Purple Carrot Review - Is It the Best Plant-Based Meal Kit Choice?

In today’s modern world full of challenges, staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Everyday duties in today’s faced-paced environment cause a lot of stress. With stress goes adrenaline, cortisol, and lots of other unwanted factors that can be harmful to our cardiovascular and nervous system. Improving our immune system is crucial to have a strong and healthy mind and body so we can face the new challenges that are in front of us. A significant role in raising the immune system is a healthy diet.

Because of that, it is vital to understand that most of our food should be plant-based oriented. Essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers that our body needs are located in different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The benefits are numerous. Of course, it isn’t effortless to find time to go to groceries, buy all the necessary ingredients, plan the perfect dinner, then cook and enjoy it. We know how you can make your life more pleasant and way more relaxed, and because of that, we present to you Purple Carrot review. Purple Carrot is one of the most amazing, plant-based meal kit delivery services that are offering healthy food with exceptional taste. If you haven’t tried it already, now it’s the time!

What is Purple Carrot Meal Kit Delivery?

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Purple Carrot is meal kit delivery with a specialized plant-based menu. A plant-based diet will decrease the amount of sugar in the blood, lower blood pressure, and will be beneficial to you in many other significant ways. Either you are trying to control or prevent diabetes, or you want to improve your heart health or lose weight, a plant-based diet is a perfect option for you.

Also, if you’re going to save precious time and enjoy delicious food, then you should seriously consider using the services of Purple Carrot. The company has gluten-free meals, and using the services of this delivery service is of extreme ease, from the website, which is simple and straightforward to recipes which instructions are easy to follow.

How Purple Carrot Works

It is effortless to sign up for Purple’s Carrot website and become a member. You have to type in your email address and to create a password. Further, you will have to choose the meal plan you like the best. Afterward, you need to select the preferred payment method and shipping information and you are ready to go.

Purple Carrot is shipping food nationwide three days in a row and those are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. When the Purple Carrot’sCarrot’s box arrives, you will get fresh, seasonal, and carefully packed ingredients with simple and straightforward recipes to help you out in making a delicious meal.

Features of Purple Carrot

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Purple Carrot has specialized in plant-based meals. They wanted to make as healthy and delicious meal programs as they can be to satisfy your pallets and your dietary needs.  Purple Carrot’s chefs and food experts know that there are more than 20.000 edible plants, and they tried to make as many delicious and intriguing recipes as they can be so you never get bored with food prepared in the same way and manner.

Also, the company allows you to specialize in meals if you have some allergies or intolerance on particular ingredients. Also, they have plenty of gluten-free options, which makes them unique in their line of business.


When it comes to packaging food, Purple Carrot is trying to use packing solutions that will keep your ingredients fresh and top-quality while limiting environmental impact in any harmful way. We have to be aware there is no perfect way to satisfy both, but Purple Carrot is trying as much as it is possible to achieve so. 

Purple Carrot’s box with all the liners, cooling packs, and plastic is recyclable and compostable. With this acknowledgment, you may rest assured you are doing a positive thing both for you and the precious environment.

Gluten-free Options Offered

Either if you are gluten intolerant or you want to take gluten out from your eating regime, Purple Carrot is the perfect option for you. All the gluten-free meals are rich in proteins and vitamins, minerals, and fibers, so you may rest assured you will be full of energy after these fantastic meals. 

A variety of gluten-free dishes and recipes is genuinely marvelous. If you are a professional sportsman and dedicated athlete, the mentioned meal plan will perfectly suit your needs.

Recipe Cards Included

When you get the Purple Carrot’s box, you will also get a variety of recipes with it. It could be a bit confusing at the start because you probably expect only recipes for meals you have ordered. It is convenient when a good mood strikes you. You will have the opportunity to try out a bunch of new and exciting recipes and ways to make your dinner unique by its look and taste as well.

Sample Meals and Menu Options in Purple Carrot

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Purple Carrot’s secret of success lies in a variety of different meal options and recipes. Team of chefs and nutrition experts successfully incorporated as much plant ingredients as they could to create the most astonishing and well-known Purple Carrot plant-based meals.

If you choose to try out this phenomenal service, you will have the opportunity to enjoy meals from different cuisine styles and backgrounds with an exceptional taste. Chickpea massaman curry, Yakisoba noodles, crunchy Thai vegetable salad are only a few of many delicious and amusing dishes that you can try out and enjoy.

