Yumble Review for 2022 - Meal Delivery Service Your Kids Will Love

How many of you parents have fussy little eaters at home? By being here, you are most likely a parent looking for organic, kid-approved, easy to deal with, and affordable meal service! 

Kids are most vulnerable during the first years of their life because of a fragile immune system. Nutrition contributes a lot in this process, and with busy work schedules, many parents find it impossible to plan, shop, and cook each day of the week! 

Yumble Kids, as a weekly subscription service delivers food specially tailored to their needs and preferences. Check out our Yumble review to look into their features.

What Is Yumble?

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Yumble is a meal subscription service founded by Joanna Parker, mom of three kids! The idea of this type of service for busy parents was built on her life experience. A lot of parents as Joanna struggle each week to create a healthy, balanced menu for their kids of different ages and stages in development.

However, even with an adequate nutrition plan, it takes hours for shopping for high-quality ingredients, chopping, peeling, cooking, and finally cleaning all those dishes after dinner!

Yumble successfully does it daily and provides kids meals for a reasonable price nationwide. Recipes at Yumble Kids are nourishing, flavorful, exciting, and parents-approved!

How Does It Work?

Yumble likes to keep it simple, and so do we! Meal delivery services for kids should be time-saving throughout the entire procedure of subscribing, ordering and getting the food you wanted.

Yumble marketing team managed to separate those in three easy steps for you! First step is to choose a suitable meal plan and meals from the menu week ahead. Second phase is a delivery time – Yumble box of surprises arrives at your doorstep. Finally, the third and most delicious step is warming up and eating yummy meals as a school lunch, easy dinner or snack!

Features of Yumble

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Fresh Ingredients

The Yumble team uses organic ingredients and humanely-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free meats whenever possible. By all means, ingredients used in Yumble kitchen are always fresh, natural, seasonal, and nutritious! 

To retain that freshness of cooked meals, keep them in the refrigerator and eat within five to seven days. Yumble strongly doesn’t recommend storing meals in the freezer because a lot of vitamins and minerals are misplaced without a proper freezing technique!

Balanced Meal

Daily intake of all vital nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates is essential for proper early development. Yumble meals are appropriate for kids from twelve months old, which means a lot of new flavor is presented with yummy Yumbles! All of the Yumble meals are a balance of meat and veggies. Nutritional information is presented in detail within each recipe page on Site.

Fun Recipes

It is a challenge to make a kid meal to be healthy, balanced and fun but Yumble makes it possible with each meal! Yumble team head start’s fun is with a colorful box, specially delivered and full of extras beside food. Veggies in combination with sides are vividly colored to help parents incorporate new food or ingredients kids don’t like because of the look and smell.

Yumble makes eating lean meat fun by providing “Chicken Pops” – chicken meatballs on lollipop sticks!

Convenient Preparation

Yumble is a meal service delivering prepared food, packed separately into food trays which are labelled to minimize the mess in the kitchen! To heat the meal, follow the label instructions on each meal. On average, it takes between 45 seconds and two minutes to microwave it!

Another option is to warm the meal in the oven for 8 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees. In that case, don’t forget to transfer food into a different dish which is oven-safe. Food trays should never be used in the oven or broiler!


Yumble provides time-saving service! Parents can relax and stop planning weekly menus for their picky eaters, shopping for organic food and preparing something different than usual family dinner. Subscription requires unpacking the box, storing meals into the refrigerator and then heating them when it’s time.

As mentioned, warming up takes from one to 15 minutes top, depending on the choice – microwave or oven.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Yumble box is made from recycled paper fibers, and is fully recyclable! Packaging keeps the temperature level low to prevent food from spoiling. Gel packs can be reused for some time, but the company hasn’t come with a recycling solution for them yet! Meal trays are microwave-safe but should never be used for warming up in the oven, or broiler. Trays are made of polypropylene (PP #5 plastic) and can be recycled with standard curbside recycling!

Free Activities and Collectibles

It’s not only about the food with some meal services, at least not with Yumble! To keep the excitement level high, in each meal box kids can find stickers, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, bingo, and other fun, food-related extras.

Yumble box on its own is vividly colored! With a little imagination and craftwork, a box can bring great entertainment to the kids!

Yumble Menu Options

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Customers at Yumble can choose between a six, twelve or twenty-four meal plan. Each weekly box consists of breakfast, lunch, or dinner – it’s up to you!

Yumble team tailored specialized dietary menus for little ones sensitive to certain ingredients – gluten, milk, soy, or eggs. Furthermore, there is a category for veggie lovers – no meat included!

Yumble Site is easy to use with the help of meal tags like “Top Rated” and “Popular” – recipes approved by picky little eaters!

Who Is Yumble Good For?

Meals come in universal portion size, designed for kids ages twelve months to twelve years – everyone loves Yumble! It’s nutritionally perfect for children in all stages of development, especially while adjusting to new foods

Delivery of Yumble packages are stimulating and exciting to kids who are fussy about eating healthy meals or veggies! Parents should let a child pick something from the menu and then wait for his own food to arrive – make it a fun activity! 

Yumble is not suitable for kids with severe allergies due to cross-contamination in facilities with nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, milk, eggs!

Yumble Delivery & Packaging

Yumble delivers to most of the East Coast, Texas, California, and parts of the Midwest. To find out if your home address is covered by shipping area, enter email and zip code on Yumble Site. No need to be at home when Yumble box arrives, courier leaves it at doorstep. 

Yumble packaging is exciting, colorful and neat! Inside the insulated box is food packed in separate trays and wrapped with nylon. On top of each tray is the name of the dish with heating instructions! Yumble uses MAP technology which eliminates all excess gases (seales ingredients) and keeps food fresh and preserved.

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Yumble Subscription Cost

Yumble plan suitable for families with one kid starts at $7.99 per meal! Our recommendation when you want one meal per day for two kids is a plan that includes twelve meals per week (instead of six) – starting at $5.99 per serving. You can choose if you want it to be breakfast, dinner, or lunch meal. Delivery is free of charge.

Meals per week


Price per meal

See Yumblet Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yumble meals tasty?

Yumble meals are truly yummy! Parents have a hard time to include a proper amount of required nutrients into weekly menus – that’s the job of Yummble’s team! Chefs use ingredients which are healthy but appealing to kids of all ages and eating habits.

Are Yumble meals safe?

Yes, meals at Yumble are more than safe for any child in development! Food is natural, fresh and free from additives, preservatives, or artificial food colors. Yumble kitchen, where all meals are prepared and packed, is USDA inspected.

Follow the instructions on how to preserve meals, warm them up, and there shouldn’t be any problems!

Are Yumble meals nutritious?

Yumble meals come in one portion size that suits kids from twelve months to twelve years old! Free from portion size, balance in nourishing macronutrients is present in every lunch or dinner package.

Yumble creates attractive and colorful meals from 100% natural food which makes eating one fun activity, even to little picky eaters! This way kids start to eat veggies, meat and snacks based on fruits instead of refined sugar without any fuss

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up! Yumble Kids sources best-quality, seasonal ingredients and then transforms them into tasty and healthy meals. Food is packed with the latest MAP technology – sealed and wrapped with labels on top of food trays! Not only there’s no cleaning dishes, it takes only several minutes to reheat and eat! Besides food, the company adds fun extras for kids like stickers, coloring pages, etc.

Yumble Kids takes care of everything for you – make an order and you are good to go!
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