RealEats Prepared Meal Delivery Review 2022

Are you tired of takeout and fast food? Would you like to improve the quality of your diet? But, at the same time, the thought of buying groceries, preparing them, and cooking your meals seems too daunting?

If that’s the case, you might find a meal delivery service such as RealEats appealing. But is their food any good? What can you do with them? How long does it take to prepare them?

This RealEats review will go over these questions to try and help you understand whether their service is right for you. We’ll examine the most important aspects of their offer, as well as their costs, benefits, and drawbacks.

In the end, you’ll have all the information you need to know whether their offer suits your needs.

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What is RealEats?

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They are a meal delivery service that specializes in providing you with a wide selection of chef-prepared recipes with an approachable price tag. To ensure that all of their products are healthy, their meals are approved by dieticians and they contain just enough calories to cover your daily needs.

At the same time, they provide you with plenty of ways of personalizing your menu. You can choose from several different plans, including plant-based, gluten-free, or high-protein, and you’ll only see items that are appropriate to your needs.

Their ingredients are responsibly sourced from local farmers, and the meals themselves are vacuum-packed to preserve their taste.

How RealEats Meal Delivery Works

Their sign-up is quick and easy – all you need to do is create your profile, choose your plans, then pick the items you find appealing. After that, you need to enter your payment info, and the food should be on its way to you.

The meals themselves are easy to reheat and prepare. You just need to heat them on your stove or place them in your microwave, depending on the recipe itself. It shouldn’t take you more than several minutes.

Features of RealEats

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High-Quality Ingredients

While not all of their ingredients are organic, they still strive to use mostly natural sources. Every component arrives from local farmers, and most of them grow their produce responsively.

At the same time, they also don’t use any artificial ingredients such as flavors, colors, or preservatives, so you can be sure that their food will be safe for those with sensitive digestion.

Low-Calorie Option

Whether you’re dieting or on a low-calorie lifestyle, you’ll find plenty of options on their menu. Each item has its caloric value clearly stated on the store page, as well as on the label itself, so planning your day should be quick and easy.

You should keep in mind that most of their recipes have fewer than 600 calories, which could be insufficient for those leading a more active lifestyle. This could be perfect meal service for new moms who want’s to loose some pregnancy weight.

Convenient Preparation

As we’ve mentioned, their meals arrive in a vacuum-sealed pouch. To finish preparing them, you’ll either need a pot with boiling water, or a microwave, and the whole process shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

That way, you’ll get restaurant-quality food without the hours of preparation that you would otherwise need.

Good for Weight Loss

Each recipe has a limited number of calories, which could lead to a healthier dietary lifestyle. You’ll ingest fewer calories, all while still eating delicious and fulfilling food. That should also help you stay full longer.

All of that could, in the long run, lead to a healthy loss of weight (check top rated meal delivery programs). And, if you stick with their meals, maintaining that weight shouldn’t be a problem, either.

Pros and Cons of RealEats Meal Delivery Service


  • A limited number of calories – each serving will have fewer than 600 calories, which makes planning the meals easier.
  • Quick preparation time – every recipe can be finished in only several minutes.
  • Flexible subscription plans – skipping a week, pausing, or canceling at any time is easy.
  • Free shipping – the shipping is free on packages with a cost of over $115


  • Limited deliveries – they only deliver to a handful of states, and if you don’t live in any of them, you can’t receive their food.
  • Don’t cater to allergies – they do, however, clearly state all the ingredients in each recipe, so you should be able to quickly identify problematic components.
  • No menus for special diets – if you’re on a Keto or Paleo diet, for example, you won’t find food that is appropriate for you.

Who Should Subscribe to RealEats?


These could be a great option for students. In most cases, it should improve the quality of their diet and make sure that they’re getting all the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy and fuel their daily activities.

They also offer gift options, so you could buy one for a student in your family. It will go as long as you’re paying, too.

Home-based Workers

People who work from home often don’t have enough time to prepare the meals. That can, in turn, lead to a reduced quality of food they ingest, which could lead to vitamin or mineral insufficiencies down the line.

A subscription to a service such as this can help alleviate this problem by providing them with a nutrient-rich and carefully balanced meal.

Single People

Singles can also have a hard time when it comes to food. Preparation takes time, and when you’re only cooking for yourself, it can seem like it’s not worth it, not when it’s much easier to rely on takeout or fast food.

