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A plant-based diet is a matter of choice, not a necessity, right? Therefore, finding a vegan or vegetarian meal delivery service that provides healthy and nutritious produce might not be as easy as it sounds.

Our quest for plant-based meals led us to Sprinly, a vegan food company that offers its customers hand-crafted recipes made from organic, gluten-free ingredients. You can finally avoid spending time in the kitchen by ordering  ready-made meals and even eat many of them cold.

So, let's dive into Sprinly review and find out what meal options they offer.

How Sprinly Meal Delivery Works

To set up your order, you first need to choose a weekly meal plan, and there are three options available. You can go with 6, 12, or 18 dishes per week. While this will provide you with enough food to get you through the week, keep in mind that there is no breakfast option.

Once you select a meal plan, you can proceed to choose dishes you would like to receive. The Sprinly menu rotates every seven days, so you will never have an issue with repetitive meals. Their weekly offer features six options, and you can order the same recipe or many of each dish.

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Sprinly Meal Plans

image of Sprinly meal plans

Sprinly meals are inventive and actually made of really great ingredients. Everything we tried so far tasted delicious, and we enjoyed the variety they managed to provide. Even though there is a minimum order of six servings, we thought this won't be enough. However, we were wrong, their meals are that good. 

We should mention that all recipes are organic, plant-based, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Therefore, if you are looking to change your eating habits for the better, this is one way. There is also no need to worry about allergens because everything is printed on the label.

Their vegan and vegetarian recipes are quite easy to assemble and heat in a microwave or stovetop. Please note that their portion size is huge, and we sometimes had to break the dish into two servings. Overall, Sprinly won't leave you hungry, that's for sure.

See Sprinly Plans and Pricing

Sprinly Cost

When it comes to Sprinly cost, we have to admit that this meal delivery service is a bit pricey. However, when you consider organic ingredients, portion size, and delicious vegan recipes, the price is pretty much justified.

As we already mentioned, Sprinly features lunch and dinner options, no breakfast included. Based on the number of meals you order; the cost will more or less vary.

Meals per week


Price per meal


Price per week


Sprinly Packaging

It's vital for this company to ensure optimal freshness of ingredients because their meals are shipped fresh, never frozen. For that reason, Sprinly uses insulated boxes and ice packs stored between each meal tray.

This way, you don't have to worry about anything going bad. As soon as the food arrives, make sure to store it in the fridge. The food containers are oven and microwave-friendly and made up of 40% recycled materials.

Sprinly Delivery Areas

Their shipping areas are pretty limited to several locations in the continental US. Their meals are shipped to Buffalo, Nashville, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

At the moment, they are working on expanding their shipping area to the East, South, and Midwest coast. Their dishes are delivered fresh; therefore, shipping needs to be as fast as possible. This food company only expands to areas where they can deliver meals without any issues.

Your location determines when your food will arrive. Some states get their recipes on Monday, others on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Sprinly Customer Service

If you want to contact their customer service, you can call, text, or email them.

Text: (216) 282-4401

Call: (800) 686-8036

Email: hello@sprinly.com or support@sprinly.com

You can reach them anytime to pause, skip, or cancel your order. People working there are quite friendly and will answer all your questions.

Who Should Subscribe in Sprinly Delivery?

This meal-delivery service is the right choice for anyone looking for premium, freshly-made, organic, and plant-based recipes. Their entire focus is on readymade dishes made of organic and gluten-free ingredients. Imagine how much time you can save in the kitchen if you opt for this meal delivery service.

What We Like

Vegan-friendly: you don't have to be vegan to try their meals. Everything we ordered so far was delicious. This is one of the few vegan-friendly services that actually has tasty dishes.

Fresh: shipping salads and other plant-based meals can be challenging. That's why Sprinly has a limited delivery area. They want to keep their food in perfect condition, and that's one of the things we love about this meal delivery service.

Tasty: each meal we tried so far was delicious, and we didn't have any issues with taste. We have to admit that their sauces were fantastic thanks to ingredients like harissa, ginger, pineapple, coconut aminos, and others.

Simple preparation: you basically need three minutes to fix your dish. Heat it in a microwave or an oven, add sauce, and your food is ready.

Healthy: this is one of the biggest benefits of Sprinly food. You get to enjoy healthy but at the same time delicious meals.

What We Don't Like

Limited shipping area: we already mentioned the reason why their delivery is limited to particular states. But we still feel disappointed for other people who don't have an opportunity to try their delicious goodness.

A bit pricey: yes, their meals are a bit pricey. However, when you add the quality of the ingredients to this mixture and the taste they provide, we believe their meal price is more than justified.

Top Alternatives for Sprinly

Nowadays, many people are health conscious and pay attention to the type of food they consume. After all, food can boost your immune system and help your body fight viruses and infections.

If you ever considered switching to a plant-based diet, you should have in mind that this lifestyle doesn't only help you stay in shape, but improve your health as well.

Even though Sprinly is great, you may want to try something else. We prepared a couple of alternatives you might find interesting.

All these services offer 100% and plant-based meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Sprinly Sample Dishes

1. Almond Ginger Quinoa Bowl

Sweet apples paired perfectly with ginger, and managed to subdue its spiciness. On the other hand, potatoes and almonds added richness and kept us sated for a long time.

2. Citrus Detox Salad with Fresh Oranges and Beets

This meal was light, refreshing, and tasty, a perfect summer lunch or a snack. The dressing was really great and added an extra kick to already delicious ingredients.

3. Amalfi Lentil Bolognese

Bolognese is one of our favorite dishes. Lentil and tomato sauce has that traditional feel, while cashews added a really nice texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in the Sprinly meals?

Their meals typically range between 300 and 600 calories. You can find caloric content on their website, while everything is printed on the label too. Overall, you will be able to pick a meal that fits your calorie intake and satisfy your daily nutritional needs.

How can I skip a week or cancel Sprinly?

To skip, pause, or cancel your weekly subscription, simply login to your account, go to a subscription tab, locate a button "I would like to Cancel." Please cancel your order by Tuesday, 12 PM EST, to avoid being charged for the following week.

What are their delivery days?

Your meals will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday; some states even get their meals on Mondays. It all depends on where you live. Sprinly delivers food through FedEx.

Does Sprinly have promo codes?

You can find the Sprinly discount code online or simply look for the Sprinly promo code to apply it to your first order to save some money.

Can Sprinly meals help you lose weight?

Yes, you can definitely lose weight with Sprinly. Considering their recipes range between 300 and 600 calories, this company can be a great ally on your weight loss journey. However, they don't market themselves as a "weight loss" service.


Overall, Sprinly fulfilled all our expectations, and we had a great time going through their menu. While their meal choice is somewhat limited, they work on providing a lot of variety in spices and try to be creative in the ingredient section.

We were quite comfortable to know that all produce was organic and gluten-free. If you are starting with a vegan diet, or you want to try something different, we suggest you test this company. They will offer you quick, healthy, never frozen, and appetizing recipes.

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