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How often do you have seafood on your weekly menu? Are you aware of the nutritional significance that seafood carries?

All studies on this subject reveal the same facts – vitamins A, B12, and D, omega 3-fatty acids, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and many other essential components that come with seafood ingestion.

However, studies also reveal that not all seafood is of decent quality! Wild Alaskan company harvest salmon and white fish in small batches, enough to satisfy customer’s monthly needs.

Read our Wild Alaskan Review and find out more information, recipes, and bits of advice from their fishmongers!

What is Wild Alaskan Company?

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Growing up in Alaska, Arron Kallenberg – the founder of Wild Alaskan Company, spent a significant part of childhood fishing. Let’s say that the family’s tradition in sustainable harvest started in 1926 when Arron’s grandfather bought the first boat! The company doesn’t exist that long, but the main principle stayed the same – to share but more critical to protect this natural source of food.

Features of Wild Alaskan Company


Wild-caught fish are being frozen as soon as they are brought to the shore because of every minute matters! When it comes to fish, the sooner you freeze it, the better. It doesn’t sound logical, but actually, it is because, in that way, all parasites are killed from the fish. Also, the taste stays the same – fantastic!

Locally Sourced

Wild Alaskan’s fish comes from sustainably-managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest! There is a big difference between wild-caught and farmed salmon. The wild Alaskan founding family keeps the tradition for decades! Their fish is not farmed but always 100% locally wild-caught.

Ready To Cook

Fish is delivered frozen with each portion wrapped individually. Remove the fish from the freezer to the fridge night before you wish to cook it! Wild Alaskan gives access to their team of experts for all seafood questions you might have!

It takes from 7 to 10 minutes to pan-fry or broil the fish before it’s ready to serve. Find dozens of tasty recipes and ideas on Wild Alaskan Site.


Oceana study brought to light DNA results, which show that 43% out of 82 salmon samples from restaurants and grocery stores are mislabeled and sold as a wild-caught product! With Wild Alaskan fish, you always know what you are eating, and that is one of the best food on the planet – wild seafood!


At the moment, you can find salmon at almost every meal delivery menu – cooked or raw! But, what concerns us is the fact that a lot of those are mislabeled and not fresh! Wild Alaskan company is a transparent member of American seafood-industry and provides only from local, sustainable fisheries.

Fast Shipping

The first order arrives at your home address about a week after you started a Wild Alaskan membership! But don’t worry, your fish is not traveling from Alaska for a week! It takes time to harvest the fish and carefully pack it before it goes into shipping.

Pros and Cons of Wild Alaskan Company

Seafood stands for perishable food to go into long-distance transport. Wild Alaskan is a company with generations in sustainably-sourcing seafood, and this is all they do – deliver fish! If you love home-cooked recipes with seafood, check out what this family-business has to offer (we promise you won’t regret)!

What We Love

  • Tradition & Transparency – Living in Alaska and fishing for life is in the founder’s family for almost a hundred years now, and that matters! Respect for nature, knowledge, and experience build this sustainably-harvest company from the ground. 
  • Locally sourced – Wild seafood is caught and processed in the USA. 
  • Never Genetically Modified – These wild-caught species are free from antibiotics, never farmed, or genetically modified!
  • Perfectly Portioned – Each serving has around 6oz; according to USDA recommendations, you should have two servings of fish per week (approximately 8 oz).

What Needs To Be Improved

  • Better Offer on Packages – It would be nice to have more than three optional plans, or at least there’s an optional number of fillets within a box.
  • Monthly Delivery Schedule – Sometimes, once-a-month shipping is not enough! Those Wild Alaskan amazing fillets are the perfect food for any occasion!

Wild Alaskan Subscription Options

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Wild Alaskan is a monthly seafood membership. To get yourself started, simply make your opening order (it usually takes several minutes)! The first thing to do is to choose one of three plans! Then, select that seafood plan and go for the billing and address information. That’s it – simple.

Now, let’s go through subscription options! The company delivers once a month, or every two months, whatever suits it better! Wild Alaskan has three subscription plans. Each of these come in 12-pack and 24-pack size:

  • Wild Salmon Box 
  • Wild Combo Box 
  • Wild White Fish Box

Products Offered in Wild Alaskan Company

As mentioned, there are three different plans! Wild Salmon Box is a Wild Alaskan signature box and includes 12 or 24 individually packed wild salmon fillets, such as sockeye and coho. Following USDA recommendation on proper omega 3intake, Wild Alaskan ships 6 oz of salmon per portion.

Wild White Fish Box is an assortment of portion sizes, cuts, and species of white fish – halibut and cod! The last option is Wild Combo Box, which represents a mix of salmon and white fish cuts!

How Much Does Alaskan Wild Company Cost?

There is no membership fee with Wild Alaskan! However, the shipping fee depends on the box-size you choose. 24-pack from each plan comes with free shipping. Furthermore, all three subscriptions cost the same. The price for the 12-pack is $10.99 per 6oz. You can save some money by ordering 24 pieces and get one piece for $9.99.

Monthly, 12-packs will cost you $131.88 without the shipping fee, which is $9.95. The more affordable and larger plan is valued at $239.76 per month.

Meal plan

Wild Salmon Box
Wild Combo Box
Wild White Fish Box

Number of items

12 pack or 24 pack
12 pack or 24 pack
12 pack or 24 pack

Price per month

$131.88 or $239.86
$131.88 or $239.86
$131.88 or $239.86
See Wild Alaskan Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the Packaging?

Seafood products are packed with dry ice inside of an insulated cooler to keep the optimal temperature during air or ground transport! Wild Alaskan company is for “delivery without the waste” as they like to name packaging that is recyclable, compostable, or water-dissolvable.

Where Are the Delivery Areas?

Wild Alaskan delivers everywhere in the contiguous and Alaska. At the moment, Hawaii is out of their range! Even though the company is a monthly subscription service, they are super flexible. It is allowed to pause order free-of-charge by sending an email to customer support.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Again, it’s easy to do by sending an email. Make sure to do it before your membership renews for the month. Shortly after, the customer support service will cancel your account, but you are free to come back whenever you feel like eating seafood!

Final Thoughts

Most of the seafood products found at grocery stores and restaurants are farmed, meaning they are full of toxins and cannot be labeled as wild-caught because they are not! Wild Alaskan has tradition and sticks to founding principles – they source salmon and white fish in small batches to protect the natural cycle.

If you love preparing seafood, and you want to know what you are eating, then we recommend the monthly box of Wild Alaskan!
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