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A busy lifestyle, work, and kids really don't leave a lot of room for food prepping, right? You either have to take the whole afternoon off to prepare lunch or choose on-the-go options that aren't the best thing in the world. 

That's why many people and households choose meal kits and ready-made dishes. They allow you to have food on your table in under 30 minutes, without wasting time on food prepping or grocery shopping. To make things easier, we will dig into Tyson review, a food company that doesn't only sell meal kits but also instant pot meals, snacks, and other goodies made of chicken.

How Tyson Foods Delivery Works

We were quite surprised to discover that this company has existed since 1935. So, it's got to be one of the oldest in this industry. Everything started with John W. Tyson, who moved his family to Arkansas and discovered a bird that would change his entire life. 

He started delivering chicken to hardworking people, and from these humble beginnings, John managed to grow a company that would bring amazing food to millions of families around the US. While they don't have an online shop, you can buy their products in almost any grocery store or supply chain.

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Tyson Foods Product Categories

  • Breaded Chicken: Their breaded chicken nuggets, stripes, filets, and patties are some of the best comfort foods you will ever try. Made of white meat, lightly seasoned, with a golden, crisp breading, these chicken delights will be so tasty; no matter what dipping sauce you use. 
  • Any'tizers Snacks: Don't have time to cook? Maybe you have a busy week ahead of you? No worries because Tyson offers the most delicious snacks, wings, chicken fries, and bites that can be ready in 15 minutes. Just preheat your oven, toss them inside, and your lunch or dinner is served. 
  • Grilled Chicken: Who doesn't like grilled chicken, right? This has to be one of the all-time favorites. With Tyson grilled chicken, you will have dinner on your table in no time. Whether you buy strips, shredded grilled meat, filets, or nuggets, any of these will be great for salads, stuffing, or combined with veggies and sauces. 
  • Meal Kits: Mealtime just got even easier with Tyson meal kits. They really have a great offer of not only slow cooker meal kits but instant pot dishes you can prepare in half an hour. This is an excellent way to feed your family with healthy and delicious food. 
  • Fresh Chicken: Buy different types of fresh chicken and prepare recipes according to your liking. This company provides its customers with various options, including chicken breast, wings, gizzards, whole family roaster chicken, and others. With their meals, preparing food from scratch has never been more comfortable.  
  • Frozen Chicken: Now, it's incredibly convenient to prepare any meal with the help of Tyson frozen chicken. It has a longer shelf life; you can put it in a freezer or prepare it right away. This company offers various options, including frozen wings, breasts, drumsticks, bites, and thighs. 
  • Chicken Sausage: Have you ever tried a chicken sausage? Well, you now have the opportunity to try the most delicious Italian sausage, designed to awaken your taste buds. You can either fry it, grill it, use it to make pasta, or simply dip it in your favorite sauce. There are mild, hot, and sweet options available.
  • Other Products: Tyson also offers delicious canned chicken, steak fingers, fried steak, smoked bacon, chicken salad, and others. These products can be great if you are on the go and need something to eat or are traveling and need food that will keep you sated for longer periods.

Tyson Meal Kit Choices

Instant Pot Kits

As you can probably guess, all their instant pot meal kits contain chicken, boneless, skinless thighs, to be precise. Some of them come with rice, while other options are available with noodles. So far, they are available in seven different flavors, including BBQ and Teriyaki. 

Instant pot kits are a great option for all people who don't have time to cook. This way, you can leave your meal in a pressure cooker and do other things. Don't worry; you don't have to own a pressure cooker to prepare their food; you can also do it on a stove. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.

Some of the options include: 

  • Creamy Beef Stroganoff & Noodle Meal Kit
  • Chipotle Seasoned Chicken Meal Kit
  • Country Style BBQ Seasoned Pork Ribs Meal Kit
  • Teriyaki Chicken & Rice Meal Kit
  • Hatch Green Chile Chicken & Rice Meal Kit
  • Creamy Chicken & Noodle Casserole Meal Kit

Slow Cooker Kits

When it comes to slow cooker dishes, there aren't many options to choose from; however, these types of meals are exceptionally convenient. Even though they need approximately eight hours to cook, you can leave them overnight in your pressure cooker and have a delicious lunch ready for the next day. 

