Spoonful of Comfort Review - Tasty Soup and Cookie Gifts

Chicken soup is a magical cure and the world's greatest comfort food, right? Whether you are feeling under the weather or need extra love and care, a hot, steaming bowl of soup is here to save the day. 

Spoonful of Comfort is a meal delivery service based in Utah that embraced this gift-sharing concept and conquered the hearts of millions of soup-lovers across the United States. 

They have been delivering food for the last ten years, and based on the number of positive reviews; they are here to stay. In this Spoonful of Comfort review, we will try to discover what's so special about their bowls.

How Spoonful of Comfort Delivery Works

Pretty much like any meal delivery company! With a couple of clicks, your food can be on the way. First of all, decide on the type of gift you want to send. While this food company mostly focuses on soups, they offer cookies as well. 

You can also send cookies and soups at the same time. There are four types of cookies and six types of soup. Spoonful of Comfort gift packaging contains four or six servings, wrapped in a gorgeous box with a personalized note, so the person who receives the box has a complete experience.

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Spoonful of Comfort Care Packages

Show Concern

Show Concern care package includes all the essentials to bring you back to life. A hot and delicious soup will hydrate, nourish, and soothe your body when you are sick. This kit features a healthy dose of TLC, which makes it a perfect gift. 

Regardless of the alignment, the recipient of this box will feel better immediately. As soon as they open the package, they will be amazed by all the little things stored inside. This is a great way to show someone how much you care about them, especially when things are rough.

Let's Celebrate

Are you looking to surprise your loved ones? Ordering them a box full of goodies is the best way to celebrate special occasions. Wish someone a happy birthday, the first day of college, a new job, or anything that comes to your mind. 

Each box includes a bunch of different treats that recipients will simply adore. If you aren't a fan of cookies, we suggest exploring their pie selection. You could send someone a slice of joy along with their favorite topping. After all, who doesn't love a good ol' American pie?


When it comes to a corporate box, there are two types to choose from, an administrative assistant and a healthcare professional box. Both of these boxes can include soups and cookies. 

We believe that the administrative assistant package is a great way to celebrate professionals who keep your company running. This box contains cookies, rolls, and soups, while you can add other self-care items. 

Your employees will receive an appreciation greeting card we are sure will make their day. The other box, the healthcare professional package, will demonstrate your appreciation to a caregiver, doctor, or nurse. Send them a box full of delicious goodies.


Do you need an occasion to show people you love how much you care about them? No, you don't, right? That is why Spoonful of Comfort has packages for different events, meaning you can order a box as a housewarming gift or send someone a college care package. 

We believe that Spoonful of Comfort soup options will be a favorite food choice for many people. So, there is no better way to show your love and gratitude than sending them delicious cookies or a hot, steaming bowl of soup.

image of Spoonful of Comfort meal plans
See Spoonful of Comfort Plans and Pricing

Spoonful of Comfort Nutritional Information

This company offers gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian cookies and soups. Make sure to check their website for more information. They've sorted their dishes according to nutritional info and allergens they might contain to prevent any confusion.

Spoonful of Comfort Pricing

Spoonful meal delivery offers packages that start at different prices. For instance, the initial price for a care package is $69.99, a cookie-only box will cost you $24.99, while seasonal gifts start around $29.99. 

Keep in mind that most of these boxes include your choice of cookies, soup, ladle, rolls, and a personalized note.


College Care Package
New Parent Care Package
Get Well Soon Gift Package

Price per box


Spoonful of Comfort Packaging

Their food is shipped in soup containers, while lids and plastic cups are fully recyclable. However, you can wash them afterwards and use them for pantry storage or leftovers. To ensure the freshness of ingredients, boxes are lined with gel packs. Most of the cardboard packaging is recyclable, along with a protective liner.

Who Should Subscribe to Spoonful of Comfort Delivery?

Anyone who likes the taste and smell of homemade soup and cookies should subscribe to Spoonful of Comfort. Also, if you want to make someone happy, this could be a nice surprise. Who doesn't love a box of delicious food?

