Veestro Review

Get ready—Veestro is changing diets, at-home cooking life, and the health of people around the country. Veestro is introducing a catered meal plan delivered to your doorstep. Say what?! And it doesn’t just stop there—their meals are all made from plants, so it’s vegan-friendly. Talk about incredibly delicious vegan meals already prepared and waiting for you at your door when you come home. It doesn’t get much better than that. Below is an insightful and detailed Veestro review.


What is Veestro?

Veestro is a prominent plant-based, gourmet-style, meal delivery service. You can choose your favorite vegan meal packs whether you desire a la carte, meal packs, weight loss plans, or a juice cleanse pack, and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. No matter which plan you choose, you will get flavorful and effortless meals. For people who really want to ramp up their health, Veestro makes it an easy and enjoyable change. They have changed the way of eating healthy through spicing up the vegetable meal life. Vegetables have always had a bad reputation of being bland and tasteless, especially without the compliment of meats. Veestro takes care of that problem easily, and their meals will leave you stuffed and satisfied without needing to eat any animal products.

Feeling a little overwhelmed and excited is an understatement, with many healthy eaters and vegans getting excited over Veestro. Their service is outstandingly convenient for the working class and families. Finding vegetable meals can be extremely difficult, and no one understands that better than Veestro. They know what it’s like first-hand trying to keep up with creating tasteful and exciting plant-based meals. Not only can it be exhausting but also it can be bland and unfulfilling making you crave the foods you know you shouldn’t have.

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Veestro is here to help, through their health, weight, planet, and people pleasing benefits. Even for non-vegetable eaters, Veestro is here to change that. Their meals are packed with flavor and ingredients that will blow your mind that you won’t even notice you’re eating all plants. It’s always a perfect time for a diet change and improving your health. Veestro adds convenience to eating healthy, and deliciousness! This Veestro review will help you take an in-depth look and determine if the service is right for you.

Veestro Features

Veestro is here to please you with their supremely delicious meals that are, believe it or not, made entirely from plants! Fresh and frozen, their meal packs will be waiting for you at your door when you come home from a long day at work. Their process is easy and quick! The selection process starts with choosing your favorites, then they do the rest, it’s that simple! So first, you choose what you like most from a la carte, the meal packs, weight loss packs, or juice cleanses. Veestro uses delicious at the root of everything they do and make sure they put their best flavor forward.

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Their easy food service makes it simple for their customers. Veestro online ordering systems takes minutes, and your only job is to sit back and wait while they work their magic. Their selections are simple and range differently depending on individual preferences, however, the process is easy to follow. Ultimately, they leave it up to the customer to decide what they want and how much they would like to be delivered, so they can decide the amount of food they need to suit their specific family size and lifestyle needs.

That’s the beauty of Veestro, the entire ordering system is made customizable for the convenience of customers depending on what they want. Not only is Veestro here to improve the flavor of a healthy lifestyle and provide convenience to everyone who orders their meals, but also they are here to coach and influence its customers on eating choices and habits.

Veestro’s Plantifesto

Veestro believes that busy people deserve flavorful, healthy, easy, and fast options. They also believe plants are the greatest and most beneficial food on the earth. And most of all they believe everyone should have a more convenient and affordable access to exquisite plant-based meals.

Their self-explanatory and easy-to-use processes offer easy navigation and allows customers to read all about their purpose and story behind plant-based meals. For those who are still skeptical about going all vegetable, they deliver a clear “why plants” message in their online mantra. On the other hand, customers can easily shop through their various meal packs, with every meal pack option offering full lists of breakfast, entrees, soups, desserts, and juice options for the benefit of users.

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At Veestro, customers can choose from a plethora of meal types, whether your gluten free or need more protein. It’s amazing how many options can come with plant-based meals through Veestro. You will not be disappointed when you see their meal options!


Veestro features a prominent selection of plant-based meals for people with all different flavor and food preferences. Their meal packs are meant for taking vegetable made meals to a whole another level. They are talking about flavor bursts and health benefits out the ying-yang. What’s astounding about their quality delivery service is they deliver your meals like they came straight from a restaurant kitchen. The beauty of these delivered meal packs is they be eaten right away or slipped in the fridge for another time.

You might be thinking “How in the world would my food not go bad if I couldn’t come home right away to put it in the fridge?” With Veestro’s special packaging, your food is sealed shut and kept from any weather damage. Getting started with Veestro is easy, however before you take that next step, be sure to understand the specifications of each meal pack they offer. You can’t go wrong with any of them (as there are so many meal plans to choose from), so keep reading to see what Veestro meal packs can offer you:

A La Carte

A La Cart is one of their most popular meal pack selections. With this option, customers can choose exactly what they want from breakfast to dinner. Basically, this is a zero pack plan; it is completely up to the customer. A La Carte offers breakfast picks, entrees, soups, and deserts, giving you the freedom to choose which meals you want and mix and match. Some of these meals may look like:

• Curry tofu

• Veggie Empanadas

• Pizza Napoletana

• Omelet Primavera

starter pack

Starter Packs

If you are uneasy or unsure of moving to a plant-based diet, the starter pack might be the perfect selection for you. This starter pack is made up of their 12 most favorite meals and includes one juice to give you the full Veestro experience. The best part of the starter pack is first timers get free shipping. Not only do you get twelve meals for half the price, you will have it delivered straight to your doorstep for free.