This service is an excellent choice if you are vegan, vegetarian, or you are on a gluten-free diet. Purple Carrot’s TB12 Performance Meals are perfect for those who do not want to consume food with gluten. If you are a professional athlete or you have gluten intolerance or allergy, this program will suit you the most.

Pros and Cons of Purple Carrot

As every meal kit delivery service, Purple Carrot has its pros and cons. It is perfect for vegans and vegetarians and all of those who want to have more vitamins, minerals, and fibers in their diet. A variety of different ingredients and ways how to prepare them will allow you always to enjoy eating something new, exciting, and delicious.

Following their simple and straightforward recipes will make cooking much more comfortable than you got used to it. Also, people who are on a gluten-free diet have plenty of amusing choices. Besides dinner, Purple Carrot also offers breakfast, lunch, and snack options. Although there are some concerns about the meal plans that Purple Carrot is offering.

Plans are limited, and the number of servings you can order is two or six, which makes it pretty inconvenient for a family of three or four persons. Further, some people could find plant-based challenging. Not everyone is prepared to give up on eggs, cheese, meat, and fish.


  • Pre-measured and Balanced Ingredients
All the ingredients are fresh, seasonal. Also, they are carefully portioned and well-measured so that the cooking process will be a lot easier for you. Further, you won’t have to worry about having leftovers. It is perfect for busy people or singles.
  • Flexible Subscription
Subscribing to Purple Carrot is very simple. Also, the subscription is exceptionally flexible. You can easily skip a week of your order or change meal plans for a specified period. All the necessary options are displayed in the account settings, so you won’t be needed to talk to a service representative at all.
  • Convenient to Prepare
All the meals will be ready in no time. Breakfast and lunch can be prepared in five minutes while making dinner will require more a bit more time and skill.
  • Improve Cooking Skills
Using and following Purple Carrot’s recipes will make you a more skillful man in the kitchen. Your culinary skills will improve by each meal you make.
  • Wide Variety of Flavors
By using the services of Purple Carrot, you will try food mixtures and combinations you have never tried before. A wide range of different recipes and different cuisine styles and backgrounds will make your life more enjoyable for sure.
  • Add-ons are Offered
You can add something extra to your order. Whether it is going to be snack, breakfast, or lunch, you will not make a mistake!


  • Some Recipes May Be Complicated

Most of the recipes are easy to follow. Of course, some of the cooking methods are having more steps and are made for those who have more cooking skills. If you like challenges and you are a cooking enthusiast, you will find these more complicated recipes quite amusing. 

  • Food Options Are Limited

Meals plans are limited. There are two types of meal plans when it comes to serving sizes. You can order a meal plan for two people or a six-person meal plan. If you have three or four family members, this could be an issue for you.

Who Would Love Purple Carrot?

Vegans and Vegetarians

Purple Carrot is a fantastic choice for vegans and vegetarians. All meals are entirely plant-based. Chefs and food experts are using a wide variety of different kinds of plants and vegetables to create unique dishes when it comes to taste and nutritional value. Eating an entirely plant-based diet will improve your cardiovascular system and benefit overall health condition. All the essential fibers, minerals, and vitamins that body needs are available in these fantastic food ingredients.

People Who Love Flavor

Besides the fact that Purple Carrot’s menu is entirely plant-based, this company is exclusive and recognizable because of the exceptional taste of food. Usually, people think eating vegetables cannot be as satisfying as a juicy steak or some exotic shrimps, but the creativity of Purple Carrot’s chefs proved different.

Purple Carrot is making the food of a unique taste by making the most incredible mixture of different kinds of plants. If you decide to try out this meal kit delivery service, you will have the opportunity to try out a combination of different cuisine styles and some of the most amazing plant-based dishes you have ever tried.

Vegetable Lovers

All vegetable lovers will fall in love with the Purple Carrot on a first bite. The fact that in our beautiful world there are more than 20.000 edible plants and that company is using almost all of it most amazingly and interestingly is mind-blowing. It sounds like paradise for vegetarians, vegans, and all vegetable lovers. Also, it’s perfect for those who want soy-free, gluten, or nut-free food. If you are one of the mentioned, Purple Carrot is a must-try!

Who Should Not Subscribe to Purple Carrot?