And, as RealEats recipes have short preparation time, they could be ideal for the singles who don’t have the time to prepare more elaborate meals.


Couples can face similar problems to singles, as well. The lack of time could lead to an increased reliance on takeout or eating out, which can prove to be costly in the long run.

That’s where a service such as this could prove to be invaluable. They’ll provide you with all the food you’ll need, and those will contain all the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy.

Who Should Not Subscribe to RealEats?

Big Families

Their products can prove to be on the more expensive side if you need to feed more people. That’s why it might not be worth it if you have a larger family. The costs could add up, and you could find yourself spending much more than what you were expecting.

Instead, check out our guide for best rated meal delivery services for family.

People with a Tight Budget

As we’ve mentioned, the price can be an obstacle. They will still be cheaper than eating out, but the price can be much higher than if you’re preparing the food yourself. If your food budget is on the tighter end, you could find more value if you try out one from our cheapest meal delivery services guide.

RealEats Sample Menus and Recipes

image of realeats food
They offer several different plans to choose from, such as plant-based, low-calorie, paleo, gluten-free, and high-protein. The recipes themselves will vary according to these plans.

If you choose their vegetarian option, you’ll see items such as Spiced Cauliflower Tacos or BBQ Portabella Mushrooms. Their carnivore recipes are meals like Coconut Chicken Bowl, Beef Chili, or BBQ Beef Briskets.

Those on a low-calorie diet might enjoy items like Huevos Rancheros Frittata or Hearty Roasted Breakfast Hash.

You’re sure to find everything you need as all of their recipes have a list of ingredients, and their menu has helpful icons to help you find out what’s right for you at a glance.

RealEats Cost and Pricing

Their prices are a bit different than other similar services. You can opt for a set number of weekly meals, and the price of each serving usually goes down the more you order. Their dinner plans are the most approachable with a weekly price ranging from $60 to $150, depending on the number of items.

If you want to add breakfasts to your order, that will increase the price, as well. You’ll see prices in the range between $76 and $210.

Meals plan

4 Meals
6 Meals
8 Meals
12 Meals

Price per week

See RealEats Plans and Pricing

RealEats Customer Support

They have a robust system to support their customers. Their FAQ section is quite extensive and should cover the most common concerns. If, however, you don’t find the answers you need there, you can opt to send them an e-mail or call their support line. Whichever of these solutions you choose, you’re sure to find your answers quickly and easily.

RealEats Delivery Areas

They only deliver to 21 states, which is one of their biggest drawbacks. Even though they’re working on expanding that area, the progress can be slow. If you’d like to see the most up-to-date list of all the states they deliver to, you should consult their website.

If you live within their area of delivery, though, you can count on free shipping. They deliver every Monday, so you should receive your package a day or two after that.

What Makes RealEats Meal Delivery Different?

Their meals arrive in vacuum-sealed pouches, and to finish preparing them, all you need to do is pour them into boiling water or use your microwave. That makes them different from the alternatives, who mostly use trays to separate the food.

Because of that, the preparation times can be longer, but at the same time, due to their packaging, they preserve more of the original flavor.

They also offer more gifting options. You could, for example, continue paying the subscription somebody else is receiving. That can be a great solution for family members who live in a different state, whether they’re students or seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping is free. You should note, however, that they only deliver to a select number of states. You can find the most recent list on their site.

Can you skip a delivery?

Yes, and they offer several options to help you with that. It’s easy to skip a week if you want. If you need a longer break, you can pause your subscription, and if you want to end it, canceling is quick and easy.

Can you freeze RealEats meals?

Yes, you can. However, their products should ideally be finished within the week to fully enjoy their flavor. If you’re not sure you’ll manage to finish everything, you can still freeze the remains. You’ll need to plan ahead and thaw them out when you want to eat them, and they’ll lose some of their original flavors, but you can freely freeze them.

Final Thoughts

As a meal delivery service, RealEats has plenty of advantages over its competitors. Their recipes are quick and easy to prepare, they are rich in nutrients, all while containing a limited number of calories. You should still be getting all you need to fuel your day, though.

That can also make them a great solution for those that want to lose weight, while athletes or those that lead a more active lifestyle might need to look elsewhere.

And, while they don’t cover the entire US with their deliveries, they do work to constantly expand their coverage to help mitigate this problem. Their shipping is also free, which is another great benefit.
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