

Pete’s Paleo entire menus are allergen-free – no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and nuts. People who are sensitive or allergic to any of these can stop looking for the perfect meal delivery and order Pete’s restaurant-quality food!

Pete's Paleo Cost and Pricing

Most affordable are Lite meals – seven of those for $99. The price depends on “extra sides” and “double protein” options (if you choose extra, the price goes up). Meal plan size goes from 5, 10 to 14 meals max! Family plan includes 20 portions per week, while vegetarian dishes come with three different veggie sides and no protein.

Meals per week

5 meals
Lite meals
10 meals
14 meals
Family Plan*
Vegetarian Plan**

Price per meal


Price per week

See Pete`s Paleo Plans and Pricing

Pete's Paleo Delivery

Pete’s Paleo shipping works via FedEx, so it takes 1-2 days for the box to arrive at your address. Concerning this, orders or any changes on the account must be made by Monday at midnight PST. All orders that come in before that deadline will be shipped from Pete’s kitchen on Wednesday and delivered by Saturday. Shipping for most orders is free!
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Pete's Paleo Customer Service

Custom service is ready to help you, 24/7! For any questions related to delivery, recipe details, account issues, particular demands, or complaints about the delivered package, please contact Pete’s Paleo customer support service via phone or email.

What Makes Pete's Paleo Different?

Pete’s Paleo is 100% allergen-free (no nuts, dairy, soy, gluten or egg) meal delivery service with dozens of menus and dietary options! Variety in recipes, adjusted seasonal menus and quality of ingredients made this company authentic on the U.S. market. Organic, non-GMO veggies, pastured, and grass-fed protein together contribute to the unique taste.

Spice blends and innovative culinary techniques won’t let your senses get bored! Most important, Pete’s company is trusted by the top influencers in the Paleo Community.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pete’s Good for Weight Loss?

Caveman diet is based on time-restricted eating! One of the most significant advantages of eating according to a time-restricted schedule is proper and long-term weight-loss. It’s not essential only what you eat but also when and how often you eat during the day. A lot of useful information about weight-loss with the help of a paleo diet (so-called caveman diet) can be found on Pete’s Paleo blog.

See top rated weight loss meal delivery programs here.

Is Pete's Paleo good for breakfast?

Yes! Pete’s Paleo offers breakfast meals as part of an amazing “New You” bundle which suits those who love to sleep a bit longer and skip preparing breakfast, and cleaning after. Breakfast must be nutritious as it is the first meal of the day; thus, the most vital one. With Pete, it’s all healthy meal – free from any refined sugar!

Final Thoughts

To sum up customer’s reviews and our opinion – Pete’s Paleo is a must-have (or better said a must-try out)! Starting from the quality of the seasonal ingredients they source from local purveyors to the final process of flavouring meals with most authentic spice blends! A strict policy of no-allergens-included in any meal can assure you that individuals on ketogenic and paleo diet are more than safe with Pete’s menus.
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