12 Reasons to Use a Meal Delivery Service

Even though having already-prepared food delivered to your door is easier than ever, the cook-at-home delivery services are gaining in popularity. More and more people are turning to companies such as sun basket.comfreshly.comblue apron.comhome chef.com, and others to solve their “what’s for dinner” dilemmas.

The days in which one had to scour the blogs and cookbooks for recipes are gone, as well as the long shopping sessions in one’s local supermarket. Cooking has become much easier with the sudden rise of meal kit delivery services, giving people a chance to skip the unhealthy take-outs and commit themselves to cooking food that’s not only healthy but also absolutely delicious.

The premise is straightforward – you only have to visit the website of the chosen service and subscribe to a meal plan that you like the most. The company will, then, deliver the ingredients to your doorstep at the selected time intervals, together with the cooking instructions, thus saving you time and money. Thousands of families are joining this revolution for a number of different reasons – we’ve decided to analyze the most important ones:

#1 – Convenience

As far as we’re concerned, the sheer convenience of being subscribed to one of the meal kit delivery companies is the number one reason why we love this type of service so much. In other words, it is the primary reason for which we suggest you to seriously consider signing up.

And the actual process of signing up is straightforward and hassle-free, and you’ll also be able to pause or cancel the whole deal at any time you want. The great thing is that you can submit all of your food allergies and intolerances, thus avoiding inconvenient or even life-threating situations in the future.

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The boxes with food will be delivered straight to your door; with all of the food inside of them being entirely prepared (you won’t have to do any chopping, for example). Most of the meals take around half an hour to make, which can be of essential importance to all those families on the go.

All of this allows one to easily avoid the dinnertime dilemma of what to make – nobody likes running to the supermarket at the last minute! It’s a win-win situation and the most significant benefit of using a meal kit delivery service.

#2 – Family Time

For some people, this is the #1 favorite reason. Not only will the convenience factor enable you to stay away from the kitchen more than ever before, but also to spend more time with your family. On the other hand, the boxes with already prepared ingredients might make your family members more interested in the process of cooking.

With the meals being all new to your household, your family members might want to participate in preparing them – it will seem like a fun activity and not a tedious chore. With the whole house being involved, the entire process of meal preparation is guaranteed to become a much better experience. The motto of Hello Fresh“More than Food,” is a pretty good example of what we’re talking about here.

#3 – New Meal Ideas

Receiving duplicate meals is not something you’re likely to experience with a quality meal kit delivery service. While you might have some recipes that you usually make, the chance is that you’ll be introduced to ingredients you normally wouldn’t purchase. This will enable you to find new favorite meals, with all of them being very easy and super quick to make.

This kind of dish rotation and ingredient variety is actually very healthy and should make you look at food in a whole different way. You’ll be introduced to a whole new world of tasty dishes – who doesn’t want that?

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#4 – Saving Money on Take-outs

Before you continue reading, take a look at your credit card statement and ask yourself the following question: How much money am I actually spending on take-outs? An average Canadian, for example, spends around $2500 on take-outs and restaurants on a yearly basis! Not only is this hard on your wallet, but burgers, fries, and pizza aren’t really the healthiest kinds of food out there. These meals are cooked in hydrogenated refined seed oils and are high in sodium and full of bad fats.

On the other hand, we can safely say that nobody ever ate a plate of vegetables and said: “this healthy food makes me feel awful.” People usually end up with take-outs because they let the hunger and poor planning overtake their desire to stay healthy. For that matter, having a refrigerator stocked with healthy meals is guaranteed to become a real game-changer for you.

#5 – Wild Sustainable Seafood & Pasture Raised Meats

As you can already guess, having easy access to healthy proteins isn’t something that’s easy to obtain – it’s expensive and complicated. Having a collective of knowledgeable chefs who source grass-fed pastured proteins is the best thing you can get for your money. Not only will you be choosing happy animals, but you’ll also be eating proteins that have been raised on a traditional diet.

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Grass-fed, pasture-raised meats come with a higher omega 3:6 ratio – it’s the only kind of beef that sports conjugated linoleic acid, which is one of the critical fats when it comes to avoiding weight gain. A vast majority of meal kit delivery services source the ingredients from small farms where families raise animals without using hormones, antibiotics, or growth drugs.

#6 – Portion Control

Ready-made meals provided by these kinds of companies typically come with an already set standard portion sizing. Depending on the subscriber’s goals, he or she can select the dishes that meet their needs.

As you can already guess, having a meal that has been portioned to specifically meet your nutritional goals is one of the keys to success. Motivation is not at its strongest at the end of a long day, so you’ll be glad to have an already portioned, healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge, preventing you from getting a takeout.

#7 – Learning to Cook

For those who cook the same kind of dishes every single week, getting subscribed to one of these services presents an excellent opportunity to learn about many different recipes and flavors. If you’ve ever been interested in trying out new meals in the convenience of your own home, this is the way to go.

One really great thing about this is that some companies (such as Hello Fresh, for example) have flavor generators on their websites. These allow the subscribers to choose what types of recipes they would like to try out – Mexican, Tangy, Mediterranean, and many others.

#8 – Less Food Waste

Those who always have to throw away some food from their fridge will find a meal kit delivery service to be a perfect solution for their problem. You’ll receive meals with the precise amount of ingredients – the correct serving sizes for all of your dishes should put a stop to food waste.

#9 – The Choice and Variety without the Struggle

Even though Lasagna might be something you’re always glad to make and eat, receiving step-by-step instructions on how to make globally inspired and innovative dinners such as Pineapple Salsa with Pork Tacos or Lemongrass Pork with Sriracha Chicken Broth is guaranteed to make you grow as a cook.

Not all meal kit delivery services offer choice, but most of them do. You’ll be in charge when it comes to deciding what’s on the menu, and you’ll always be able to suit your (and your family’s) preferences.

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#10 – Easer on the Seniors

Creating a tasty meal every day is quite challenging for the seniors. Many of them deal with various health concerns, such as mobility issues, turning visiting grocery stores and spending time in the kitchen quite a hassle for them.

This is precisely why subscribing to a meal delivery service is the best solution for older people. Not only will they receive healthy and easy-to-make meals, but it will also save them from walking to the supermarket. Seniors who live alone will also have a chance to have face-to-face contact with someone – this is far more important than we think it is.

#11 – Knowing What You’re Eating

Even though the menu descriptions are undoubtedly helpful, knowing everything about every ingredient of your meal is almost impossible. Fortunately, the quality of ingredients is one of the chief concerns of many cook-at-home services.

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Subscribing to one of those companies will bring things like seasonal fruits and vegetables, domestically and sustainably caught fish, and responsibly raised meats to your door. Additionally, you’ll be able to avoid excessive amounts of things like salt, oil, etc. by easily controlling what goes into every meal.

#12 – Minimal Clean Up

Whether your kitchen is well-stocked or not, sometimes is better to need less equipment than a lot of it. By having cooking experts minimize the pans and pots needed for your meal and maximize the recipe efficiency, you won’t have to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes at the end of each dinner.

As you can see, subscribing to a meal kit delivery service comes together with a plethora of benefits. Choosing to have ingredients delivered to your door will allow you to eat meals that are healthy and easy to prepare, while at the same time saving you a lot of time and money.

Furthermore, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and you’ll have an excellent opportunity to learn a thing or two about cooking. The whole ordeal could, actually, be a beginning of your new cooking adventure – trying out new recipes is guaranteed to get you interested in flavors you’ve never had a chance to taste before.

We hope we’ve been helpful, and we wish you good luck!

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