Our Honest WonderSlim Review for 2022

Are you looking to lose some extra weight, but can’t do it on your own? Do you find all the diets too restrictive? Do the random cravings destroy any progress you make?

If that’s the case, WonderSlim might be just what you need. It is a system that replaces most of your meals with their proprietary solutions, which contain just enough calories to force your body to start burning fat.

You might be asking, is this right for me? Will this help me lose weight?

This WonderSlim review should answer that question. We will provide you with an overview of their plans and options, as well as their features, costs, and other aspects you should be aware of.

What is WonderSlim?

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It is a popular meal delivery service that is meant to help you lose weight while providing your body with all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. They have been around since 2001 and have helped countless people lose extra weight.

WonderSlim’s meal replacements contain higher amounts of proteins and a lower number of calories. You’re meant to eat them as many as six times a day, and the regime is more effective the more of your meals you replace. No exercise is needed to lose weight, either.

WonderSlim Weight Loss Plans

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This is their cheapest option, providing you with four daily meals for a month. You can, of course, opt for a 2, 8, or a 12-week duration option, as well. If you opt for an ongoing subscription, the deliveries are monthly.

All the required materials are included, and you can also add WonderSlim snacks to your package, as well.


The more expensive option includes five daily meals with the same duration options as the Basic package: 2, 4, 8, or 12-week choices. It also has an option for an ongoing subscription, if that’s what you prefer.

You’ll also get all the additional materials with your first order, including their lifestyle guide and a shaker bottle.


Their most comprehensive package, while being the most expensive, has the lowest cost of a single meal. It offers seven daily meals at the same duration options as the cheaper versions. Its subscription offers a 15% discount, as well.

As with the other packages, this one also includes the additional materials in the first shipment.

WonderSlim Features

Nutritious Meals

To help you lose weight, the diet still needs to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to help you stay healthy. That also means that your food needs to fulfill the daily requirements of both macro and micronutrients.

WonderSlim meals are rich in protein, which should help stave off cravings, and they aren’t calorically dense, which should help lose weight. They also have all the vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

Easy Meal Plans

Their plans are surprisingly easy to follow – depending on your chosen option, you’ll get anywhere from four to seven meal replacements every day. You’ll also get all the additional material to help you organize your schedule.

Best of all, all you need to do is replace as many meals as possible with their food. You don’t need a radical lifestyle change.

Natural Ingredients

Everything in their meal replacements comes from a natural source. Nothing is synthetically produced. While they might use artificial sweeteners, they aren’t present in all of their products and are mostly limited to their shakes.

That should eliminate any components that could harm you in the long run.

Effective for Weight Loss

Their plans are effective, and the weight loss is consistent. It is, however, directly related to the number of meals you replace. The more you use WonderSlim products, the more effective the diet, and consequently, your weight loss, will be.

Apart from that, you’ll get several fulfilling meal replacements that should give you all the nutrients you need.

Not Limited to WonderSlim Products

Unlike other similar solutions, you aren’t required to only use their products. You can eat anything you want. The diet is more effective the more you use their products, but you are still encouraged to prepare your own meals using their recommended ingredients.

You should still be able to lose some weight even if you don’t strictly follow their plans.

Portion-Controlled Meals

All of their meals are precisely measured to provide you with all the nutrients you need. At any time, you should know exactly how much you need to eat, and all that will give you all the nutrients you need to have enough energy for your day, and to keep you sated.

Meal Replacements and Supplements Offered

They have plenty of other options that you can add to your package. You can include any of their offered snacks, and the first package will also have a bottle of their supplements, among other materials you could find useful.

That bottle of supplements should last you a month, and after that, you can buy more if you’d like.

What Makes WonderSlim Work for Weight Loss?

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Fast Metabolism

The primary way in which WonderSlim helps you lose weight is in its effect on the rate of your metabolism. Thanks to its frequent meals and plenty of protein and fiber, your digestion should keep moving at a brisk rate, which should also help burn more calories.

