Sun Basket Review

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that concocts new recipes each week, finds the freshest ingredients to make the meal, and delivers it to your doorstep. They are a company who is able to boast Chef Justine Kelly as their executive chef. She is known for her role as corporate chef de cuisine at San Francisco’s Slanted Door, her mentions in Gourmet Magazine, and her appearance on Iron Chef. She has stated that she makes it her mission to create recipes that are the right combination of inspiration, flavor, and nutrition. Plus as a mother, she knows the tricks and tips that you can use to make your child eat new foods. Sun Basket claims to offer a variety of meals you can make and eat each week so you don’t have to rattle your brain for new, fun recipes to try.

Unlike other reviews that are catered to people looking for just a general overview of the meal delivery service they’re interested in, this review will examine Sun Basket as an option for everyone. Not everyone’s dietary allowances and restrictions are the same. You might not eat anything that contains gluten because you have an allergy or you’re just trying to eat healthier. You might avoid meat and dairy, opting for a vegan lifestyle due to environmental or health concerns. You might be counting calories and need low calorie options. Many reviews skim or skip information pertaining to dietary restrictions, this Sun Basket review will address a wide berth of concerns that you may have as an interested customer with your dietary needs in mind.


How Sun Basket Works

The concept of Sun Basket is pretty simple. Each week the website offers those interested 17 new creative recipes to choose from. Most of the meals delivered take about thirty minutes to prep and cook, saving you time on planning and shopping while allowing you to cook quality food in a short amount of time. Sun Basket offers a ton of meals that are often low calorie, ranging between 500 to 800.

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The ingredients offered are the best and freshest that they have to offer. The ingredients are pre-measured for the perfect portion, saving you the hassle and the clean up of measuring them out yourself. Sun Basket believes in the farm-to-table approach to their meals. They source their meats and vegetables from local farms. Doing this ensures that all meats are grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free. While many other meal delivery services give vague answers on where they get their food from and the quality of food their customers receive shows it, Sun Basket is completely open and honest on where they get their ingredients. They even feature the farms they use on their website so customers know exactly where their food is coming from. They ensure all their food is organic and free from GMOs, making their meals high-quality and healthy.

You can even gift the Sun Basket to friends so they can experience their unique meal delivery service as well. If you refer them, then they get three free meals and you receive $25 once they join. If you send it to them as a gift, you can choose 1, 2, or 4 weeks for that friend. A personalized gift note is then emailed to them and they get to choose which days they want delivery. It’s the perfect incentive to get you and your friends eating healthier.

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Meal Options

There are a total of five meal plans that you can choose from, including a breakfast plan. Each meal plan has a designated number of meals that come with it based on the number of people you’re looking to feed — for example, for two people the Rise and Shine menu gives you three recipes delivered. The other four meal plans include Chef’s Choice, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Gluten Free. These plans also come with three meals if you choose the classic two person option and guarantee to be easy and delicious.

Types of meals that can be expected in the Chef’s Choice meal plan include delectable looking recipes like baked shrimp paired with tossed tomatoes, feta, and lemon-mint orzo. Options from their vegetarian menu can include unique meals like white bean & ricotta flatbreads featuring sprinkled pine nuts and caramelized onions. The Paleo Menu features a range of options on this week’s menu, one of them being refreshing turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce made even more savory with tomato relish and sweet potato fries.

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They also have black bean tostadas with delicious summer squash on the side and soft-cooked eggs on their gluten free menu. You can expect something flavorful like their fresh herb and goat cheese scramble and mango-chia overnight oatmeal for a breakfast option in the Rise and Shine menu. Many of their meal options are shared across their menus, meaning an option that is offered on their gluten free menu can also qualify as vegetarian so it’ll be offered on that menu as well. This offers the opportunity for you to experience all of their delicious recipes.

The company also offers a family plan option where you can choose any of the five meal plans and get two recipes each week. You can also opt for four recipes each week for the family with the Chef’s Choice meal plan. This plan is meant for two adults and two children. They’re meant to be quick and kid friendly. Their family menu is more limited in their recipe choices but it does not stray from the flavor or creativeness that is offered on their classic menu.


The cost of a Sun Basket meal is $11.49 per person if you choose the Classic Menu. If you opt for the two person option that means that you’ll be paying $68.94 for three meals. If you choose the Classic Menu but with four people then your cost will be $137.88. Both of those pricings will be what you pay when you first order from Sun Basket and they do not include the $5.99 delivery fee because your first delivery is free. If you decide on the family plan instead, expect the price to be increased to $9.99 per person. For two meals per week, that is $79.92, and $159.84 for four meals on your first order. Every order after that will also be $5.99 extra due to the delivery fee. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re not pleased with the recipes and meals you receive, you’ll get a full refund.