21 Day Kick Start

Veestro has crafted together the perfect meal pack to produce a deliciously healthy habit. The 21-day kick start pack is offered in one, two, or three meals per day. These meals are made up of chef picks, a variety of delicious plant-based meals.

High Protein

Veestro offers superior protein meal packs for those who need more protein or live an active lifestyle. This power pack is loaded with high-protein entrees, salads, and soups. Their Lentil Meatloaf, one of the top picks between most customers, is packed with protein and flavor. Customers will find their protein pack includes many delicious meals like the Lentil Meatloaf. This assortment consists of 24 meals, all of which will infuse your body with clean-burning energy that will last.

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Gluten Free

Veestro meals packs even include a gluten-free feast. This plant-based and gluten free meal pack is offered with 25 meals packed and infused with delicious flavor. Their gluten free meal pack is delivered with a wonderful assortment of mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Veestro wants to make their meals available for everyone—that is why they have specially created this gluten-free pack. Their selection of gluten free meals competes evenly with their regular plant-based meals.

Lunchbox Pack

Veestro has created the perfect lunch combo for the world of busy business people. This meal pack is perfect for those who can’t find enough time to prepare lunch for work, or are making the naughty choice to go out for lunch every day. This meal pack includes 20 microwaveable lunches and five juices to add some sweetness to your lunch.

Wedding Prep Pack

This pre-wedding meal pack is designed to help those about to be married to focus on eating healthy without the need of any extreme dieting. The result of this 30 day, two meals a day wedding pack is to increase energy, lessen stress, and provide effortless weight loss. This supreme plant-based meal pack is the winner among most, it’s a diet done right.

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Weight Loss Plan

Veestro is famous for having one of the best weight loss meal plans. This weight loss pack includes a light weight plan, more to please plan, and an all pleasing plan. Depending on how you want to lose weight, Veestro has an option for you. Their chefs have already crafted together the perfect and easiest weight loss plan for you.

Juice Cleanse

Veestro is especially known for their extremely tasteful, fresh, and healthy juices. The juice cleanse plan is offered for a three day cleanse, or a five day cleanse. The three-day cleanse includes three juicy days and 18 energizing days, and the five day cleanse includes five juicy days, with thirty organic and vegetable juices. Veestro’s cleanse will deliver ultimate revitalizing benefits.

Cost and Value

Now, is all this food worth what you pay for? Let’s consider the cost of not only money but also time, you’re probably cutting both in half. When you put things into perspective, you’re receiving the utmost quality with Veestro. They vouch for their freshly prepared meals, and given that everything is plant based, their fresh ingredients cannot even compare to that of restaurants.

Compared to other vegan or weight loss meal delivery services, Veestro is exceptionally affordable. Each meal is considerable to cost precisely $8.70-$9.00 per meal. However, this is to say each entree includes sides, and they are packed with numerous amounts of different vegetables. When the average vegan restaurant charges between $14 to $22 per plate, Veestro’s meals cost less, plus they are gourmet fresh packed meals.

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Compared to other vegan or weight loss meal delivery services, Veestro is exceptionally affordable. Each meal is considerable to cost precisely $8.70-$9.00 per meal. However, this is to say each entree includes sides, and they are packed with numerous amounts of different vegetables. When the average vegan restaurant charges between $14 to $22 per plate, Veestro’s meals cost less, plus they are gourmet fresh packed meals.

Their average meal plan consists of 24 to 30 days, and one to three meals a day. An average 24-day meal plan usually consists of one meal a day, costing about $200. However, every single one of their meal packs is completely different in costs, quantity, and meals.

Does Veestro Actually Fill You Up?

A common concern when spending your money on a food plan service is if the meals will actually fill you up, or will you be left still hungry and breaking your new diet. If it is a good diet, it shouldn’t make you feel hungry all the time, because then you really feel like you wasted your money. So does Veestro satisfy the belly?

Veestro customers have commented on their surprise to find that Veestro meals left them feeling full. Our Veestro review has found that their serving sizes are more than what you might find in a traditional frozen dinner from the grocery store. Considering the price of a Veestro pack, customers are getting what they are paying for with their portion size. However, if being full is of greater importance to you, than Veestro’s high protein pack might be the best option for you. Protein is the main ingredient keeping your body full, and their protein pack has plenty of that!

How Veestro Compares With Competition

There is an ever-growing popularity of meal delivery services, offering a lot of variety for customers to choose from. So the big question is, where does Veestro stand with its competitors?

