Sun Basket FAQ: What to Know Before Ordering?

Sun Basket is a family-friendly and eco-friendly collective which relies on using organic produce. Every meal they make will be made from organic items – without any exceptions. Therefore, their selection varies as do the seasons. In order to provide fresh ingredients all year long, they make meals with the produce the season is offering. If they are met with difficulties in acquiring specific ingredients, they’ll let you know.

They are USDA-certified meaning they have a distinct label on our delivery which marks that all the ingredients they use are organic. They pride themselves on offering healthy and delicious meals for any number of people and all purposes. And if you want to know more about this meal delivery service read our sun basket review.


Meats and Poultry

If you are thinking about the origins of our meat you need not worry anymore. We are happy to inform you that their meat is lean and clean, free of any hormones or antibiotics. The meat is responsibly raised and distributed. The ranches and farms Sun Basket relies on raise their poultry and animals responsibly. On some occasions, they have an option to grass-fed and grass-finished beef which is a real delicacy.

Their secondary produce is also organic. This includes milk, yogurt, and eggs.

meats and poultry


The seafood we offer is not farmed but caught in the wilderness. It is sustainable seafood. The fishermen who work for Sun Basket do not use fishing methods which are harmful to ecology, and they don’t leave a significant impact on the environment. They mostly use line fishing which has the lowest level of impact on nature.


You can choose menus according to your needs and the needs of your family. You can pick between the Classic Menu and Family Menu.


You can make a planned out meal schedule by using our recommendations. They offer a wide variety of recipes and can even help you with any preferences. They can meet your dietary needs. You can change your meal plans on a weekly basis, and custom pick what you prefer. Here are some Sun Basket FAQ.

Can I choose Recipes from More than One Meal Plan each week?

You can mix and match recipes inside your chosen menu. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen the Family Menu or Classic Menu – you can combine the recipes offered on those menus. Just make sure to stick to the meal plans you are offered. This way you can choose a different meal for each day according to what you need and like. For example, you can eat seafood on Monday, a gluten-free dish on Thursday, and a vegetarian meal on Friday.

Can I choose some Recipes from Classic Menu and some Recipes from Family Menu?

classic menu and family menu

On a weekly level, you will be offered 18 different recipes. If you choose the Classic menu, you can choose from these 18 recipes including the six family-friendly offers.

We also recommend the Family Menu because it is very affordable and useful. However, inside this menu, you will only have a choice of those six family-friendly options each week.

How do I customize my Recipes?

You can arrange your Sun Basket by choosing recipes on your Menu page. Anything from in the menu selection you’ve chosen is available, and it is user-friendly. By using your phone, Android or iOS apps will make it easier, quicker, and more fun for you.

What’s the difference between Classic and Family Menu?

Sun Basket is a serious company that works hard to keep their clients happy and satisfied. That is the reason why they have a number of different menus in their offer. Anyone can find some recipes they like and order. Check out the full list.

Classic Menu

If you wish to increase your options, you can always choose the Classic Menu which will provide you with 18 different recipes to choose from. These options are available every week and include the 6 family-friendly recipes. Depending on your plan selection we offer a portioned meal plan for your family. The meal plan will consist of portions for 2 or 4 adults.

Family Menu

The Family Menu is designed to help you be efficient and make the whole process easier. You can choose from 6 fantastic options which are kid-friendly. Every week you can choose between Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian Meal Plan options. All Family Menu options are rationed as meals for four adults. Though this Menu is the easiest and most affordable, it does not include our entire selection. To have a wider variety you can upgrade to the Classic Menu.

What if I have Food Allergies or Intolerances?

This is something you don’t need to worry about. They are well equipped and prepared to deal with the most common allergies and dietary preferences. They are prepared to handle food allergens like milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian remember that Sun Basket tofu is made from soybeans which are 100% organic.

organic produce

Sun Basket also acknowledges that gluten-free recipes are a must-have and they have that option as well. However, we need to mention that these meals are prepared in the same facilities as the other meals and may not be the best option for people who have highly allergic reactions.

If you have a severe intolerance or allergic reaction we recommend you do not order from Sun Basket, but you can explore other meal delivery services from our list of trustful and good ones.

What are the options for meal plans?

Lean and Clean

If you are looking for a way to lose some weight in a healthy way this meal plan is designed for you. It is a diet made to prevent you from going back to your original weight and includes a lot of easy and delicious recipes. All meals contain a high level of protein. Keep in mind that it includes mostly lean protein, as well as, clean ingredients. All these good fats will keep you sustained for a more extended period of time and give you a lot of energy. Our recipes have 550 calories per meal and will keep you nourished. Sun Bakset’s ingredients include all organic produce which is free from hormones and antibiotics. The produce they use is fresh, unprocessed, gluten-free, without any sugar, dairy or soy.

meal plans


Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular because people realized they had developed sensitivity to this ingredient.  In some cases, it just upsets their stomach. In other cases, it causes inflammation and digestion problems. For these reasons, many people reduced the amount of gluten they consume or omitted it completely. Gluten is commonly found in rye, wheat, barley, and cereal grains.


Many types of research indicate that you can have a well-balanced intake of precious nutrients while sticking to a vegetarian diet. Though everybody has different needs and requirements, most of us accept this diet pretty well. The only reasons why you should consider refraining from this type of diet is in case of pregnancy, trouble with absorbing nutrients, extreme physical activity, strenuous work, etc. In most cases, vegetarian diets cannot harm and can, in fact, help you with losing weight and acquiring a healthier lifestyle.


The pescatarian diet is a popular and delicious meal plan which includes a lot of seafood. It has many health benefits since it resembles a vegetarian diet. It is loaded with nutrients, fibers because it consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables.


The Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the healthiest and most celebrated in the world. It includes healthy and delicious meals which are good for preventing all types of health problems. It is recommended for people with diabetes, heart disease, and people who suffer from obesity. It includes fresh fruit and vegetables and a lot of seafood. It does not, however, exclude other meats. That is an inclusive diet which even allows alcohol – specifically, red wine. That is why it is an all-time favorite. It is not restrictive, and you will feel the difference in no time. You don’t need to sacrifice anything in this diet, and you will be delighted.