Trifecta Review - Costs, Taste and Menu for Active People

Are you having trouble finding the right diet to support your fitness goals? Do you know what food to eat while maintaining proper body weight and muscle definition? All health-conscious eaters out there, who carefully select ingredients they consume, might find Trifecta Nutrition worth the shot.

This meal delivery service is designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals while offering nutritious and balanced on-the-go organic dishes. On top of everything, they employ nutrition experts who support and guide clients through this journey.

We have prepared an in-depth Trifecta review to help you decide whether this service is worthy of your time and money.

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How Trifecta Nutrition Meal Delivery Works

Trifecta meal delivery service might be suitable for all people who have a strict dietary regime but don't have time to prepare food at home.

Compared to other diet and paleo meal plans, their recipes arrive fresh, never frozen, so you can heat them on the spot. Besides traditional meal plans, you have an opportunity to select dishes from a la carte menu.

This is a commitment-free service, and you can cancel, pause or skip your order any time you want. Before you start ordering meals, you are required to set up an account with basic payment and delivery info.

Trifecta Nutrition Meal Plans

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Trifecta meal plans are often listed as the best choice for vegetarians and athletes. Under the guidance of nutritionists and dietitians, their chefs carefully prepare each recipe, ensuring it meets necessary standards.

This food company managed to realize on time that people on strict or controlled dietary regime eventually fail. They aren't motivated enough to stick until the end because they usually eat flavorless or repetitive meals.

That's why Trifecta food is tailored to meet daily caloric intake and ensure customers receive tasty recipes.

See Trifecta Nutrition Plans and Pricing


Classic meal plan ensures your dinner is nutritious enough, with 4 oz of veggies, 14 oz of carbs, and 4 oz of meat or fish. Here you will find something that fits your taste or preference, without limiting yourself. The classic menu is one of the affordable options they have.

Clean Eating

The term clean refers to food that has kept its natural state as much as possible. This Trifecta menu offers recipes packed with lean proteins, organic vegetables, and whole grains. You can finally enjoy delicious food made from premium ingredients. A clean meal plan is also the most popular choice among clients.


Trifecta vegan meals are both heart-healthy and fiber-rich. Their chefs have designed recipes that will awaken your taste buds and ensure you intake the necessary amount of nutrients. On top of that, you get to experience plant-based proteins and dishes prepared with organic ingredients to match your sustainable lifestyle.


All recipes on the paleo menu are grain and sugar-free. However, they do contain fresh fruits and veggies along with premium meat cuts. This food company has used organic fruit and vegetables, grass-fed proteins, and dairy-free ingredients to accomplish a nutrient-rich diet. So, people on the paleo diet can enjoy delicious recipes without worrying about what's inside.


Their team of nutritionists guarantees micro-balanced meals packed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Now is the right time to finally let loose your plant-based lifestyle and enjoy some delicious food. Trifecta vegetarian meals contain a lot of plant proteins, healthy carbs, and flavorful vegetables.

Who Should Subscribe in Trifecta Nutrition Delivery?

Trifecta meals are great for those trying to commit to eating healthy every day but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. Also, this food company will satisfy the nutritious needs of professional athletes, individuals who want to lose weight, and people following vegan, paleo, or keto diets. And they have proven to be a perfect meal service for bodybuilders.

Since it targets athletes, if you are training or on a keto diet, looking for low-carb, low-calorie, and high-protein dishes, Trifecta is a food company that delivers all those things.

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Pros and Cons of Trifecta Nutrition

What We Like

Wide Menu Plan Selection: meals are divided into multiple plans, with plenty of options to choose from. Even picky eaters will find something to eat.

Affordable: compared to other services, this one offers an excellent bargain. You get to order premium food for a fraction of the price.

Tasty and Organic Meals: this food company offers tasty and organic meals, ensuring you receive a necessary amount of nutrients.

Free Shipping: the great news is that customers can order as much food as they like, while delivery is free of charge on all orders.

Calorie-controlled: considering it's designed to meet the needs of conscious eaters and professional athletes; Trifecta food delivery will offer you perfectly calorie-controlled meals.

What We Don't Like

Lack of Control Over the Meals: unfortunately, you don't get to choose how the meals are made or the ingredients put inside.

Small Orders are Pricier: that's something to expect! If you order more meals, you will pay less.

Trifecta Menu Samples to Expect

There is a reason why this company dominates the food market. We tried a couple of their dishes and found each of them to be delicious. Since this service mostly focuses on athletes and health-conscious eaters, protein is the main ingredient.

