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How many weekly subscription services on the U.S. market are suitable to the elderly? We know one for sure – it’s Silver Cuisine, a branch of BistroMD! For those who wish to live long and healthy, or to their caregiver, we present our Silver Cuisine Review.

Amongst many features, specialized diets are maybe most important when it comes to people aged 50 or even older. Around the ten most common medical conditions that come with ageing are covered with Silver Cuisine plans, such as heart problems, menopause, diabetes, etc.

Chefs at Silver Cuisine prepare meals, so it’s up to a customer to thaw them and reheat in a few minutes. FedEx is a partner in shipping, delivering boxes full of delicious food to your doorstep. No planning, worrying, shopping or cooking and cleaning with Silver Cuisine!

What Is Silver Cuisine?

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Silver Cuisine is one of the leading meal services that provides tailor-made food to seniors and individuals over age 50. Silver Cuisine is powered by BistroMD, founded by board-certified physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist!

Bariatric medicine – Dr. Cederquist’s main domain of interests, is a study about how our body uses food as fuel. With exceptional knowledge and experience in nutritional meal plans, she managed to create a perfect balance of ingredients for seniors.

Silver Cuisine, home delivery of healthy meals, is perfect for older people living on their own because it allows them to stay independent.

How To Order in Silver Cuisine

Order meals straight away and without any fuss! Select meals among over 150 weekly recipes and wait for the delivery courier. The team at Silver Cuisine takes care of dishes’ nutritional balance and does the shopping of natural, fresh ingredients for you.

One day before shipping, professional chefs prepare meals in a well-equipped kitchen, pack food trays in an insulated box, and FedEx courier takes over! Customer service support is open for questions, particular demands, or problems with ordering through Site.

Features of Silver Cuisine

Healthy Meals

Recipes on Silver Cuisine’s plans are doctor-designed and created by a team of chefs and nutritionists. Healthy meals and physical activity is vital for individuals of all ages, but especially in older people. Seniors without any medical problems or needs for proper nutrition can enjoy the ease of frozen dinners’ home delivery!

Special Diet Meals Available

Silver Cuisine tailored specialty diets according to recommendations of founding physician, Dr. Cederquist! Recipes from some of the following dietary menus can be easily incorporated as part of healthy lifestyle nutrition. On the other hand, specialized food for medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart problems) must be verified by healthcare providers as well!

Silver Cuisine’s diets are Heart-healthy, Diabetic-friendly, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-sodium, Low-carb, Menopause, Mediterranean, and Vegetable!
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Many of the customers are seniors or their caregivers who realized how easy and straightforward it is to get frozen meals delivered. Living long and the healthiest possible is affordable and achievable with Silver Cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are chef-prepared and nutritionally satisfying to people 50+.

Informative Website

With meal delivery services (top rated), a website is the best way to find out what’s the offer and how subscription works. Silver Cuisine has a user-friendly, information-rich and yet very simple-to-use website! Customers can contact customer service support to order meals by phone in case of some problems with an online account. The site holds details on specialized dietary menus, snacks and breakfast, delivery service and many other essential facts about Silver Cuisine!

Ready to Eat

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD is a weekly subscription service, delivering frozen meals nationwide! There is no shopping, cleaning and chopping – only reheat and eat. Silver Cuisine is ideal for caregivers of elderly ones because of the reduced time of preparation. On top of that, home delivery is another benefit for seniors. Open the box, take one meal and microwave it for a few minutes – you are ready to eat!

Benefits Of Silver Cuisine Meal Delivery

No Long Term Contract

Another essential fact about Silver Cuisine by bistroMD is there is no commitment whatsoever! Through membership fees and contracts, meal delivery services build barriers, as marketing team at SIlver Cuisine like to say. Customers are not obligated to minimum order, weekly deliveries or specific plan!

Fixed Shipping Fee

Silver Cuisine ships via FedEx. Shipping fee is transparently displayed in the cart before the order is placed. Delivery cost is always $19.95.

Discounts Offered

To find best-valued offers for the week ahead, customers should look into a page on Site called “Specials”. Silver Cuisine team selects a few recipes from each food category – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then knocks down the prices. If you are into budget-friendly discounts, you can always find them at Silver Cuisine!