Picky Eaters

If you are a picky eater than Purple Carrot is not the best choice for you. To enjoy meals from Purple Carrot, you need to be open-minded and prepared to try the food you haven’t tried before. An intriguing mixture of exotic plant taste will satisfy your pallet if you are open to trying out new stuff. However, if you have a habit of eating a particular food and you do not want to change it, then you might want to skip this meal kit delivery service.

Dairy Lovers

If you cannot give up on cheese, milk, and different kind of cream sauces than it’s better to look for other choices that will better suit your preferable diet. A plant-based diet does not include dairy products or ingredients. All the dairy fanatics should skip this meal kit delivery service and try to find something more suitable for them.


For those who cannot imagine their day without having a juicy steak or some fantastic lamb chops, this meal kit delivery service is not the right choice. Purple Carrot is strictly plant-based, so all the carnivores will not find this type of food appealing. There are so many other excellent meal kit delivery services that have fantastic carnivore options, so there is no need to waste time with this one.

Purple Carrot Cost and Pricing

Purple Carrot’s pricing does not differ from other organic, plant-based meal deliveries. Shipping is what makes the difference and makes this company unique. While other meal kit delivery services are charging for shipping, Purple Carrot does shipping nationwide and for free! Also, you will get a 20$ coupon with your first purchase.

The meal plan with servings for two people is 71.94$ per week, and the price is drastically going down if you choose the meal plan for six persons. A meal plan for six is ideal for families, and it is more affordable from two options.

Also, you can add some extras to your preferred meal plan. A breakfast cost 6$ per serving, and it comes in a pack with four servings. To summarize, based on taste, quality of food, and a variety of meal options, we can say Purple Carrot is one of the most affordable meal kit delivery services!

Meals plan

2 Serving Plan
4 Serving Plan

Dinners per week

3 or 4
2 or 3

Price per week

$71.94 or $95.92
$79.92 or $99.88
See Purple Carrot Plans and Pricing

How to Cancel Subscription

One of many things that distinguishes Purple Carrot from other meal kit delivery services is the ease of using their website, signing up and making a profile, or canceling your profile and unsubscribing. If it turns out Purple Carrot is not for you, or if from any other reason you want to unsubscribe, the process of doing it is straightforward. 

The only thing you must do to cancel your subscription is to go on your profile on their website, and then cancel your account in the section ”account settings”. Simple as that.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the meals tasty?

Usually, the main reason lots of people entirely vegan diet is the lack of taste. However, trying out food from Purple Carrot is changing people’s minds. Chefs and food experts took care and the most effective recipes that will provide you the meals of the most exceptional taste! Once you try out this amazing food, we are sure you will love it!

Can you skip a week of delivery?

One of the most frequent concerns comes with the question, is it possible to skip a weekly order. Purple Carrot simplified the process of skipping a weekly order as much as it could. When you log in to your profile on the Purple Carrot’s website, you will be able to see the food recipes for the incoming weeks. 

The only thing you need to do to cancel a particular week’s order is to click on a checkmark of a week you want to skip. It’s one more reason why people love the Purple Carrot user-friendly website.

What makes Purple Carrot different?

Purple Carrot is unique in many ways. First of all, the menu is entirely plant-based; all the ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced. Recipes are interesting, amusing, and easy to follow even they intend to have a more significant number of steps. The chefs and food experts created a menu that will improve your overall health by mixing different kinds of plants and vegetables rich in protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for your body. The taste of the food is exceptional, which is not typical for plant-based or vegetable menus of other companies.

Purple Carrot website is user-friendly. The company is shipping food for free and nationwide! Canceling a subscription is simple, and skipping a weekly order is simple as well. All of these factors make Purple Carrot truly special and one of the best companies in the business. A must-try!

Final Thoughts

Purple Carrot is a meal kit delivery service specialized in making plant-based meals of exceptional taste and nutritional value. The company is well-known for its fantastic food taste, outstanding quality of ingredients, and entertaining, simple, and straightforward recipes. Their meal plans are perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and people with strict special diets. Also, professional athletes and people who want to improve their overall health could greatly benefit from eating plant-based food.

Purple Carrot is ideal for busy people who intend to improve their health and save their precious time. Instead of going to groceries, picking the adequate ingredients, you could get the food of the most exceptional quality at your doorstep and prepare it in no time! Meal plans are ideal both for couples and families. To summarize, by using Purple Carrot, you will improve your health, save precious time, have fun in the kitchen, and enjoy fabulous meals!
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