Our Updated Sun Basket Review for 2022

Are you looking for ways to change your eating habits while focusing on fresh ingredients? Do you want to introduce healthy eating to your family without spending hours in the kitchen? Or maybe you wish to try globally-inspired meals packed with organic produce?

Well, look no further because Sun Basket meal delivery service might be able to satisfy your dietary requirements. Featuring plenty of food options, along with the environmentally-friendly and delicious recipes, this company has managed to build a significant reputation among customers.

Therefore, today, we will focus on the Sun Basket review to determine whether this service is as good as it seems!

Please keep reading to discover what features make it so unique!

What is Sun Basket

This is an organic meal kit delivery service geared towards people who want to change their eating habits and adopt a healthier approach. They provide a variety of recipes to choose from, including Mediterranean, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, and so on.

Additionally, the company delivers kits once a week to your doorstep, while everything is packed in containers ready to use. We should mention that seasonal ingredients are shipped fresh, never frozen, to maintain ultimate flavor and texture.

The meat is sustainably sourced, free-range, organic, pasture-raised, and wild-caught. On top of that, all packaging is recyclable.
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Features of Sun Basket

Healthy Recipes

It seems that these days eating healthy food has become a luxury; not many people can afford. On the other hand, if you are on a special dietary regime, your monthly food costs will even go higher. However, Sun Basket has found a way to enable you access to healthy, but yet affordable meals.

As we already mentioned, this service provides organic, GMO-free ingredients, while customers can track the necessary nutrition information on the labeling. For example, here, you will find the number of calories, fiber, protein, carbs, and added sugar.

Wide Variety of Meal Plan

For some, getting dinner on the table is a tedious and time-consuming process. However, this company has specially designed meal plans which enable fast cooking and preparing. Therefore, within 40 minutes, you will have your meal ready.

Depending on your dietary preferences, you can go for quick & easy plan, paleo, carb-conscious, chef’s choice, Mediterranean, lean & clean, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and diabetes-friendly.

In this case, you get to skip planning, shopping for groceries, and preparation, while enjoying healthy, delicious, and quick-to-cook dishes.

Boxes Can Be Customized

Just because you receive recipes and ingredients, it doesn’t mean you have to make what the company tells you. In fact, you can adapt meals, change the ingredients, and customize the box according to your needs.

This service also provides you with recommendations and instructions on how to adjust your recipes.

Great for Families

Considering you get to choose up to 16 servings per recipe, we would say Sun Basket is a great option for large families or people hosting parties and don’t have time to cook dinner. On the other hand, you don’t have to choose only one meal but combine various recipes.

For instance, you may want more of one dish and less of another, to accommodate everyone’s taste, and that’s exactly what this food company delivers.

Meals are Easy to Make and Delicious

According to their claims, it will take you approximately 40 minutes to prepare a meal, sometimes more or less, depending on the recipe you choose. Overall, customers feel that this service did it’s best to make things easy.

For instance, you will only require three kitchen tools to prepare a meal: pots, pans, and bowls. In this case, your kitchen won’t look like a total disaster once you’re with dinner. Additionally, once a week, you can explore the benefits of 20-minute meals and get to avoid spending hours in the kitchen.

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Ingredients are Organic

United States Department of Agriculture has certified Sun Basket as an organic handler, and this company aims to deliver exclusively organic ingredients. While this isn’t always possible, this company has managed to achieve this goal, about 99% of the time.

By now, we are mostly aware of how organic produce positively affects our body and wellbeing. Compared to traditional ingredients, organic one contains more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Besides recipes, this meal delivery company provides organic salads as well, which can be served as a side dish, too, during dinner parties.

Convenient Delivery

The company uses FedEx, CDL, UDS, Lasership, and AxleHire to deliver kits on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. However, the delivery time and carrier will mostly depend on the driver’s regular route, as well as your location. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the time of delivery, but thanks to their high-quality ingredients, the packages can stay out of the fridge until after sunset.

Therefore, if you aren’t home or at work, don’t worry, your food will not spoil. On the other hand, if you need to pause delivery or make some changes, then the weekly cut-off is Wednesday, before 3 p.m. ET.

Currently, they ship to all states, except Hawaii, Alaska, New Mexico, Montana, and parts of North Dakota.

How Does Sun Basket Work?

how sun basket works

Signing Up

This food subscription service is user-friendly, while their website is easy to navigate. Once you open an account and choose the number of kits you want to receive per week, you will be redirected to select a meal plan.

As we already mentioned, they provide plenty of meal plans to choose from, whether you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner. You can order up to 16 servings of each kit if you are planning to feed a big crowd.

Later you will be asked to submit your home address, as well as pick first delivery week, along with your phone. Additionally, you can include delivery instructions if you have any.

Choosing Meals

Every week, there are 18 entries available, five of which are vegan or vegetarian. If you sign up for a particular dietary plan, the company will remove everything that doesn’t fit your current diet. For instance, to avoid ingredients such as shellfish, soy, meat, and others, you can adjust and customize your preferences.

