12 Healthy Foods You’re Missing Out on: Infographic

healthy food infographic

When you think of healthy foods, you’re probably thinking about broccoli or avocado. And if you’re watching your diet, you’ve probably had enough of those already, right?
Well, this is your lucky day. Here before you are 12 most unusual and most healthy foods you didn’t know of before.
And they are all both tasty and nutritious.

1. Romanesco
Vitamin C, K+ Antioxidants
The Roman cauliflower. A nutty & delicious form of broccoli with a characteristic shape.

2. Oca
Vitamin C, Potassium+ Excellent source of iron
Sweet, sweet potatoes. Originally from the Andes of South America.

3. Enoki Mushrooms
Rich with antioxidants, Great source of protein and fiber
Crazy healthy less known mushrooms, very popular in Asian cuisine.

4. Kohlrabi
Vitamin C, B+ Magnesium
The type of cabbage you’ve never seen before. Tasty both cooked or raw.

5. Starfruit
Vitamin C, ARich with fiber
Very popular in India and Philippines, good for blood sugar and digestive system.

6. Dragon fruit
Vitamin C+ Full of good fatty acids and Antioxidants
Also known as Pitya, a great addition to your breakfast smoothie.

7. Maqui BerrySuperfood
Amazing source of antioxidants
Maqui berry, also called the cancer-crusher, is one of the newest superfoods out there.

8. Azuki beans
Zinc+ Iron, Magnesium, Potassium
Very popular in Chinese cuisine, a great source of folic acids.

9. Sunchoke
Vitamin C, B+ Potassium
Also known as Jerusalem artichoke, but they are in fact originally from North America.

10. Cherimoya
Vitamin C, B+ Magnesium
Also known as a “custard apple,” Mark Twain called them “deliciousness itself.”

11. Pummelo
Vitamin C+ Magnesium, Potassium
Looks like grapefruit, but is much sweeter and larger in size.

12. Kiwano melon
Vitamin A, B, C+ Iron Magnesium
Also known as the horned melon, tastes like kiwi, lime and banana combined.









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