No Minimum Order Required

Silver Cuisine is a no-commitment-whatsoever type of meal service! Company’s policy says there’s no minimum for anything about their services. You can order as many portions as you need, how often you need it and from any menu in the offer.

Types of Meals Offered in Silver Cuisine

Over 150 meals are the usual weekly offer on Silver Cuisine menus. No matter what you need, they have it – breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!

User-friendly Site helps with breakfast categories – sandwiches, frittatas, omelettes & scrambles, pancakes & waffles, crepes & wraps. Lunch and dinner section is based on protein choice – turkey, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, etc.

Snacks are one entirely different section from meals, and they include protein shakes, pretzels, cookies, chips, bars, and so much more sweets! Nine specialized diets complete the offer.

What Customers Say

What They Loved

Most comments are regarding flexible subscription, commitment-free policy and home delivery. Seniors love Silver Cuisine’s convenient, healthy meals, specific nutrition plans for ones with medical issues, and weekly discount offers!
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What Needs to Be Improved

Lack of days scheduled for shipping is bothering most customers! Silver Cuisine ships via FedEx. Orders that come in after Wednesday 11:59 PM ET will be shipped the following Monday – not fast enough.

On top of that, “no returns” policy diminishes satisfaction-guaranteed express marketing team at Silver Cuisine likes to use!

Silver Cuisine Subscription Cost

Dinner and lunch recipes are the most expensive of all meals, but still affordable for the food you get! Breakfasts, however, are more budget-friendly – e.g. “English Muffin Sandwich” starts at $5.99, while the fanciest on this weekly menu is “Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Crepe” for $9.89. Homemade Italian-style meal called “Salmon Provencal” with specific Mediterranean flavors is the most expensive on the menu (at the moment) – $13.99 per serving.



Price per meal

starts at $5.99
starts at $7.99
starts at $7.99
See Silver Cuisine Plans and Pricing

Cancelling Your Subscription

There is no commitment, membership fee, or any contract with Silver Cuisine, as already mentioned! Therefore, customers are free from the obligation of cancelling a subscription. If you don’t want to continue ordering, stop! Be aware of deadlines of Silver Cuisine and their partner FedEx. There are no returns, meaning if you don’t cancel your order for the week ahead, you will be charged.

Silver Cuisine Packaging and Delivery

Silver Cuisine’s packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and printed with vegetable-based ink! An insulated box filled with dry ice maintains the temperature low to prevent melting of frozen meals during the transport.

FedEx delivery area includes the continental U.S., meaning Hawaii and Alaska are not on the list for Silver Cuisine’s shipping! After the package has been picked up by FedEx courier, it’s no longer possible to cancel the order. Due to the perishable nature of the products, the company doesn’t accept returns for any reason!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good for diabetes sufferers?

Developing an eating routine for people with diabetes is vital! It’s challenging to establish a healthy weekly meal plan, even for those with no health problems whatsoever.

Silver Cuisine’s diabetic-friendly menu can maintain your blood glucose levels during the day with a proper eating schedule and 25 grams or less of net carbs per portion.

Is it ideal for menopausal women?

Menopause is a tough transitional period for each woman, both physically and emotionally! To keep the stress level low, appropriate nutritional plan and physical activity can help. Silver Cuisine meals for menopause are based on lean proteins which are essential for every woman’s body in this period.

Is it heart healthy?

Silver Cuisine heart-healthy diet is tailored according to “eat-smart” recommendations by American Heart Association (AHA). Smart food for your heart must be the optimal levels of sodium, total fat, saturated fat, and calories! Around 3.5 mg of saturated fat and less than 600 mg of sodium per day is a golden standard for all recipes within a heart-healthy diet.

Final Thoughts

Getting old is a process which affects men and women, both emotionally and physically. If you are a senior, allow yourself to enjoy life with leaving part of daily jobs to someone who cares!

Preparation of healthy meals a few times a day requires time and energy, which are priceless values for those over 50 years old!

Instead, let Silver Cuisine take care of it by preparing selected meals and delivering them to your home. There is no commitment or membership fee, so be free to give it a try and make your verdict!
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