What We Like About Spoonful of Comfort

Ideal for Gifts

We really loved this entire gift-giving concept. When you don't know what to buy, send a package of homemade goodies. They have plenty of packages designed for various occasions, whether it's a new job, first day at college, holiday gifts, or something else.

Hand-crafted Soups and Cookies

Spoonful of comfort com makes their own food, and everything is crafted to meet the highest expectations. When you try their soups and cookies for the first time, you will notice that everything is made with special care and attention.

Bonus Items Included

Each package includes a couple of bonus items, or you can opt for optional add-ons. There are really interesting things that could make the recipient of these boxes thrilled.

What We Don't Like About Spoonful of Comfort

Not Free Shipping

Unfortunately, there is no free shipping. You will have to pay between $14.99 and $34.99, depending on the shipping option. 

  • Standard: takes two or three business days to arrive, $14.99
  • Express 2-day: guarantees delivery on the second day, $19.99
  • Express overweight: guarantees delivery on the next business day, $34.99

What Makes Spoonful of Comfort Unique?

Spoonful of Comfort is unique in every possible way. They have this food sharing concept that goes beyond food and meal prep. This meal-delivery service wants to help you show someone how much you care about them. 

It has beautifully crafted cookies and soup wrapped in a gorgeous package you could send as a gift. This type of food concept is designed to provide comfort but also show appreciation to a friend, loved one, or business partner. 

While Spoonful of Comfort mostly focuses on soups, you can order cookies, pies, and other add-ons. Their choice might be limited, but each item is designed with a lot of care and attention to detail.

Spoonful of Comfort Sample Dishes

This meal company enables you to get tasty meals made by pro chefs at an affordable price. To find out what this meal service is about, we have chosen a couple of recipes to accurately represent their offer. 

  • Tea and Cookies
  • Thank You, Care Package
  • Vegan Gourmet Meal
  • Administrative Assistant Day Classic Soup Package
  • Healthcare Professional Classic Soup Package
  • College Care Package

Spoonful of Comfort Delivery Areas

The great news is that Spoonful of Comfort delivers to all 50 US states. If you place your order before 1 pm Mountain time, you can expect to receive your order the next day. 

On the other hand, if you opt for standard shipping, you will receive your order within two business days. All packages are shipped via USPS and FedEx.

image of Spoonful of Comfort package

Spoonful of Comfort Customer Service

High commitment to every customer is at the core of customer service. You can reach them through email or phone. Spoonful of Comfort guarantees 100% satisfaction with every gift basket they send. If you wish to cancel your order, make sure to do it before the cut off period.

Spoonful of Comfort Alternatives

If you are looking to try something other than Spoonful of Comfort or simply want to explore your options, we have a couple of alternatives. 

  • Edible Arrangements
  • Harry & David
  • The Popcorn Factory
  • Design It Yourself Gift Baskets
  • Fannie May Candies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Spoonful of Comfort last?

If you aren't ready to eat your soup right away, you would be happy to know that you can store soup in the freezer for up to six months. You can also store rolls, cookies, and soup in the fridge for five days.

Are Spoonful of Comfort gluten-free?

They do offer gluten-free soups and vegan cookies. However, it's important to mention that even though the ingredients of these items are gluten-free, they are made in the same kitchen as the rest of the products, which might be an issue for people with severe gluten intolerance. 

Does the recipient have to be home to receive their care package?

Absolutely not. Packages are shipped via UPS without shipper releases, which means no signature is required. We encourage you to notify the package recipient that a surprise is coming their way. Just in case you will receive tracking information.


Spoonful of Comfort is a food delivery company that focuses on ready-made gourmet soups and cookies sent in a beautifully designed package. 

If you are looking for a unique, practical, and thoughtful food gift, Spoonful of Comfort can be a great way to show your appreciation and love. Their hot, steaming bowls of soup will put a smile on anyone's face. We really like that they have a package for every occasion, including seasonal gift sets. 

We hope our review will help you decide on the type of box you want to order. Tell us what you think!

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