Veestro FAQ: What to Know Before Ordering

About the Company

Not so long ago, dieters looking for a vegan or vegetarian weight loss program were not left with many options. But the times are changing. Diets that are plant based, have become commonplace, giving you more choices if looking for a company to get your food delivered.

For the past few weeks, we have been immersed in the complete Veestro meal delivery service. We have tried almost every meal they are offering, and we are amazed. It is based in Los Angeles, California. When it was launched back in 2012, the company’s goal was to deliver healthy food to busy people, and it still is.

It offers plant-based, nutrient-rich, delicious juices, desserts and meals, created to make healthy eating more comfortable for everyone. Its creativity of the meals and dedication to quality sets it apart from the most vegan meal delivery services and the richness of its offer make it a genuinely must-try.

About the Veestro

You can check out our Veestro review which highlights all the benefits and advantages of this meal delivery service so that you can make an informed decision whether it is a good option for your needs.

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Working Of This Meal Program

The Veestro can work in any way you prefer which is the beauty of ordering from this company. You can choose one of its nine meal packs made with different occasions in mind and dietary preferences. Or if you want to pick your dishes one by one, there is a subscription-free from their menu and choose the meals that suit your cravings and taste.

They also have excellent meal program for those who want to lose weight. There are three meal plans from which to choose. You also need to decide how often you want those dishes to be delivered to your home and how many days per one week you want to enjoy their food. And finally, they offer energizing cleanses and juices, for those who want to get rid of toxins and boost their metabolism.

How Does It Work Veestro

When you have made your choice and order specific meal plan, the chefs starting to work their magic. They made delicious, high-quality dishes from products that are organic. The great thing about their food is that it is certified as preservative-free, non-GMO and vegan. Great news for all the non-meat eaters who just don’t have enough time to shop, prepare and cook vegetarian food at home. Also, we need to mention that some meals are also gluten-free and dairy-free.

As we mentioned before, there are two options to order your food – without or with a subscription. Even if you choose a recurring system, you can cancel, pause or modify it whenever you need or want to do that. But, in order to avoid undesired charges and deliveries, bear in mind to make these changes at least seven days before the next shipment.

What Makes Veestro Unique?

This company has an incredible passion for food and eagerness to please, and that is what makes Veestro different. Although there are many meal delivery services that are vegan oriented, we need to admit that this one totally grabbed our attention. Their chefs and staff have a firm belief that ‘’you are what you eat’’, so they make sure that all the meals are perfect.

You won’t see any junk food, because everything they made needs to be nutritious and healthy. According to them, one of the most important thing about preparing the meal is picking the right ingredients. And when it comes to that, their chefs insist that food needs to be the best they can make.

why veestro

The great thing about the folks behind this company is that they don’t want you just to enjoy their delicious food, they also want to make your day and put a smile on your face. That is why they make sure the meals are perfectly balanced, designed by your choices of ingredients and rich in nutrients. The Veestro’s chefs explained that their dishes are made to be healthy, weight, planet, and people pleasing.

Eating a diet that is plant-based lowers the risk of cancer by 20 percent and type two diabetes by 62 percent. One more benefit is that this eating program will regulate your blood pressure. Also, when you are consuming plants, you will have lower body mass and weigh less. That is possible because you will feel fuller and be able to consume more of it with fewer calories.

Not to mention the benefits for our planet. Did you know that eating a diet that is plant based will eliminate from the atmosphere, up to 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide? That would be the same as we would remove of the road more than 500000 vehicles.

And the last but nevertheless significant advantage is the people-pleasing factor. Yes, that is correct. This diet will make you happier and more satisfied because it will please your taste, your planet, and your weight. That couldn’t be any better, right?

We need to admit that the founders of the Veestro are very dedicated to their job. They put so much love and passion into every meal they made for their subscribers. These are excellent new especially for those lazy cooks and picky eaters. Because let’s face it, busy individuals just don’t have enough time to prepare homemade, healthy meals. But, that is where this company comes in.


What about Shipping and Delivery Times?

The fantastic thing about this company is that it ships everywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. All you have to do is take your pick. Search through their collection of delicious dishes and go with an assembled package or choose your favorites from la carte. When you have done that their chef will start to work and create a delicious, plant-based meal to make you happy and fill your belly.

a la carte

This dish will show up at your door within 7 days, depending on where you live. They carefully pack all their meals in insulated boxes that will remain frozen throughout the entire trip to your home. After you get the delivery, the company recommends to remove the food from the box as soon as possible and place it in the freezer. Those meals you want to consume in the next two or three days, you can put in the refrigerator.

Needless to say, you don’t have to be at home at the time of delivery. In that case, FedEx will leave your meal package outside your door. There is no signature required. However, as we already mentioned before, it would be wise to take that package as soon as possible and place the food in the freezer. That way you will avoid unwanted thawing.

You need to know that all of their orders are shipped via FedEx. You can visit their shipping page, and see how to get discounted shipping rates.


Information about Dry Ice

Veestro ships every product with dry ice. Each package includes enough of it to disappear right before you open the box. But, if it happens for you to find dry ice in the container, remember that you shouldn’t touch it. Instead, leave it and place the box in a garage or outside, so that the ice can melt naturally.

Bear in mind not to put the package near small children or pets, so they don’t have access to the box. We need to say that it is important not to seal the ice in a container or a jar because it can cause harm. You will get a warning instruction about the dry ice so make sure you read it carefully.

What if I Have Food Allergies?

A great thing about these meals is that there is a product description under each of the meal. You will notice that there are icons that will show you whether that dish is suitable for your needs. (Dairy-free or gluten-free) Many customers have sensitives or allergies to soy, gluten, nuts or other ingredients. But, Veestro tries to present all the components that are used in their meals and will answer all questions about this topic to help you find the right meal for you.

They take precautions about these things and will do anything to ensure that contamination of products doesn’t happen in their company. Although, bear in mind that their dishes are created in a plant that processes ingredients containing seeds, nuts, soy, and wheat.