All dishes come with labels like paleo, vegetarian, speedy, and others, while each of them enables customers to upgrade to organic meat, or change protein or soy for salmon. However, keep in mind that these changes will increase costs per serving.

Once you click on the photo, it will display general information, such as nutritional value, ingredients, allergens, instructions, and approximate cooking time.

Cooking Process

Instead of providing recipe cards and wasting precious time and money, Sun Basket has decided to introduce a new concept, a weekly booklet that even features meals you didn’t sign up for. While some people love the simplicity of cards, others enjoy using a small cookbook because it allows them to recreate other recipes on their own.

Each meal comes with a step-by-step photo, also available online and in their app, too. Additionally, you can explore the bonus recipes for drinks and desserts. However, you will have to follow instructions on your screen because you can’t download or print them.

Moreover, the website features a section with “how-to” videos, where they show everything from scratch.

What’s on the Sun Basket Menu?

sun basket menu
See Sun Basket Plans and Pricing
Well, the menu changes every week, so it’s challenging to pinpoint one recipe. However, there are a couple of sections, such as vegan and vegetarian, seafood, meat, and poultry, which help you decide in which direction you want to go.

Now it’s left to select seasonings, salads, desserts, drinks, and enjoy your meal. Due to a rotating menu, you have a chance to experience different dishes every week, which might be a great thing for people who love variety in their diet.

Additionally, keep in mind that their menu is a bit eclectic, and often combines ingredients we won’t usually use in our kitchen.

Pros and Cons


Customers can pick from 11 meal plans, while you are free to choose other options every week if you find something appealing
Delicious recipes
Dishes packed with organic ingredients designed to boost a healthier lifestyle
Up to 16 servings per meal, great for big families and house parties
Adjustable and unique meal kits with pre-measured ingredients
Reasonably soured, GMO-free ingredients
ClassOrganic, pasture-raised meats and wild-caught seafood
es for easy editing.
Easy to make recipes, ready within 40 minutes
Available breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and pantry

Transparent food sourcing, they work with local farmers
Doorstep delivery through Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays


Some people noted that price per serving is a bit costly, however, compared to the competition, Sun Basket is among affordable organic meal delivery services

Shipping costs are not included

Not geared towards newbie-chefs, since their choice of ingredients is a bit overwhelming
You have to pay more to upgrade to organic meats, which is understandable

Not too many classic dishes

Cost and Pricing

It doesn’t matter how many people you plan to feed and what type of menu you choose; the prices are more or less the same.

For example:

Family menu: While being limited with the recipes, the prices appear cheaper. In this case, you will pay $10.99 per serving, and order up to four recipes per week, plus $6.99 shipping fee

Classic menu for four people: This one is designed for four people, two meals will cost you $12.99 per serving, three meals $11.99 per serving, four meals $10.99 per serving, plus $6.99 shipping fee.

Classic menu for two people: If you wish to order two meals, then you will have to $12.99 per serving, three meals will cost you $11.99 per serving, while four ones are $10.99 per serving, plus $6.99 shipping fee.

Meals per week


Price per meal


Price per week



While this company likes to brag about its eco-friendly packaging, we discovered it’s not so different from other meal subscription services. They still include cardboard with the only recyclable subsides, along with the paper bags where the ingredients are stored.

However, herbs, veggies, seasonings, and meat are still placed in plastic bags. While some cities allow recycling of this type of plastic, many don’t, so eventually, you might have to throw it away.

In terms of insulation, it is made from shredded denim fibers, which was sealed in plastic bags, therefore non-recyclable. But, during the winter months, shredded recycled paper is used to insulate the box, so, it subsides recyclable.
sunbasket box delivered

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, it’s available during business hours through various methods. If you prefer the phone, then you can give them a call; otherwise, the online chat box is a much more convenient and time-saving method.

Additionally, you can resort to e-mail or even texted them. We aren’t sure about business hours, but luckily, the majority of questions are already answered in the FAQ. Overall, their representatives are quite friendly, welcoming, and customer-oriented, which will additionally speed up this process.

How To Cancel Your Subscription?

Once you access your account setting, it’s straightforward to change your plans and preferences. In this case, you can pause your delivery up to six weeks, forward box to a friend, or donate a meal to Feeding America.

Additionally, “Manage My Subscription” is a bit more under the radar, but this link serves you to change your weekly orders or to cancel altogether. Keep in mind that you need to make all the changes by Wednesday, noon, the week before.

Final Thoughts

Even with the expansion of organic and natural ingredients, healthy meals are surprisingly hard to find these days. However, Sun Basket really tries to accommodate customers in terms of ingredients, meal plans, and organic produce.

Even though shipping isn’t free, the ingredient is fresh, high-quality, and delicious. So, whether you are on a restricted diet, diabetic, or prefer paleo meals, then this food delivery service will help find your pick.

If you ever tried any of their food options, let us know what you think! We hope it will fulfill all your expectations.
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