That also means that less of the food you eat will stick as extra pounds.

Craving Control

Its meals have elevated levels of protein, which should help keep the cravings at a more manageable level. And, because you eat more frequently, you’ll likely feel hungry less, and you’ll hardly ever feel the need for food.

That should, in turn, help you keep your intake under control, which should also help ease any digestion problems.

Fat Burning

Finally, because it contains fewer calories than what is needed to maintain your weight, your body will start to burn fat to provide you with enough energy. In time, that will lead to additional weight loss, all without the need for rigorous exercise or starvation.

That is their greatest advantage over similar alternatives. You don’t need to completely alter your lifestyle.

WonderSlim Ingredients List

Apart from their meal replacements, you can, depending on your chosen plan, prepare your own meals. They do, however, have some restrictions, primarily related to the number of calories.

As far as protein is concerned, you should primarily use lean or very lean meats with a limited number of calories. You can use fish, as well.

Fruits are also recommended but limited to a single serving containing about 60 calories. It’s similar with veggies, too, with a limit of 25 calories.

The materials included with the package should list all the recommended and allowed groceries.

WonderSlim Cost

The price itself will vary according to the options you choose.

The basic plan will be cheapest at $123, but if you opt for a longer duration, it can cost you up to $488 for the two-month option. The core program will be a bit more expensive, costing between $143 and $586, while the most expensive plan has a price ranging from $185 to $735.

If you’re unsure whether they’re right for you, and you don’t feel like investing that much money, they also have a starter pack priced at $39.95. It contains 3-days’ worth of meal replacements that should give you an idea of what the diet entails.

Meal plan

Basic Essentials
Core Classic
Premium Complete

Price per meal


Price per month

See WonderSlim Plans and Pricing

WonderSlim Alternatives


Medifast used to be known as the more expensive alternative to WonderSlim, but with a recent price drop, they’ve become an actual competitor. Their offer also includes meals, snacks, entrees, soups, shakes, and other similar items, so you should be getting everything you need to maintain a healthy weight loss.

HMR Diet

This is another alternative that provides you with meal replacements. It was originally used for weight loss in hospitals, but it has since been adapted and offered to the general population.

Its food is already measured to provide you with just enough calories to start your fat-burning process. At the same time, their meals are also rich in other nutrients to help keep you healthy.

Ideal Shape

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, Ideal Shape might be what you need. Their plans are similar to WonderSlim’s, as is their offer. They also provide you with meal replacements that give you fewer calories than you need, which forces your body to burn fat for energy.

WonderSlim Customer Support

While they don’t have any consultants, doctors, or dieticians available to consumers, they still offer plenty of options. You can find answers to most questions in their knowledge base and FAQs, and if you still need additional help, you can always contact them via live chat, phone, or e-mail.

That should be more than enough for most queries, but if you have medical questions, you might need to look elsewhere for answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it effective?

It can be very effective if you stick to their program. The loss in weight can be more pronounced in the beginning, but after that, the loss should be more regular. However, while they encourage you to prepare additional meals using the ingredients they approved, if you go overboard, you might slow your progress.

Is it healthy?

It is designed to be a healthy weight-loss method. It provides you with a lower number of calories, which should start your fat-burning process. At the same time, it gives you plenty of other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. That way, you’ll lose the extra weight while preserving your health.

While there might be some side effects regarding your digestion, as long as you don’t have any allergies or diabetes, you should be fine.

Where does WonderSlim deliver?

They deliver anywhere in the US, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. They will also ship the packages to select other countries, as well, including Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and others. You can also check their site to find more info about where they deliver and what service they use.

Final Thoughts

WonderSlim is a system designed to help you lose weight by providing you with fewer calories than you need in a day. That forces your body to burn fat to provide the energy that it needs.

At the same time, it provides you with plenty of protein to help you feel sated and control your cravings, and its supplements should give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy during this process.

So, if you’re looking for a meal replacement system with a proven track record and decades of experience, WonderSlim might be just what you need.
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