Sun Basket Vegan Menu Review for 2021

This world of ours still obsesses over meat like it is the only source of nutrition and everything else is a side dish, here to enhance the eating experience and not to give sustenance. We, of course, know that this is not the case and one can live a normal life on a vegan diet.

We consider our view to be moderate in concern with the future of the vegan movement, that is, we think that people can help our cause greatly just by cutting down on their meat intake in their weekly meal plans. The thing is most people like to eat meat every day and even though some people need that extra energy that meat foods bring extensive consummation can be harmful.

Putting the negative aside we want to talk about some positive aspects of choosing these meals, as well as about the meals themselves and what they are all about. At the end of it all, we will talk about the Sun Basket vegan menu. We also ate some of the meals and wrote this sun basket review so you will have a firsthand look at everything that this company is about.


Why a Vegan Menu?

The vegan meal plan

As we said before there are benefits to eating vegan food even though you are not a full vegan. The main reason for this is because vegan food is light and it helps the digestive tract to rest after dealing with heavier loads. The other reason is the fact that this food gives you variety in your diet because it tends to be completely different than the food you eat on a daily basis.

Finally, there is the fact that most vegan food producers tend to think about the ecosystem during the process of food production and harvesting so you can be sure that the food you eat is clean from dangerous chemical and good for the environment.

What’s the Sun Basket?

This company specializes in delivering food to your home. The ordering of the meal plans is done over the internet and the company delivers the food to your doorstep, you just have to unpack it and prepare it according to the instructions that you get with the food.

Some companies that also offer food delivery systems usually prepare the meals before delivery and mail it to you in dry ice packaging. This is all fine because some people really don’t have the time to prepare the food at their homes and just want fresh meals they can heat up and dig into.

Vegan Meal Plan Delivered

With the Sun Basket, you will have the experience of preparing the food yourself. That way you can get better acquainted with the ingredients that you will use and you can work on your cooking skills also.

The Sun Basket Vegan Menu

Before we go over some of the meals we eat as part of the research for this review we would like to mention some facts about the company that you should also consider. They don’t just specialize in vegan food and then offer any combination of ingredients that have the brand vegan.

The company cares that the food helps people with special dietary needs. Also, they care that the meals are tasty and that the ingredients that they source com fresh to your home. Besides vegan meal plans, they also have a lot of other food on offer so you can combine as you see fit. The price is also reasonable, you can get three meals a week for two people for 70$.

Vegan Nutritional Info

There is one more thing we want to mention and that is the packaging that they use to send the food to you. Many food delivery companies got a lot of critiques because they use more packaging than they have to, this means that they influence the amount of plastic garbage. Now a lot of them are cleaning up their act and they give a lot of thought to how they pack the food and what they use as packaging.

The food that Sun Basked brought to our doorstep was in a brown box made of recyclable cardboard. All the paper that they use is also recyclable. The plastic is standard, but they took great care to use it moderately, and it’s also biodegradable.

And now for the most important part, we will talk about the food itself and about what you have to do in order to prepare it for yourself. This is basically a digestion of three wonderful meals that we had from Sun Basket.

​Walnuts and Mushroom Flat Bread

The ingredients they send you are some of the classics and you can use them in different ways, that’s why the recipes book comes into play and you can make an event from preparing the food. The instructions come with the following ingredients:​ walnuts, apricots, mushrooms, onions, an arugula, tahini, sumac, and flatbreads.

They were all fresh and looked amazing, we took the recipe book and did as they told us while our boss stood guard and then after everything was done we enjoyed the meal together. There is not much you can do wrong just stick to the instructions and don’t think too much about it.

Popular Vegan Recipes

Black-eyed Pea Fritters with Mixed Green Salad

With this meal, we took a different approach and we took it over to another college who prides himself on not knowing a thing about cooking. This is a useful trick if you want to avoid making meals for anybody and you just go around eating at other people. The test was to see if even a cooking nub like him can make a tasty meal if he follows the instructions.

It was fun looking at someone who doesn’t have an idea of how to properly hold a knife try to cut vegetables to the right size, while at the same time asking for help in deciphering the instructions. But at the end of it all, it was good for all of us and the food was tasty enough. This is of course because our college kept losing interest in certain moments of the cooking process.

Mushroom Muffalettas with Kale Chips

Now, this is a sandwich and even though you might think you need a receipt for something like that, there is no need for such things, especially if you like to cook. That is why we thought that it wasn’t so necessary and that they could have given us something else and more creative. All in all, the sandwich was tasty and all the ingredients were fresh as they said they would be. When we ate it, both of us thought it tasted like a home-made sandwich and this is certainly something you want from a food delivery.

When you take all of this into account there are a couple of things they could do better for the price they are asking for. But when you consider the freshness of the food and some of the recipes there are a lot of good things that come with the Sun Basket home food delivery system. That’s why you should at least give it a try.