There are a lot of factors to consider when weighing whether or not the cost of Sun Basket is too high. The first is the quality of the food. Organic food is commonly known to be more expensive than conventional food. Rightfully so with the extra amount of time and effort put into making sure the product is free from chemicals and pests. The organic guarantee that Sun Basket offers is enough for some to justify the price but for others, there are more aspects to consider.

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Some of the food often included in their recipes include fish like salmon and meats like steak and pork. The price of salmon can range from $12 to anywhere upwards of $17. Top sirloin steak cost usually ranges from $6 to $9. Pork has the lowest cost of the meat at around $6 for a pair of boneless chops. With the added ingredients that are included to make a complete meal, Sun Basket can range from seeming like a really great deal to seeming like a fair deal depending on what protein you prefer as well as which ones are offered on their menu that week.

The food delivered is arguably restaurant quality food, so you can compare the price of the meal you’re getting delivered to a meal you’d order at a restaurant. At a restaurant, you can expect to pay no less than $10 for the cheapest dish on the menu, and that’s if you go to a pretty low end establishment. If looked at from that perspective than Sun Basket is a nice deal because you’re getting healthy food for a little less than the cost of an average meal out.


The high-quality, farm-sourced ingredients. Having the knowledge that the food you’re eating is not only the highest quality possible and fresh from the farm but also healthy for you is extremely comforting. Pre-assembled meals, like microwave dinners, are often loaded with calories, sodium, and fat. Sun Basket’s aim with their ingredients is to elevate flavor as well as introduce you to new foods and limiting prep time. It’s nice to know that the three meals you’ll be assembling with Sun Basket’s delivery will not only be easy but also good for you.

Recipe Preparations. Not only do you receive a recipe card, but they also offer online tutorials to help you with your cooking. This can make the process a lot easier. Plus, the packaging already has the ingredients portioned out and labeled on the packaging. This all allows for cooking to be less time consuming and you can get it done in less than 30 minutes which is a really nice time frame.

Flexibility. The flexibility that Sun Basket offers you is absolutely amazing. They let you customize your three meals the way you want them, allowing for you to choose any combinations of their meals for that week even if all three selections are the same meal. Since Sun Basket doesn’t have you on a contract, you can easily skip a week if you want, or need, to at absolutely no hassle. Canceling is just as easy but you need to make sure it’s done before the finalization of next week’s menu, otherwise, you must wait another week to cancel.

Variety in choice. Not only do they have so many options to choose, but those options change every week. As stated before, you can easily customize your order to choose any meal you want even if it is three of the same selection, but the items on their menu are so flavorful and creative you should risk going out of your comfort zone and sampling some of their other meals. You’ll find it hard to find just three recipes you want to try. They meet a variety of dietary needs from Paleo to vegetarian, but they, unfortunately, do not offer any complete vegan entrees. Their variety of choice also extends to their delivery options. Where other companies only allow for delivery on a few number of days, Sun Basket has the ability to deliver almost any day of the week and offers a very considerable time frame.

● The price. $11.95 may seem a little steep but when you consider the food you’re getting is farm-fresh and GMO-free, the valuation is pretty affordable. Plus, the high-quality meals you cook could easily pass as a dish in a five-star restaurant.

● Packaging. The packaging is not only a huge plus because it’s environmentally friendly but each component of the packaging clearly lays out what you need to do. On the side of the box, a label reminds you to recycle. On the reusable ice pack, they remind and encourage you that they are safe to use again. You’ll find the recipe cards on top as soon as you open your box and you’ll have a card that tells you how each ingredient needs to be stored. The meals themselves come in brown paper sacks that are clearly labeled. All the meats are double bagged to prevent any leakage that may occur and they are clearly labeled with a useful ‘best by’ to let you know when you should cook it. They also give you instructions on how to store their meats and proteins. The other ingredients in the brown sack will be in small plastic containers that are labeled with what they are, making it easier to store them and quick to find exactly which one you need. The packaging is very impressive and when compared to other service is a step above the rest. It shows they’ve gone out of their way to make the entire cooking process easier.

● Delivers to 47 of 50 states. Sun Basket ships to almost all of the United States, but they do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and some parts of New Mexico. They’ve recently expanded the states that they deliver to, and they are always open to people messaging them to expand their delivery though for Alaska and Hawaii it could be difficult considering airfare and all of that.

● Customer Service. Though finding their contact information is a little difficult since it’s all the way at the bottom of their website, Sun Basket has quality customer service. Their customer service can be reached by email and phone. The respond to emails quickly, which is always a plus especially if you don’t enjoy speaking on the phone. They are completely about customer satisfaction so if you find anything amiss with your food or it’s not up to the standards you expect, they’ll work with you to find a solution.


