Sun Basket vs. Green Chef Ultimate Comparison for 2021

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Sun Basket

Sun Basket allows you to enjoy a various number of meals made of entirely organic and always fresh non-GMO ingredients while saving you money and time! If you care about the quality of ingredients and where they come from then Sun Basket’s Menu is the one you should check out!

  • Delivery Area: 47 States
  • Average Price: $11.49 Per Meal
  • Shipping Cost: $6.99
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Green Chef

As you can probably guess from the name, Green Chef is focused on eating and living one with nature. They are very passionate about food growing and preparation.

  • Delivery Area: 48 States
  • Average Price: $11.49 Per Meal
  • Shipping Cost: $6.99

Meal Options

Sun Basket

Green Chef

Plan & Pricing

Sun Basket

  • Classic Plan $11.99

    Servings: 2, 4; Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4; Kit Prices: $51.96 to $175.84

  • Family Plan $10.99

    Servings: 4; Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4; Kit Prices: $87.92 to $175.84

Green Chef

  • 2-Person Plan $9.99-$12.99

    Servings: 2; Meals Per Week: 3; Kit Prices: $59.94 to $77.94

  • Family Plan $10.99

    Servings: 4; Meals Per Week: 2; Kit Prices: $87.92


Sun Basket

Green Chef

Popular Meals

Salmon with Lemon Oregano Sauce and Artichoke-Fregola Pilaf By Sun Basket

Sun Basket

  • Salmon with lemon-oregano sauce and artichoke-fregola pilaf
  • Tofu burgers with oven fries and sambal mayo
  • Steak with purple sweet potatoes and roasted red pepper salsa
Vegan 'Crab' Cakes by Green Chef

Green Chef

  • Vegan’ Crab’ Cakes
  • Sage Pesto Baked Cod
  • Cumin-Spiced Steak
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Sun Basket features two menus: Classic and Family. Classic Menu gives a choice of 18 different recipes weekly. A serving option is 2 or 4 adults.

However, if you are with kids, then you have no choice but to go with Family plan when options are fewer– only six meals per week (Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian Family plan). All meals on the Family menu are serving four adults with leftovers for children and are kid-friendly, of course.

Aside from dinner and lunch orders, you can enjoy with your family in many different add-ons (breakfast, snacks, pantry).

Green Chef also features two meal plans: 2-Person Plan and Family Plan. Meal kit on Family Plan customers can order only twice a week, but one serving is ideal for four adults with children. This Menu includes Omnivore and Carnivore program with two different meals each.

In comparison, Green Chef provides fewer recipes less than Sun Basket in Family Plan but still can compete in quality and diversity. There’s also a difference in the number of possible weekly orders – one more vote for Sun Basket.

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The Quality of the Ingredients

Sun Basket is USDA-certified organic handler, so their policy is to give you high-quality products which are over 99% organic. Suppliers share the same idea – the seafood is wild-caught, meat antibiotic and hormone-free. Completely same story and policy is at the Green Chef! Both meal kit services in this segment have high scores!

For our compete list of top rated organic meal kits on the market follow our guide.

Nutritional Value

Sun Basket and Green Chef  offer dietitian-approved meal kits which contain 500-800 calories per serving

Green Chef meal kits are perfect if you have specific dietary needs or if you want to have a more healthy lifestyle and at the same time, save money.

Even though Green Chef is very open towards the philosophy of health coming from food, Sun Basket offers a lot more different recipes. Again, we’re going with Sun Basket extensive menus!

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Recipe Variety

Every time a Sun Basket box is delivered to your doorstep, you can expect super healthy pre-measured ingredients and instructions that will guide you how to “take advantage of them” properly. Only by looking week plans on Classic menu you can tell the influence of Mexican, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean cuisine. Beside amazing diverse dinner recipes, Sun Basket kitchen is famous for house-made sauces and spice blends that will make your mouth water!

One point for Green Chef from us goes for new recipes each week. If you are a beginner, then give advance to Green Chef’s recipe with extra tips and photos from the Chef himself. Paleo and Keto meal kits are the most expensive on the Green Chef program menu, but if you are vegetarian prices will surprise you in a good way!

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The Packaging

Slightly opened box from Sun Basket

Well-known and already famous Sun Basket box is made with a purpose to get ingredients to your home fresh and on time while saving the environment! Green Chef is well, of course, being very green! Delivery box is made of recycled and virgin kraft paper, and food is carefully packed in different sized plastic bags and containers, but all of them are also 100% recycled material.

Delivered Green Chef box

Since both companies put a lot of thought and money into being economical and environment-friendly, it looks like a score on packaging and delivery section is pending!

Customer Support & Service

Sun Basket

  • Switching plans – Possible and easy if done on time.

  • Cancellation – Date for cancellation is Noon PST /3 pm EST on Wednesday before the next scheduled delivery; free of charge if done on time.

  • Refunds – The company does offer a 100% money refund (inform them within one week after the delivery).

  • Gifts – Program “Refer-a-friend “gives you both 40$ worth coupon if you recommend a friend to join Sun Basket.

  • Free Trial – The company doesn’t offer typical free trials.

  • Customizable – Menus can be customized.

If you decide to order from Sun Basket, you can choose a particular plan but also modify it as you wish. Customer can switch between plans and skip, pause, or cancel a delivery at any given moment. It is possible to surprise loved one with Sun Basket Gift Card in the amount of minimum 100$!

Green Chef

  • Switching plans – Switching plans is possible.

  • Cancellation – Canceling and pausing your account is possible if done on time.

  • Refunds – Service offers a refund.

  • Gift – They don’t offer gifts to their clients.

  • Free Trial – The service doesn’t offer free trials.

  • Customizable – Plans and menus can be customized.

The customers are allowed to skip, cancel, or customize their order with no problems but make sure to do it seven days before your next delivery date at NoonEST. Refunding in money or replacement meal is also an option but only if done within a week after delivery day.

Our Verdict

Sun Basket icon

Sun Basket and Green Chef are both for you if you prefer a healthy lifestyle, organic ingredients, quick and easy preparation process, and fantastic taste of worldwide cuisines. Sun Basket gives more options and more weekly orders. On the other hand, if you are on a specific diet and also want to cook at home with the best Non-GMO supplies, then go with the Green Chef. Meal kit and shipping prices are similar. It is a close call, but this time we are saying: Sun Basket!