Here are a couple of meals to check out:

Chicken tenders with a mix of veggies and brown rice: these free-range chicken tenders are lightly seasoned, while organic zucchini, carrots, and broccoli add to its delicious flavor.

Beef patty with a mix of vegetables and sweet potatoes: we just loved how simple and delicious this meal was.

Turkey patty with green beans and squash: the chimichurri adds a really special taste to this dish.

Trifecta Cost

Trifecta prices depend on many factors, including the plan you will choose and the number of daily meals you will order. Select dinner or lunch only, or go for the full four meals a day, seven days a week, to save some money.

To illustrate this example further, if you opt for a vegan plan, lunch only, seven days a week, it will cost you $90.93, $12.99 per serving. On the other hand, if you decide to add breakfast and dinner to this mix, your weekly total will be $226.59, $10.79 per serving.

A la carte meals are even cheaper, starting at $6 per serving; however, you need to have a minimum order of $119, roughly around 20 dishes. It's still a pretty good deal!

Meal plan

Clean Eating

Price per week


Trifecta Nutrition Packaging

The packaging consists of plastic trays, ClimaCell panels, ice packs, and cardboard box and everything is eco-friendly. You can recycle ice packs and lining in most facilities, while panels and boxes are entirely biodegradable and recyclable. 

In the future, this food company wants to ensure their packaging is fully biodegradable, which might be first when it comes to meal delivery services. The food comes fresh, never frozen, while ice packs and ClimaCell panels ensure the optimal freshness of ingredients.

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Trifecta Nutrition Delivery

Trifecta meal service delivers to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, which is rare for one food company. The package will arrive at your doorstep via FedEx once a week, usually on Fridays.

To receive food every week in a timely manner, make sure to order food by the end of the Friday of the previous week. One of the things we liked about this service is the fact that you don't need to have a minimum order to be eligible for free delivery unless you are ordering a la carte.

Secondly, shipping is always free, no matter how much food you order. Sometimes shipping fees can be steep, but that's not the case with this food company.

Trifecta Nutrition Customer Service

It's pretty easy to get in touch with their customer service. You can contact them through phone or email or type a message directly onto their website. Customer service is available seven days a week, 8 AM – 5 PM EST.

Any issues you may have, contact their representatives, and you can expect the answer within a couple of minutes, if not instantly.

Trifecta Alternatives

With so many meal delivery services, it's hard to pick only one. However, we still managed to find a couple of Trifecta alternatives which might be interesting.

Let's start with Freshly meal delivery first. While these two have a lot of similarities in terms of flavor, ingredients, and freshness, Freshly is more focused on average people looking to eat healthily.

Want to see more? Check out our full Trifecta and Freshly comparison.

The next service we would like to compare Trifecta to is Factor. The biggest thing these two services have in common is that they both target athletes and conscious-health eaters. Keep in mind that Factor doesn't offer vegetarian and vegan meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Trifecta meals help you lose weight?

Yes, you can lose weight with the help of this service. In fact, it's specially designed and geared towards people looking to maximize weight loss.

Besides food, Trifecta Nutrition has licensed nutritionists who will support your weight loss goals. With that they deserve a place on our list of best low-carb meal delivery services.

Is Trifecta organic?

Yes, you will have an opportunity to eat fully organic and non-GMO ingredients. This is a big deal for many people, mostly because you will be eating healthy and nutritious items. They have a great selection of meals made of organic produce included in our best vegan meal delivery list.

How long do Trifecta meals last?

They ship food in vacuum-sealed containers that can last up to ten days. It's important to mention that meals arrive fresh, but if you want to prolong their shelf life, you can pop dishes into a freezer. Frozen food will last you up to three months.

How to cancel Trifecta delivery?

To cancel, skip, or pause your order, make sure to contact their customer support on trifecta phone number - (530) 564-8388. You need to make necessary changes before your expected delivery date.


When we look at all the features, it's no wonder why this service has quickly become the favorite choice of many health-conscious eaters, bodybuilders, and professional athletes.

In fact, they recently announced a partnership with UFC, which is further proof that some of the nation's professional athletes consider Trifecta to be a good fit for their needs.

So, is Trifecta worth it? As a fully prepared service with ready-made meals, you get to save time and money. With so many options available, this service provides plenty of meals made of organic ingredients.

To wrap things up, we believe that Trifecta Nutrition will fully meet your needs, and it's definitely worth the money. You get to avoid all the kitchen work, plus you get peace of mind knowing you are eating premium ingredients to nourish your body.

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