● The delivery fee. With such an ideal price per meal, the delivery fee is a little steep. While they do give you that first week’s delivery for free, a lot of other meal delivery services don’t have such a high price. There are even others who don’t have a delivery or shipping fee or have shipping waived on orders that are bigger.

● Lack of nutritional breakdown. While they feature how many calories are in each meal and make it openly available to their customers where they source their ingredients from, they do not have a label on their packaging that goes fully into the nutritional facts. It’s a shame because a lot of people are concerned with more than just how many calories they’re consuming and wish to know what other nutrition they’re meals are giving them. That being said, they do state this nutritional information on their recipes online so it’s not completely unavailable just hard to find.

Difficult options for kids. If your kid isn’t picky then they’ll have no problem with any of the meals offered on Sun Basket’s family plan, but if you have trouble getting your children to eat anything new or green than it’ll be difficult to find an option with Sun Basket. Chef Justine Kelly’s solution to getting your kid to eat foods they’re not interested in, or that they think are gross based on no basis, is to just put the food in front of them. While this trick can work, there are some foods that kids just won’t compromise on and some kids that will simply refuse. An alternative for those who have picky eaters is to look into the Classic Menu for two and make something separate for the kids if it doesn’t work out Sun Basket’s easy cancellation allows you to change it.

● The limited meals per week. While you receive three high quality meals for the week, it’s a huge disadvantage that you can’t increase the number of meals you can get. Other delivery services offer up to 4 to 7 meals for the week. You may not be looking for that and the three meals may fit into your week perfectly but someone else who is busier and wants easy meal preparation through the whole week is out of luck. It’d be nice if they could allow for the option to receive a few more meals per week.

What Makes it Different than Other Similar Services?

While it may seem that Sun Basket is a good deal, there are many other meal delivery services that you might find that seem to be the better option because of their price or their variety in choice. You may be wondering what makes Sun Basket so different than all the other meal delivery services. To save you the extra internet searching, here’s the answer. Sun Basket provides top of the line ingredients; not many other services can boast that all of their ingredients are organic and are sourced from local farms. Many claim to have thoughtfully sourced ingredients but they do not let their sources known to their customers. Sun Baskets willingness to do so enables them to establish trust between them and their customers to ensure that they keep coming back.

Chef Justine Kelly uses her connections she’s collected with her years of working in the top restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area, to supply Sun Basket with the Pacific Coast’s best suppliers. These suppliers are highly respected farmers, ranchers, and fishermen and without them, Sun Basket would not be able to provide its customers a meal kit with the absolute best product possible. Sun Basket knows this feature is something that makes them so special and they show their appreciation by dedicating a page to that introduces their customers to the farms and farmers they work with.

Their overall care for the environment is something not seen in many other meal delivery services. Each component you receive your meal in is completely recyclable and Sun Basket makes sure that you’re aware with clear labels on all of their items. They strive not only to make sure they’re delivering the best that the earth has to offer but also to make sure the earth is still intact to keep offering the best.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction also sets them apart from the rest; you’ll know that no matter what the issue they’ll make it their mission to fix it for you. They work with their customers to resolve any problems they may experience. The little things like instructive labels and letting their customers know exactly what they’re getting shows that Sun Basket really wants for their customers to enjoy and be comfortable with their experience.

Bottom Line

Sun Basket’s mission is to deliver fresh, farm-to-table, quality meals to your doorstep, and they succeed. Their recipes are creative and fun. Once you’ve followed their extremely easy instructions and put your finished product on the table, it’ll be flavorful and delicious while you’ll feel like a five-star chef. Their variety of options is impressive and, while they may not please the pickiest of eaters, there is a recipe on their menus for everyone.

It’s amazing that they’re providing such a variety for those with dietary restrictions. Those who are vegetarian and gluten-free can have a hard time coming up with recipes that don’t seem routine and don’t get old. Sun Basket offers unique and flavorful options with the worry that they’ll accidentally break their dietary restrictions and get sick.

The price may seem a little steep, and with the delivery fee tacked on it may seem unappealing, but if you were to go to the grocery store and buy the same high quality ingredients for the same meal it’d be a higher price. It’s a great deal to try healthy food in unique recipes without having to leave your home to grocery shop.

For those with an interest in the culinary arts but with little time on their hands, Sun Basket gives you the unique opportunity to have a taste of what being a five star chef is like. Besides offering quality food, the ingredients included with many of the recipes are not ingredients the common person would think of picking up at the supermarket. With their instructions, you’ll feel like a legitimate chef and the results will be flavorful and delicious as if they came from a high class restaurant. Sun Basket gives their customers the chance to try unique recipes that not a lot of other meal delivery service offer.

If you want to try something new, exciting, and healthy for yourself or your whole family while saving time, money, and hassle then you should definitely give Sun Basket a shot.