Again, you don't need to own a slow cooker to prepare their recipes. You can do it in a conventional oven or an eclectic pressure cooker. You have detailed cooking instructions for each of these appliances on their website. The portions are big enough to feed the entire family, and you can explore the following meat options: 

  • Beef Roast with Vegetables
  • Pork Roast with Vegetables
  • Chicken with Vegetables

Oven-ready Meal Kits

Oven-ready meals come with pre-portioned ingredients stored in an oven-safe tray. You will have dinner ready in no time while cleaning your kitchen will be a piece of cake. Tyson food company at the moment offers only two oven-ready options, but it can still serve you as a weekend meal for the entire family. 

To prepare their food, you will have to preheat the oven to 400F, remove the film from the kit and place the oven tray inside. You can find all the necessary instructions on their website. Oven-ready food is a great option for all people who generally don't have time to cook. 

You simply put the tray inside your oven, wait for food to cook, and feed your family. One pack has several servings, which can be great if you have a lot of mouths to feed. 

Check out: 

  • Sweet Asian Style Noodles & Beef Meal Kit
  • Alfredo Pasta with Chicken
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See Tyson Plans and Pricing

What We Like about Tyson


Their kits, snacks, and ready-made food are pretty much affordable and won't break your bank account. Usually, when you order meal kits, they can be a bit pricey, especially if you choose specific dietary options, but that's not the case with Tyson. Their food will most definitely fit your budget.

Fast and Convenient Preparation

Tyson food doesn't need more than half an hour to prepare. Usually, meal kits, breaded and grilled chicken can be ready in 15 minutes. On the other hand, frozen chicken needs a bit of time, while slow cooker meals require at least eight hours. Overall, their recipes are quite easy to put together. 

Fresh Meat

Customers can buy fresh chicken, like breasts, gizzards, thighs, and wings. They come in different packaging, which you can use to prepare a different meal, grill, or fry them. This company says its meat is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Tyson Instant Pot Kits Cost

The price depends on the type of meal you choose. For example, canned chicken is around $3, while grilled nuggets cost you approximately $10. When it comes to meal kits, they as well cost around $10, while fresh chicken meat is cheaper. 

Price per meal

$3 and above

Price per kit

$10 and above

Tyson Packaging

This company is really committed to preserving the environment, considering they are a global brand with a lot of influence. Therefore, their packaging strategy aligns with 5Rs, which stands for Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew. They support sustainable packaging and follow the necessary guidelines to reduce waste.

Tyson Delivery

Considering this is not a delivery service but a food company, you can find their products in all major retailers and even in local grocery stores. However, you can't order food directly from their website.

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Tyson Customer Service

To contact their customer service, either call or text them at 1-800-233-6332. There is also a contact form available on their website. Tyson's customer service team is friendly and welcoming, so you will have no issues with them. 

Unfortunately, we don't know their business hours, but we had to wait approximately 24 hours before getting a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tyson Foods offer coupons?

They don't give coupons upon request, but they recommend customers follow their Facebook accounts for promotions and coupons. Also, don't forget to check your favorite magazines, local newspapers, and in-store promotions.

Where can I buy Tyson instant pot kits?

At the moment, their pot kits are available in select retailers but also in local grocery stores. Customers can also order their food online but through popular online retailers. As we already mentioned, this company doesn't offer online sales and delivery.


Tyson food company is a massive brand that delivers fresh and ready-made chicken meat to millions of customers across the United States. While we tested their meals, we were quite surprised by the texture, flavor, and freshness. 

Everything was packed to perfection, and we couldn't find any drawbacks, even though we really tried. Therefore, if you need to prepare a meal that doesn't require a lot of time or culinary skills, Tyson food will save you the trouble. 

Basically, you will have food on your table in 15 minutes. If you decide to try some of their dishes, tell us how it went for you and what was your favorite recipe.

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