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Mamasezz: Averaging at $9.00 to a whopping $15.00 per meal, Veestro is offering you the same and more at a far more affordable price. Mamasezz is more for family-style meals, whereas Veestro is customizable and convenient for every situation.

• Foodflo: Costing $12.90-$14.90 per meal, Foodflo offers all the same as Veestro, gluten-free options, vegetable based, and meant for anyone who is health-conscious or curious of a raw vegan diet. With Veestro you are getting more for less!

• Fresh n’ Lean: Roughly costing $9.33-$15.00, Fresh n’ Lean offers the same variety, freshness, and flavor as Veestro. The beauty of Veestro is their prices are making the vegan lifestyle affordable for anyone. Also, Fresh n’ Lean meals are usually offered with no sides, unlike Veestro.

Veestro is compared commonly among the three and the ratings are sitting close. However, Veestro has held first place strong and proud, as the best option of the four. Now that we have compared Veestro with some of the other leading vegan-based meal delivery services, lets compare Veestro with its own benefits or down-falls.


The Benefits of Plant-Based – Veestro is all about being plant based. There are a plethora of health benefits to eating plant-based meals, and Veestro believes in promoting that mission through their products. Plant-based diets assist with preventing and even reversing some of the world’s top killing diseases. Additionally, Veestro’s plant-based diet is effective in fighting acne, reducing fat percentages, assisting with allergies, cellulite, oral health, and a plethora of other benefits. Veestro is promoting a pollutant free healthy diet so everyone can benefit from its positive side effects. That’s what plant-based diets are all about! Improving your overall health.

Freshly Cooked – With Veestro plant-based meal packs, customers are receiving completely freshly made meals that are just as fresh as cooking in your own kitchen from scratch. Freshly cooked meals are immensely healthier than packaged or restaurant food. Veestro tries to promote eating fresh and healthy meals from home rather than buying meals. Not only is it tasteful to have freshly cooked food, but also it will help trim that waste line down a couple inches. Freshly cooked meals are the main additive for a healthy diet

Improves Your Health – Improving your health status is just one of the many things Veestro does. With their freshly cooked, plant-based meals, customers will be glad to know their overall health is being improved by the meal. Whether you are a vegan or you are looking for a lifestyle change, Veestro meals will give you a plethora of healthy options to benefit your specific needs, and extend your life expectancy. Veestro brings the fun back into healthy with their to-die-for ingredients and flavors.

Saves Time – Veestro is saving your valuable time every single day with their fresh plant-based meal packs. They know you have work, school, errands, or even children, and preparing meals that are actually healthy is extremely difficult. Veestro also doesn’t forget about the time is takes to write out a grocery list and hit up the local grocery store! The cutting and chopping and preparing… okay, Veestro gets it! Their meals are time savers! Customers will have the pleasure of no cooking, preparing, or shopping while receiving an immense amount of health benefits and flavorful delights.


Waiting  First off, it’s not a long wait by any means! However, Veestro knows how excited you are to get your first order once you hit the “place order” button. Once you have read and digested all that Veestro has to offer it’s hard to resist the impatience of wanting your first meal pack now.

Indecisiveness – Choosing a meal pack when they have just plain awesome options is close to impossible. Veestro likes to make your life much easier by providing descriptions in each meal pack to help make the decision easier.


The Verdict

We are nearing the end of our Veestro review, so let’s gently remind you why you should choose Veestro.

Veestro proves to be one of the most high-quality, fresh, flavorful, and convenient meal plans on the market. Their mission to enhance plant-based meals is changing the lives of people every day. Promoting health, flavor, and the earth is what Veestro strives for every day in their meals. Their meal prep and delivery service is extremely convenient and time saving for working class and families. It provides the key to an easy healthy lifestyle. At Veestro, they understand the struggle of making time to prepare home-cooked meals, let alone healthy meals. Their simple online ordering service makes it effortless for customers to choose what they want, and what kind of new healthy lifestyle they feel fit for. For those who are new to Veestro, you will also find how explanatory their mission, and meal packs are laid out for easy comprehension, and they even include clear photos of the meals.

At Veestro, they choose the plant life, because plants are the way to go. They believe just adding one more plant-based meal to your week will make a world of difference. At the same time, they are making vegan meals more delicious and affordable than ever before. Every meal is packed with flavor! Flavor first is what Veestro strives for in every meal, so every customer can enjoy eating healthy rather than feeling miserable and eating healthy. Eating plant-based meals from Veestro will please your health, the planet, and your taste buds. You can now enjoy the convenience of a pre-made, plant-based, freshly made meal delivered directly to your doorstep.

How does Veestro meet your standards? Though they are rated at the top of our list, you still need to consider what it is you need to meet your needs. Whether Veestro is the best meal delivery plan for you, it will depend solely on your priorities and dietary preferences, but overall, Veestro’s benefits are completely worth the cost.